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Partial pressure (or fugacity) of carbon dioxide, temperature, salinity and other variables collected from surface underway observations using carbon dioxide gas analyzer, shower head equilibrator and other instruments from R/V Meteor research cruise along the WOCE Section AR12/AR24 (EXPOCODE 06MT19970515) in the North Atlantic Ocean from 1997-05-15 to 1997-06-08 (NCEI Accession 0162256)

Arne Körtzinger
NCEI Accession 0162256 includes Surface underway, chemical, meteorological and physical data collected from R/V Meteor research cruise along the WOCE SectionAR12/AR24 (EXPOCODE 06MT19970515) in the North Atlantic Ocean from 1997-05-15 to 1997-06-08. These data include measurements of mole fraction of CO2 in the equilibrator headspace (dry) at equilibrator temperature, mole fraction of CO2 measured in dry outside air, barometric pressure in the equilibrator headspace, water temperature in equilibrator, sea surface temperature, sea surface salinity and...

High-resolution ocean and atmosphere pCO2 time-series measurements from mooring CoastalMS_88W_30N in the Coastal Waters of Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico from 2009-05-12 to 2015-03-30 (NCEI Accession 0100068)

Adrienne J. Sutton, Christopher L. Sabine, Stephan D. Howden, Sylvia Musielewicz, Stacy Maenner Jones, Colin Dietrich, Randy Bott & John Osborne
NCEI Accession 0100068 includes chemical, meteorological, physical and time series data collected from MOORING CoastalMS_88W_30N in the Coastal Waters of Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico from 2009-05-12 to 2015-03-30. These data include AIR-SEA DIFFERENCE - PARTIAL PRESSURE (OR FUGACITY) OF CARBON DIOXIDE, BAROMETRIC PRESSURE, OXYGEN - PERCENT SATURATION, Partial pressure (or fugacity) of carbon dioxide - atmosphere, Partial pressure (or fugacity) of carbon dioxide - water, SALINITY and SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE. The instruments used to...

The Wartanian Siedlec Sandur (Zedlitzer Sandur) southwards the Trzebnica Hills, Silesian Lowland; Southwestern Poland: re-examination after fifty years

Dariusz Krzyszkowski
The Siedlec Sandur (Zedlitzer Sander) in Silesia, Southwest Poland, was at first described by M. Schwarzbach in 1942. It was interpreted as the Wartanian proglacial outwash, formed at the southern margin of ice-pushed ridge (Trzebnica Hills, Trebnitzer Katzengebirge). Some recent investigations reject this interpretation and denay the occurrence of the Wartanian ice-sheet in Southwestern Poland. The paper presents new sedimentological investigations from deposits of the Siedlec Sandur. The main result of this study is detailed...

LBA-ECO CD-06 Physical, Political, and Hydrologic Maps, Ji-Parana River Basin, Brazil

This data set contains physical, hydrologic, political, demographic, and societal maps for the Ji-Parana River Basin, in the state of Rondonia, Brazil. These data were used as base information in subsequent investigations of land use/land cover, biogeochemistry, soils, and water balance processes (Ballester et al., 2003). This data set includes a Digital Elevation Model (DEM), river networks and morphometric characteristics of the region (derived from the DEM), and a number of social and demographic vector...

Aerostatic Lift of Helium and Hydrogen in the Atmosphere

J Warren, J Smalley & A Morris
The purpose of this report is to provide a simple and accurate method of making buoyancy calculations of lift gases. A table is included which gives pertinent model atmospheric data when the use of real atmospheric data is unnecessary. The relationships among pressure, temperature, density, and height are also discussed.


Keith Brewster Beth Plale

University of Manitoba Herbarium (WIN) - Vascular Plant Collection from University of Manitoba

Bruce Ford
Founded in 1907, the Herbarium of the Department of Biological Sciences (WIN) houses the most extensive and broadly representative collection of plants in Manitoba, approximately 75,000 vascular plants. There is also a reference seed collection. Many of the specimens represent vouchers for various floristic, environmental, and ecological studies carried out by present and former members of the Department and the broader scientific community. The collections have played an important role in the development of such...

Patterns of age-related water diffusion changes in human brain by concordance and discordance analysis.

Yu Zhang, An-Tao Du, Satoru Hayasaka, Geon-Ho Jahng, Jennifer Hlavin, Wang Zhan, Michael W. Weiner, Norbert Schuff & Memory And Aging Center
In diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), interpreting changes in terms of fractional anisotropy (FA) and mean diffusivity or axial (D(||)) and radial (D(?)) diffusivity can be ambiguous. The main objective of this study was to gain insight into the heterogeneity of age-related diffusion changes in human brain white matter by analyzing relationships between the diffusion measures in terms of concordance and discordance instead of evaluating them separately, which is difficult to interpret. Fifty-one cognitively normal subjects...

Les mouches des fruits de Nouvelle Calédonie (Diptera, Tephritidae) : Systématique, Comportement, Dynamique et Gestion des Populations

Christian MILLE
Les Mouches des fruits de la famille des Tephritidae sont parmi les ravageurs les plus importants des cultures fruitières et légumières dans le monde. La faune des Tephritidae compte 30 espèces en Nouvelle-Calédonie. Les espèces de la sous-famille des Dacinae sont les seules à attaquer les fruits cultivés. Les Dacinae comprennent deux genres en Nouvelle-Calédonie : Bactrocera et Dacus. Neuf espèces ont radié dans le genre Bactrocera et le genre Dacus est monospécifique. Une étude...

South East Queensland Domestic Water Usage Collection (1st Autumn 2011 Read)

Rodney Stewart & Cara Beal
This collection contains high resolution domestic water usage data captured over a 2 week period in Autum 2011. This data was compiled from a network of remote sensors (approximately 300 data loggers) situated at domestic residences in the South East Queensland corridor. These data loggers record very small volumes of water at 5 second intervals.

NK1 (substance P) receptor


Data set of pressure, temperature and light profile collected by one southern elephant seal equipped with Time-Depth-Recorders and Argos locations.

Christophe Guinet, Jade Vacquie-Garcia, François Royer, Anne Cécile Dragon, Morgane Viviant & Fredéric Bailleul
The foraging ecology of Southern elephant seals in Kerguelen has been investigated since 2003 with annual deployments of CTD-SRLDs (Argos-linked conductivity–temperature–depth-Satellite Relayed Data Logger / Sea Mammal Research Unit –SMRU-, University of St Andrews Scotland). In 2009, newly developped devices (MK9 -Time Depth Recorders (Wildlife Computers, Washington, USA)) have been deployed and combined with CTD-Fluo-SRDLs . We thus recorded fine scale diving behaviors of SES thanks to high resolution measures (every 2 s) of pressure,...

Photopatternable superparamagnetic nanocomposite for the fabrication of microstructures

Marcel Suter
Scientific reports on micro and nanosystems, 13

PISCO: Intertidal: site temperature data: Gull Haven, Oregon, USA (GHVX00)

Bruce Menge

Liège -7000 ans, les derniers chasseurs préhistoriques de Wallonie : Archéologie du Mésolithique et Expérimentation ; Rapports d'études préliminaires des zones 19 et 20 des fouilles de Tivoli

Eva DAVID & René-Ginouvès Prod. Maison Archéologie Et Ethnologie
Exhumé par le Service Public de Wallonie, un matériel archéologique inédit a été retrouvé à l’archéoforum de Liège (Tivoli). Daté de la transition Mésolithique-Néolithique, il pose la question du mode de vie des derniers chasseurs-cueilleurs à l’arrivée des premiers colons agro-pasteurs, il y a environ 7000 ans. Les premiers résultats de l’étude sont livrés, ainsi que ceux des tests expérimentaux conduits au Préhistosite de Ramioul. Ces derniers ont notamment permis de retrouver des techniques préhistoriques...

Study of Snowslides at Bersimis No. 2 Development, Quebec

P. A. Schaerer

Vol. 6 No 1

Paul Woldstedt
Yearbook of German Quaternary Association

SAFARI 2000 C-130 Aerosol and Meteorological Data, Dry Season 2000

The Met Office C-130 research aircraft was based at Windhoek, Namibia between September 5-16, 2000, where it conducted a series of flights over Namibia as part of the SAFARI 2000 Dry Season Aircraft Campaign.The effects of atmospheric aerosols on the Earth's radiation balance are known to be very important, but for many types of aerosols these effects are still poorly understood. In particular, aerosol particles produced from biomass burning (associated with Savanna burning, domestic fuel...


Keith Brewster Beth Plale

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