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Data set of pressure, temperature and light profile collected by one southern elephant seal equipped with Time-Depth-Recorders and Argos locations.

Christophe Guinet, Jade Vacquie-Garcia, François Royer, Anne Cécile Dragon, Morgane Viviant & Fredéric Bailleul
The foraging ecology of Southern elephant seals in Kerguelen has been investigated since 2003 with annual deployments of CTD-SRLDs (Argos-linked conductivity–temperature–depth-Satellite Relayed Data Logger / Sea Mammal Research Unit –SMRU-, University of St Andrews Scotland). In 2009, newly developped devices (MK9 -Time Depth Recorders (Wildlife Computers, Washington, USA)) have been deployed and combined with CTD-Fluo-SRDLs . We thus recorded fine scale diving behaviors of SES thanks to high resolution measures (every 2 s) of pressure,...

Konferenz der Frachtdienst-Organisation der Swissair

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Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. 318 : Physiologus Bernensis

Jacques Bongars, Syrus Ephraem & Jakob Von Gravisset
The Physiologus is an early Christian collection of naturalistic and allegorical descriptions from which the medieval beastiaries are derived. Bern Cod. 318, which originated in the School of Rheims, contains, in addition to the Physiologus (fol. 7r-22v), the life of St. Simeon (fol. 1r-5r), the so-called “Chronicle of Fredegar” (fol. 23r-125r) as well as a pericope from the Gospel of Matthew with Latin translation by Ephraem of Syria (fol. 125v-130r). Owners of the manuscript included...

Bern, Burgerbibliothek, Cod. 218 : Guillaume de Machaut, Oeuvres

Jacques Bongars, De Machaut Guillaume & Jakob Von Gravisset
Guillaume de Marchaut was one of the most important poets and composers of the middle ages in France. His work is represented in the collection of the Burgerbibliothek Bern by a manuscript of the highest quality: the 13 column-width miniatures and many of the initials are polychromatic and accented with gold leaf. Notation provided with some of the songs makes this manuscript, easily datable by its scribal colophon, important to the study of music history.

Partial pressure (or fugacity) of carbon dioxide, temperature, salinity and other variables collected from surface underway observations using carbon dioxide gas analyzer, shower head equilibrator and other instruments from R/V Meteor research cruise along the WOCE Section AR12/AR24 (EXPOCODE 06MT19970515) in the North Atlantic Ocean from 1997-05-15 to 1997-06-08 (NCEI Accession 0162256)

Arne Körtzinger
NCEI Accession 0162256 includes Surface underway, chemical, meteorological and physical data collected from R/V Meteor research cruise along the WOCE SectionAR12/AR24 (EXPOCODE 06MT19970515) in the North Atlantic Ocean from 1997-05-15 to 1997-06-08. These data include measurements of mole fraction of CO2 in the equilibrator headspace (dry) at equilibrator temperature, mole fraction of CO2 measured in dry outside air, barometric pressure in the equilibrator headspace, water temperature in equilibrator, sea surface temperature, sea surface salinity and...

Modular DC/DC Converter for DC Distribution and Collection Networks

Stephan Kenzelmann
A major change in the electrical transmission and distribution system is taking place in Europe at the moment. The shift from a centralised energy production to a distributed generation profoundly changes the behaviour of the grid. Environmental or social issues associated with the construction of new power lines to relieve bottlenecks, together with aged equipment dating from the 1960s, pose some serious challenges to government, the research community and the economy. Concepts of reactive compensation,...

Contribution to the Active Generator Principle:the Gate-commutated Polyphased Matrix Converter

Antoine Béguin
This work is part of the innovative "Active Generator" (AG) project. AG is a concept that suggests a new arrangement of the turbine-generator line of a high power utility (a few hundred of MW) in order to de-synchronize the rotation speed of the turbine-generator group from the fixed grid frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz). This de-synchronization has essentially two advantages. First, the variable speed of the group enables the operation of the turbine at...

Subwavelength Metallic Structures for Sensing:Modeling & Characterization

Qing Tan
Following rapid developments in biotechnology and medicine, optical sensing promises to be extremely important in various applications such as drug discovery, environmental monitoring, etc. Refractive index (RI) based optical sensing is straightforward to monitor or analyze the physical and chemical properties of substances. Among diverse configurations developed for RI detection, plasmonics devices using nanoscale patterned metals are particularly promising. Nano-structured metallic devices enable field confinement in a volume smaller than the diffraction limit. Moreover, they...

Contributions au domaine de la commande des entraînements synchrones haute vitesse:étude formelle, interfaces de puissance et modulation par amplitude d'impulsions

Christian Rod
Currently, the different pollutant emissions caused by the use of fossil energies are an increasingly important concern and numerous studies aim at developing technological solutions allowing the progressive replacement of the fossil energies by more sustainable and less harmful energy sources. In the context of heating for domestic applications, the prospective substitution of gas or fuel oil boilers by electrical heat pumps is typically a part of this problematic. This Ph.D thesis participates, in the...

Self-Assembly of ß-Amyloid Peptides in Cells and on Solid Supports

Enrico Condemi
Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and Huntington's disease share common mechanisms characterized by protein misfolding and aggregation, including formation of plaques or inclusion bodies. The rapid growing number of patients has motivated intensive research to understand biological phenomena involved in the pathology and hence developing therapeutic strategies. Here, we will focus on β-amyloid peptide (Aβ) involved in Alzheimer's disease. In the first part of this thesis, tissue transglutaminase (tTGase) has been investigated...

Advanced Control Strategies for Voltage Source Converters in Microgrids and Traction Networks

Behrooz Bahrani
Increasing concerns regarding global warming caused by greenhouse gases, which are mainly generated by conventional energy resources, e.g., fossil fuels, have created significant interest for the research and development in the field of renewable energies. Such interests are also intensified by the finitude availability of conventional energy resources. To take full benefit of renewable energy resources, e.g., wind and solar energy, interfacing power electronics devices are essential, which together with the energy resources form Distributed...

Improving Sensitivity in Solid State NMR:Surfaces, Quadrupolar Nuclei and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

Veronika Vitzthum
Sensitivity in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), especially in solid-state NMR, has always been a challenging and important issue and thus a motivation for new developments. The magnetic field B0, the gyromagnetic ratios of the observed nuclei, as well as the preparation of the samples are important for optimizing the sensitivity. Often only a small amount of sample is available and the nuclei of interest have low gyromagnetic ratios, which makes solid-state NMR extremely time consuming...

Finite Element Method on Riemann Surfaces and Applications to the Laplacian Spectrum

Marc Maintrot
The objective of this PhD thesis is the approximate computation of the solutions of the Spectral Problem associated with the Laplace operator on a compact Riemann surface without boundaries. A Riemann surface can be seen as a gluing of portions of the Hyperbolic Plane made with suitable conditions to obtain a 2 dimensional manifold. The solutions of the Spectral Problem associated with the Laplace operator are to be understood as the eigenfunctions defined on the...

1.4.1 Systematic Methods for Exploiting Temperature-Dependent Phenomena in Chemiresistive Sensing

P. H. Rogers, K. D. Benkstein & S. Semancik
Addressable elements within chemiresistive microsensor arrays have been operated with rapid temperature modulation in order to improve their ability to detect and monitor species of interest. This approach involves purposeful manipulation of surface adsorbate populations that significantly enhances device selectivity, allowing increasingly complex analyses. In the present work involving three types of oxide sensing films, we focus on systematic methods that have been used to develop materials-specific temperature programs which are tuned for recognition and...

BOREAS Follow-On HMet-01 Merged SSM/I and Rain Gauge Precipitation Data

A gridded data set has been assembled over the BOREAS hydro-meteorological study region that combines a precipitation data set based on a rain gauge network with precipitation estimates based on SSM/I satellite images. The result is an hourly precipitation data set covering 122 consecutive days beginning on June 1, 1996.

User's Guide to NCAR CCM2

Linda Bath, James Rosinski & Jerry Olson
This User's Guide describes the overall design of the most recent version of the NCAR Community Climate Model, CCM2. In addition to in-depth information about running the CCM2 model code, the User's Guide gives a detailed description of the code organization and data structures so that CCM2 can be modified by users as mandated by their particular research requirements. Section I of this report, titled "Using CCM2," presents sample scripts for executing the Model, describes...

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