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SAFARI 2000 1-Degree Estimates of Burned Biomass, Area, and Emissions, 2000

A new method is used to generate spatial estimates of monthly averaged biomass burned area and spatial and temporal estimates of trace gas and aerosol emissions from open fires in southern Africa.Global burned area data for the year 2000 (GBA2000) supplemented with the Along Track Scanning Radiometer (ATSR) fire count data are employed to quantify the area burned at 1-km resolution by using a fractional vegetation cover map derived from satellite observations. To account for...

Vol. 17 No 1

Paul Woldstedt & Martin Schwarzbach
Yearbook of German Quaternary Association

Zum Transfer der Unsicherheiten von Abfluss-Projektionen des 21. Jahrhunderts in den politisch-administrativen Raum

Enno Nilson & Peter Krahe
Foliensatz zum Vortrag am Tag der Hydrologie am 22./23. März 2012 in Freiburg

Angelo Basic GIS Coverages

Power, Mary E., Bode, Collin (Collin@Berkeley.Edu), Dietrich, William E.

A DNA Vaccine against Escherichia coli O157:H7

Kowsar Shariati Mehr, Seyed Latif Mousavi, Iraj Rasooli, Jafar Amani & Masoumeh Rajabi
Iranian Biomedical Journal (IBJ); ISSN 1028-852X


Editorial Collective (Forum Kritische Archäologie) & Herausgeber_Innen-Kollektiv Des Forum Kritische Archäologie
Forum Kritische Archäologie

Science, technology and the instrumentalization of Swiss neutrality

John Krige
in: Antoine Fleury, Sacha Zala (Hg.) | Wissenschaft und Aussenpolitik (Quaderni di Dodis | Bd. 1) | Bern 2012 | S. 65-71 |

Data set of pressure, temperature and light profile collected by one southern elephant seal equipped with Time-Depth-Recorders and Argos locations.

Christophe Guinet, Jade Vacquie-Garcia, François Royer, Anne Cécile Dragon, Morgane Viviant & Fredéric Bailleul
The foraging ecology of Southern elephant seals in Kerguelen has been investigated since 2003 with annual deployments of CTD-SRLDs (Argos-linked conductivity–temperature–depth-Satellite Relayed Data Logger / Sea Mammal Research Unit –SMRU-, University of St Andrews Scotland). In 2009, newly developped devices (MK9 -Time Depth Recorders (Wildlife Computers, Washington, USA)) have been deployed and combined with CTD-Fluo-SRDLs . We thus recorded fine scale diving behaviors of SES thanks to high resolution measures (every 2 s) of pressure,...

Liège -7000 ans, les derniers chasseurs préhistoriques de Wallonie : Archéologie du Mésolithique et Expérimentation ; Rapports d'études préliminaires des zones 19 et 20 des fouilles de Tivoli

Eva DAVID & René-Ginouvès Prod. Maison Archéologie Et Ethnologie
Exhumé par le Service Public de Wallonie, un matériel archéologique inédit a été retrouvé à l’archéoforum de Liège (Tivoli). Daté de la transition Mésolithique-Néolithique, il pose la question du mode de vie des derniers chasseurs-cueilleurs à l’arrivée des premiers colons agro-pasteurs, il y a environ 7000 ans. Les premiers résultats de l’étude sont livrés, ainsi que ceux des tests expérimentaux conduits au Préhistosite de Ramioul. Ces derniers ont notamment permis de retrouver des techniques préhistoriques...

P2.4.22 Forest and Disordered Carbon Nanotubes: Sensitivity Improvement of Electrochemical Detection in Miniaturized Devices

I. Álvarez-Martos, R. Alonso-Bartolomé, A. Costa-García, M. T. Fernández-Abedul, A. Fernández-Gavela, J. Rodríguez-García, N. Campos-Alfaraz, A. B. García-Delgado & D. Gómez-Plaza
Miniaturization is a well-established trend in the development of analytical devices, due to the important advantages it offers. Detection for this type of devices has to be in accordance and therefore easy integration and the employment of simple instrumentation are common requirements. These are fulfilled very well by the electrochemical detection (ED) and therefore, it is gaining relevance in many of the applications where miniaturized approaches are required. However, the use of very small sample...

Zum Alter der Dünen im nördlichen Oberrheingraben bei Heidelberg und zur Genese ihrer Parabraunerden

Manfred Löscher & Thomas Haag
The Würmian Lower Terrace in the northern part of the Upper Rhinegraben ist abundantly covered by dune sands. West and south of the alluvial fan of the Neckar River these sands seem to be accumulated not before the Younger Dryas. In some places medieval deforestation starting around 1100 A.D. caused a reactivation of dune sands. The laminated Parabraunerde in the dune sands is to be considered a still active soil profile threefold divided. Its genesis...

UNIX Word Processing at HAO / (For Use With the 4.2 BSD Version and -Me Macro Package)

Nancy Dawson
This manual is a compilation of the word processing commands needed while using UNIX at the High Altitude Observatory of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.

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