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Biowaste to Liquid: Utilization of Biogenic Residues and Wastes in Thermo-Chemical Systems for the Provision of Fuels

N. Tröger, D. Richter & R. Stahl
The project between tthe Deutsche Biomasseforschungszentrum (DBFZ) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) focuses on the pr rovision of alternative fuels by thermochemical conversion. Biogenic residues and wastes which are not used yet or which could be utilised more efficiently are studied. The selection of possible feedstock was supported by a techhnical potential analysis including the competition to th he food industry. The technical suitability of raw materials for the fast pyrolysis (FP) process...

Definitive NCAR Index for TeX for NCAR Scientists

Eileen Boettner & Hope Hamilton
This Index does not pretend to be an extension of Donald Knuth's comprehensive The TEXbook. It contains, instead, a condensation of the text-formatting output most frequently used by the scientific community of NCAR.* Also, as a special lagniappe, each example includes its own NCAR AAP computer location for scientists who can access and thus copy our "templates" to their individual directories.

Seismic energy determination from local and regional seismic events

George L. Choy & John L. Boatwright
New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice 2 (NMSOP2)

Diabetes und Augen. Was hat Diabetes mit Ihren Augen zu tun?

Ärztliches Zentrum Für Qualität In Der Medizin (ÄZQ)
Kurzinformationen für Patienten

Copper(I)-Mediated 1,2-Metallate Rearrangements of 1-Metallated Glycals

Krzysztof Jarowicki, Philip Kocieński, Zofia Komsta & Anna Wojtasiewicz
1,2-Metallate rearrangements involving reaction of 1-metallated glycals with organolithium reagents under copper(I) mediation give alkenylpolyol chains in 45-91% yield (19 examples). The reaction was applied to a formal synthesis of KRN7000 as well as a synthesis of a Δ5,6-ceramide derivative.

Argus II-Epiret

Stanislao Rizzo
The epiretinal implant ARGUS II is placed on the macula in one patient with advanced retinitis pigmentosa to restore some form of visual acuity

South East Queensland Domestic Water Usage Collection (2nd Summer 2010 Read)

Rodney Stewart & Cara Beal
This collection contains high resolution domestic water usage data captured over a 2 week period in Summer 2010. This data was compiled from a network of remote sensors (approximately 300 data loggers) situated at domestic residences in the South East Queensland corridor. These data loggers record very small volumes of water at 5 second intervals.

Le débat en Suisse sur la création de la fonction d`attaché scientifique à Washington

Antoine Fleury
in: Antoine Fleury, Sacha Zala (Hg.) | Wissenschaft und Aussenpolitik (Quaderni di Dodis | Bd. 1) | Bern 2012 | S. 21-33 |

Regmentation: A New View of Image Segmentation and Registration

Marius Erdt, Georgios Sakas & Sebastian Steger
Image segmentation and registration have been the two major areas of research in the medical imaging community for decades and still are. In the context of radiation oncology, segmentation and registration methods are widely used for target structure definition such as prostate or head and neck lymph node areas. In the past two years, 45% of all articles published in the most important medical imaging journals and conferences have presented either segmentation or registration methods....

Incision making in small gauge surgery

Manish Nagpal
Small gauge surgery or sutureless surgery is gaining widespread popularity. Incision making is the key to the success of achieving a good postoperative wound. Various techniques have evolved related to the incision making and this video discusses the steps of making a good incision. Significance of retracting the conjunctiva using a stabiliser and then placing a biplanar incision are demonstrated. Steps to acheive a good incision closure at the time of removal of cannulas and...

Data set of pressure, temperature and light profile collected by one southern elephant seal equipped with Time-Depth-Recorders and Argos locations.

Christophe Guinet, Jade Vacquie-Garcia, François Royer, Anne Cécile Dragon, Morgane Viviant & Fredéric Bailleul
The foraging ecology of Southern elephant seals in Kerguelen has been investigated since 2003 with annual deployments of CTD-SRLDs (Argos-linked conductivity–temperature–depth-Satellite Relayed Data Logger / Sea Mammal Research Unit –SMRU-, University of St Andrews Scotland). In 2009, newly developped devices (MK9 -Time Depth Recorders (Wildlife Computers, Washington, USA)) have been deployed and combined with CTD-Fluo-SRDLs . We thus recorded fine scale diving behaviors of SES thanks to high resolution measures (every 2 s) of pressure,...

Specimen rhetoricum eloquentiae usum in genere spectans

Ludwig Wentz
quod ... pro vacante sede rhetorica ... publice ventilandam proposuit Ludovicus Wentz ... respondente ... Luca Raillard ... a. 1741. Die 21. Martii

Liège -7000 ans, les derniers chasseurs préhistoriques de Wallonie : Archéologie du Mésolithique et Expérimentation ; Rapports d'études préliminaires des zones 19 et 20 des fouilles de Tivoli

Eva DAVID & René-Ginouvès Prod. Maison Archéologie Et Ethnologie
Exhumé par le Service Public de Wallonie, un matériel archéologique inédit a été retrouvé à l’archéoforum de Liège (Tivoli). Daté de la transition Mésolithique-Néolithique, il pose la question du mode de vie des derniers chasseurs-cueilleurs à l’arrivée des premiers colons agro-pasteurs, il y a environ 7000 ans. Les premiers résultats de l’étude sont livrés, ainsi que ceux des tests expérimentaux conduits au Préhistosite de Ramioul. Ces derniers ont notamment permis de retrouver des techniques préhistoriques...

BOREAS TE-12 Leaf Optical Data for SSA Species

The BOREAS TE-12 team collected several data sets in support of its efforts to characterize and interpret information on the reflectance, transmittance, and gas exchange of boreal vegetation. This data set contains measurements of hemispherical spectral reflectance and transmittance factors of individual leaves, needles (ages: current and past 2 years' growth, i.e., for 1993, the growing seasons of 1993, 1992, and 1991 were measured; in 1994, the growing seasons of 1994, 1993, and 1992 were...

Impact of Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase C677T Polymorphism on the Risk of Gastric Cancer and Its Interaction with Helicobacter pylori Infection

Samaneh Saberi, Kazem Zendehdel, Sahar Jahangiri, Yeganeh Talebkhan, Afshin Abdirad, Nazanin Mohajerani, Maryam Bababeik, Najmeh Karami, Maryam Esmaili, Akbar Oghalaie, Parisa Hassanpour, Neda Amini, Mohammad Ali Mohagheghi, Mahmoud Eshagh Hossieni & Marjan Mohammadi
Iranian Biomedical Journal (IBJ); ISSN 1028-852X

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