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Barcode Index Number BOLD:ABU9682

Barcode Index Number System
A cluster of barcode records associated with a Barcode Index Number(BIN). Each cluster is a proxy for a named or unnamed species. Records consist of specimen metadata, specimen images, and sequence data.

Sidescan sonar grids (2 m resolution) of the East Pacific Rise 9-10N region (2001)

Daniel Fornari
This data set was acquired with a towed WHOI DSL-120A Sidescan Sonar on DSL-120A during Atlantis expedition AT07-04 conducted in 2001 (Chief Scientist: Dr. Hans Schouten; Investigator(s): Dr. Daniel Fornari). These data files are of NetCDF Grid format and include gridded Sidescan data and were processed after data collection. Data were acquired as part of the project(s): Central Anomaly Magnetic High: Constraints on the Volcanic Construction and Architecture of Young Upper Oceanic Crust, and funding...


UV Öst Swedish National Heritage Board
Informationen i sammanfattning är hämtad ur rapporten för undersökningen: Vid nedläggning av fjärrvärme i Mantorp löpte det omfattande ledningsnätet på några ställen genom förhistoriska och historiska lämningar. Därför genomfördes en arkeologisk utredning, etapp 2, (Del 1) samt en förundersökning i form av antikvarisk kontroll (Del 2). Vid utredningen påträffades två äldre odlingsytor (RAÄ 48), ett sentida odlingslager, en boplats från äldre järnåldern (RAÄ 46) under ett tjockt lager av sand, med anläggningar bestående av bl....

The Congruence of Nurses’ Performance with Developmental Care Standards in Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Leila Valizadeh, Malihe Asadollahi, Manizheh Mostafa Gharebaghi & Fatemeh Gholami
Introduction: Many studies support the positive short and long-term developmental care for premature infants. This study aimed to determine the congruence of nurses’ activity in four areas of developmental care in order to obtain basic information for authorities to provide a program to achieve related standards in the future. Methods: The study was performed on 70 nurses working in neonatal intensive care units in Tabriz, Iran. Nurses answered to a questionnaire retrieved from Robison’s developmental...

Performance of smart aggregates under pseudo-dynamic loading

Yi-Lung Mo, Gangbing Song, Rachel Howser, Qingzhao Kong, Thomas Frankie, Pedro Silva, Amr Elnashai & Daniel Kuchma
Objective: To test the effectiveness of the proposed piezoceramic-based approach for the structural health monitoring of reinforced concrete columns under pseudo-dynamic loading. Experimental setup: reinforced concrete (RC) bridge column, hydraulic loading experimental setup, LabVIEW data acquisition system Method: Smart aggregate-based health monitoring approach, wavelet-packet-analysis Conclusion: The proposed smart aggregate-based approach successfully evaluated the health status of concrete columns during the loading procedure.

Developments towards reliable Information from Cash Registers

Ben Van Der Zwet & Frank Van Heusden
While today’s cash registers are very sophisticated and able to perform a multitude of functions that facilitate the efficient running of a business, they are also open to abuse. Tax administrations, aware of the risk of electronic sales suppression, cooperate in international expert groups to explore cost effective approaches to counter this fraud. Marketparties acknowledge their responsibility. Invited by inspiring projects like INSIKA, suppliers and software developers bring in their expertise to develop reliable and...


Steffen Laue, Christine Bläuer & Erwin Stadlbauer
Monitoring ist die einzige Methode, Kenntnisse über das komplexe Zusammenwirken aller relevanten Faktoren in bzw. an einem Gebäude zu erlangen. Beziehen wir die Definition auf Salze in Mauerwerken und an Wandmalereien, bedeutet Monitoring die systematische Erfassung und Beobachtung von Salzen bzw. Salzschäden sowie der Umgebungsparameter, wie z. B. Klima- oder Feuchteveränderungen In: Hans-Jürgen Schwarz and Michael Steiger (eds.), Salzschäden an Kulturgütern - Stand des Wissens und Forschungsdefizite, Hannover 2009, pp. 59-64.

Essays on the real effects of banking development and concentration

Luigi Moretti
This thesis consists of three essays on the impact of banking development and concentration on the real economy. By looking at three specific mechanisms, this work supports the hypothesis that access to finance may be a barrier to entry and exit of firms. Furthermore, it provides empirical evidence of non-linearity in the relationship between banking market structure and the real economy. The three essays adopt the Rajan-Zingales (1998) methodology, which is especially useful for establishing...

Binary Data (NMC_92wt_300bar)

Martin Ebner
Project "X-ray Tomography of Porous, Transition Metal Oxide Based Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes"

BIBB-Kammerbefragung zur Aussetzung der Ausbilder-Eignungsverordnung (AEVO) 2007 (SV)

Philipp Ulmer, Peter Bott, Christa Kolter, Frankziska Kupfer, Hans-Joachim Schade & Bundesinstitut Für Berufsbildung (BIBB)
Nebendatensatz: Sondervariablen


NCEAS And IPlant & BIEN Group
a database of over 80 million New World plant observations from various databanks and herbaria

Recueil des ordonnances et réglemens de Lorraine, du régne de Sa Majesté le roi de Pologne, duc de Lorraine et de Bar. Tome X

Stanislas I (Roi De Pologne) ; 1677-1766 & Duché De Lorraine
Date de publication incertaine

Kerr-lens mode locking in a ring bidirectional YAG:Cr4+ laser

Fomitchev, A.A.; Moscow Institute Of Physics And Technology (State University), Institutsky Per. 9, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700, Russia, Broslavets, Yu.Yu.; Moscow Institute Of Physics And Technology (State University), Institutsky Per. 9, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700, Russia & Georgieva, M.A.; Moscow Institute Of Physics And Technology (State University), Institutsky Per. 9, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700, Russia
This paper concerns a bidirectional ring YAG:Cr4+lаser. We investigated the features of bidirectional generation and explored the possibility of gyroscopic effect in the laser. We developed the model of bidirectional generation of such a laser taking into account spectral properties of the active medium.Experiments in our setup revealed that generation of the laser had a cluster character. Luminescence spectrum of the YAG:Cr4+ crystal and generation spectra of the laser showed that this medium has both...

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