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Notebook (Jan-Apr 1917)

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Notebook belonging to Edmund Blunden containing notes on 11th Royal Sussex's duties in the Ypres sector. Details field and trench works to be carried out by the battalion, as well as instructions, communications, sketch maps and patrol reports. This page contains notes for a 'routine' day.

Compression of Rewriting Systems for Termination Analysis

Alexander Bau, Markus Lohrey, Eric Nöth & Johannes Waldmann
We adapt the TreeRePair tree compression algorithm and use it as an intermediate step in proving termination of term rewriting systems. We introduce a cost function that approximates the size of constraint systems that specify compatibility of matrix interpretations. We show how to integrate the compression algorithm with the Dependency Pairs transformation. Experiments show that compression reduces running times of constraint solvers, and thus improves the power of automated termination provers.

The effect of temperature on the rheological behavior of polyethylene oxide (PEO) solutions

Martin Kroger, Editor Applied Rheology & Editors@Appliedrheology.Org
Applied Rheology


Henning Schluß
In der DDR wurden seit Beginn der 1970er Jahre zu Lehrerausbildungs- und Forschungszwecken Unterrichtsstunden auf 1-Zoll-Videobändern aufgezeichnet. Über zweihundert dieser Aufzeichnungen aus den Beständen der Ost-Berliner Humboldt-Universität, der Akademie der Pädagogischen Wissenschaften der DDR (APW) sowie der Pädagogischen Hochschulen Potsdam und Dresden blieben bis heute erhalten. Die Bänder gerieten nach der Friedlichen Revolution und der Wiedervereinigung in Vergessenheit und die Abspieltechnik an den Hochschulen der DDR wurde entsorgt. Erschwerend kam hinzu, dass es in den...

TCP Internals

Sebastian Scheibner

They entered without any rumor : human rights in the Belgian legal periodicals

Sebastiaan Vandenbogaerde
Goettingen Journal of International Law

La sinistra italiana e il processo d’integrazione europea: la transizione del Pci attraverso il suo discorso sull’Europa

Carlo Giuseppe Cirulli
La ricerca si è sviluppata intorno al tema del rapporto tra il Partito comunista italiano e il processo d’integrazione europea. La scelta di indagare tale questione è nata dall’esigenza di ricercare un punto di osservazione originale che permettesse di studiare l’identità del partito da una prospettiva ben precisa, quella della sua relazione con il processo d’integrazione. L’analisi è stata condotta focalizzandosi su tutti quegli elementi che hanno contribuito alla formazione di un “discorso” sull’Europa da...

BIBB-Übergangsstudie 2006 (VT)

Michael Friedrich, Ursula Beicht, Joachim Gerd Ulrich & Bundesinstitut Für Berufsbildung (BIBB)
Nebendatensatz: Volltextvariablen

Down-Regulation of sidB Gene by Use of RNA Interference in Aspergillus nidulans

Hamid Eslami, Mohammad Reza Khorramizadeh, Mohammad Reza Pourmand, Maryam Moazeni & Sassan Rezaie
Iranian Biomedical Journal (IBJ); ISSN 1028-852X

Post-thawing colour changes in meat of foals as affected by feeding level and post-thawing time

Alessandra Tateoa, Pasquale De Paloa, Aristide Maggiolinoa & Pasquale Centoducatia
Archiv Tierzucht 56 (2013) 29, 293-302; ISSN 0003-9438

Everyday Memory Questionaire, erweiterte Version

Sunderland, Harris , Baddeley, E. Volz-Sidiropoulou & S. Gauggel
"Everyday Memory Questionaire" (EMQ) soll typische Gedächtnisprobleme im Alltag erfassen. Die Langform des EMQ beinhaltet 35 Items Diese Version wurde übersetzt und um 10 Items, welche prospektives Gedächtnis erfassen sollen, erweitert. Das Projekt befindet sich in der Datengewinnungsphase und deshalb werden Ergebnisse zur psychometrischen Qualität des Verfahrens im deutschsprachigen Raum erst zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt vorgestellt. Der Fragebogen liegt in zwei Versionen vor: Selbstbeurteilung und Fremdbeurteilungs-Version.

TMF Newsletter, Issue: 19

DFG Research Unit 816
20 groups of scientists representing a multitude of scientific disciplines summarize major results of their research in this last issue of the TMF Newsletter: They report about science-directed and sustainable land-use systems and present protocols for optimization of sustainable forest and pasture management. Specific reactions of species and of the ecosystem tropical mountain forest (TMF) to increasing loads of nutrient input are shown. The researchers also summarize effects of altered precipitation and temperatures on nitrogen...

A method of treatment microbe nature disease using multiwave laser radiation

Kuzmina, A.G.; First Moscow State Medical University By I.M.Sechenov, Mochovaya, 11, Moscow, 119992, Russia, Lovachova, O.V.; Advanced Energy Technologies LTD , Sretensky Bul 7/1/8, Moscow, 107045, Russia Central TB Research Institute Of The Russian Academy Of Medical Sciences Yauzskaya Alley,2, Moscow,, Sirotkin, A.A.; Prokhorov General Physics Institute Of The Russian Academy Of Sciences, Vavilov 38, Moscow, 119991, Russia Advanced Energy Technologies LTD , Sretensky Bul 7/1/8, Moscow, 107045, Russia & Kuzmin, G.P.; Prokhorov General Physics Institute Of The Russian Academy Of Sciences, Vavilov 38, Moscow, 119991, Russia Advanced Energy Technologies LTD , Sretensky Bul 7/1/8, Moscow, 107045, Russia
Multiwave laser medical device "Livadia" has been developed either for bactericidal or for therapeutic impact on the affected organism parts. This device is on the diode pumped solid state laser and main wavelength radiation conversion 1064 nm into the second harmonic 532 nm and forth harmonic 266 nm. It has been shown that UV radiation on t he wavelength 266 nm on bronchia mucosa with various inflammation types improves regenerative processes in bronchia tissues that...

Northern Circumpolar Soil Carbon Database 2

Gustaf Hugelius
The Northern Circumpolar Soil Carbon Database (NCSCD) is a geospatial database created for the purpose of quantifying storage of organic carbon in soils of the northern circumpolar permafrost region. The spatial base of the NCSCD is a polygon database describing soils in the northern circumpolar permafrost regions. The database was compiled by combining and homogenizing several regional/national soil maps. To calculate storage of soil organic carbon, these soil maps have been linked to field-data on...

Recensione a "L’altra metà del Risorgimento. Volti e voci di patriote venete", a c. di Nadia Filippini e Liviana Gazzetta, Verona, Cierre, 2011.

Giulia Brian
Questa recensione intende presentare il volume a cura di Nadia Filippini e Liviana Gazzetta "L’altra metà del Risorgimento. Volti e voci di patriote venete" (Cierre 2011): esso si articola in due sezioni, una galleria di profili di trentatré patriote che, pur avendo fatto la Storia, facilmente sarebbero rimaste nel silenzio, e un prezioso archivio di documenti vergati dalle stesse. Le biografie, le testimonianze e la struttura ‘dinamica’ permettono al lettore e alla lettrice di seguire...

Data from: Protein structure validation and refinement using amide proton chemical shifts derived from quantum mechanics

Anders S. Christensen, Troels E. Linnet, Mikael Borg, Wouter Boomsma, Kresten Lindorff-Larsen, Thomas Hamelryck & Jan H. Jensen
Ensembles of protein structures resulting from Monte Carlo simulations. Each archive contains four independent simulations from the same starting structure and identical settings, but different random seeds.

Volkshochschule Neuss: Programm Jahr 1982/1983, S. 237

Volkshochschule Neuss


University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
Describes a 'bang' nearby / will return soon to the trenches / hopes that Marion Scott is well / discusses the book 'Friends' / recent poems and soldiers' slang in verse / intends to write another sonnet and describes it / discusses Scott's opinions of 'Flanders', 'Poor Folk' and 'To Certain Comrades' / includes 'After-Glow', dedicated to F.W. Harvey / 'Beauty', which Ivor Gurney notes, 'Bully beef at fault'.

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