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Phd Theses: Using Or Based On Wmko Data

Peggi Kamisato
SAO/NASA ADS bibcode collection for PhdD theses using data collected at the W.M. Keck Observatory, Hawaii, USA

A Novel Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Procedure In One Hour By Pressure Incubation

Authors: Pradip Nahar ### Abstract In this protocol, we describe a unique ELISA method for the detection of an antigen or antibody, in which ELISA steps are carried out by pressure incubation instead of conventional thermal incubation. Pressure-mediated ELISA (PELISA), carried out in 1 h shows more than a 2-fold increase in absorbance value than the control experiment carried out at the same time and temperature without applying pressure. Estimation of analyte by the 1-h...

Understanding the Combined Role of Internal and External Factors in New Service Development Process within the Professional Knowledge Intensive Business Service Firms

Our research asked the following main questions: how the characteristics of professionals service firms allow them to successfully innovate in exploiting through exploring by combining internal and external factors of innovation and how these ambidextrous organisations perceive these factors; and how do successful innovators in professional service firms use corporate entrepreneurship models in their new service development processes? With a goal to shed light on innovation in professional knowledge intensive business service firms’ (PKIBS), we...

Mental states monitoring through passive Brain-Computer Interface systems

The monitoring of cognitive functions aims at gaining information about the current cognitive state of the user by decoding brain signals. In recent years, this approach allowed to acquire valuable information about the cognitive aspects regarding the interaction of humans with external world. From this consideration, researchers started to consider passive application of brain–computer interface (BCI) in order to provide a novel input modality for technical systems solely based on brain activity. The objective of...

Code synchronization and interference management techniques for satellite navigation and communications

This thesis collects the outcomes of a Ph.D. course in Telecommunications engineering and it is focused on enabling techniques for Spread Spectrum (SS) navigation and communication satellite systems. It provides innovations for both interference management and code synchronization techniques. These two aspects are critical for modern navigation and communication systems and constitute the common denominator of the work. The thesis is organized in two parts: the former deals with interference management. We have proposed a...

La faccia nascosta di Hollywood: Tim Burton e il sublime

Lorenzo Bianchi
If you analyze Tim Burton’s filmography, the relationship between his entire work and the philosophical sublime could appear clear. First of all the use of darkness as the symbol of your inner being and also the concept of expressionism seen as the union between dark and light, shadows and brightness, the double nature of the sublime. Moreover, women in Tim Burton’s movies are savior angels, and the sublime is seen as the elevation of the...

Lucrezio interpreta Epicuro: Kant e il piacere, il sublime, la natura

Marco Beccalli
The dissertation aims at uncovering the following topics: ethics, nature and sublime. In particular, it focuses on the above topics in relation to the theories of Epicurus and Immanuel Kant. The analysis takes into account the following scripts: “De Rerum Natura”, “Critica del Giudizio”, “Metafisica dei Costumi”, “Osservazioni sul sentimento del bello e del sublime”. They are evaluated to drouw the similarities and the differences between the two philophical perspectives. 

Da Bergson a Girard: il comico e il sacro

Andrea Grazioli
The essay by Claudio Rozzoni Il Riso di Molière. Teatro e impersonalità, which has been published in this magazine, examines the phenomenon of the comedian with particular emphasis on his/her impersonal nature. Starting from Henri Bergson’s ideas, and with particular and frequent reference to Molière’s theatre, Rozzoni takes a first step toward defining the air of impersonality that characterises comedy. The purpose of this work is to further explore the aforementioned idea. This study will...

Quantifying Chromogen Intensity In Immunohistochemistry Via Reciprocal Intensity.

Authors: David Nguyen ### Abstract Immunohistochemistry is a routine procedure for detecting the expression of biological markers in formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissues. Chromogens, which can appear as different colors (brown, blue, red) under bright field microscopy, are localized in fixed tissues to antigens of interest via an antibody-antigen detection system. The advantage of a chromogen system is that the stained tissue section is permanently fixed, and the staining quality is maintained for many years. The...

Multiplex Pcr For Amplifying Mitochondrial And Nuclear Products In Plants

Authors: Magdalena Lütz & Noemí Colombo ### Abstract PCR amplification of a single copy nuclear region and a multicopy mitochondrial region together results in the competition between targets unequally represented in a single tube PCR reaction. This protocol allows a correct amplification of both products by adopting a sequential lay out of the PCR reaction which enhances the amplification of the nuclear gene in the first step and the mitochondrial gene in the final step....

Tandem Affinity Purification Of Remodeler-Mononucleosome Complexes For Chip-Seq In Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

Authors: Arnaud Depaux, Maud de Dieuleveult, Isabelle Hmitou, Sylvie Jounier, Hélène Humbertclaude & Matthieu Gerard ### Abstract This protocol describes a tandem affinity chromatin immunopurification strategy to analyze the distribution of chromatin remodelers onto the mouse genome. It is based on mouse embryonic stem (ES) cell lines that express, from the endogenous loci, remodelers fused with a tandem affinity purification (TAP)-tag. Two versions of the TAP-tag, introduced at the C terminus, have been used successfully:...

Obtaining Targeted Metagenomes From Uncultivated Environmental Synechococcus Using Flow Cytometry-Based Viral Tagging

Authors: Li Deng, Bonnie T. Poulos & Matthew B. Sullivan ### Abstract Ocean viruses are abundant, ubiquitous, and play important roles in global biogeochemical cycles through mortality, horizontal gene transfer and manipulation of host metabolism. However, the ability to link viruses to their hosts in a high-throughput manner bottlenecks our ability to understand virus-host interactions in complex communities. Here, we present viral tagging (VT), a method that combines mixtures of isotope labeled host cells and...

Stereo-Separations Of Peptides By Capillary Electrophoresis And Chromatography

Authors: Afzal Hussain, Iqbal Hussain, Mohamed F. Al-Ajmi & Imran Ali ### Abstract Small peptides (di-, tri-, tetra- penta- hexa etc. and peptides) control many chemical and biological processes. The biological importance of stereomers of peptides is of great value. The stereo-separations of peptides are gaining importance in biological and medicinal sciences and pharmaceutical industries. There is a great need of experimental protocols of stereo-separations of peptides. The various chiral selector used were polysaccharides, cyclodextrins,...

Assay For Quantitative Determination Of Cyp1A1 Enzyme Activity Using 7-Ethoxyresorufin As Standard Substrate (Erod Assay)

Authors: Afshin Mohammadi-Bardbori ### Abstract The activity of the enzyme 7-ethoxy-resorufin-O-deethylase (EROD) has been extensively employed in biomonitoring studies of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) for more than a decade. Although the procedure is simple, convenient, sensitive and accurate. The cytochrome P450 monooxygenase 1A (CYP1A) is induced by several planar toxic compounds and endogenous chemicals, and the induction of this protein is often measured in terms of EROD activity. This protocol describes how to use EROD...

Rapid Detection/Pathotyping Of Newcastle Disease Virus Isolates In Clinical Samples Using Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay

Authors: Abdul Wajid, Muhammad Wasim, Tahir Yaqub, Shafqat F Rehmani, Tasra Bibi, Nadia Mukhtar, Javed Muhammad, Umar Bacha, Suliman Qadir Afridi, Muhammad Nauman Zahid, Zia u ddin, Muhammad Zubair Shabbir, Kamran Abbas & Muneer Ahmad ### Abstract In the present protocol we describe the real time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) assay for the rapid detection/pathotyping of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) isoaltes in clinical samples. Fusion gene and matrix gene assays have been used...

Long-Term Co-Culture Of Primary Hepatocytes And Gfp-Heparg Cells For Investigations On Plasmodium Hypnozoites

Authors: Laurent Dembélé, Jean-François Franetich, Audrey Lorthiois, Audrey Gego, Georges Snounou & Dominique Mazier ### Abstract The dormant liver stages, hypnozoites, of some malaria parasite species were not amenable to in vitro studies because primary hepatocyte cultures could not be maintained beyond 10-14 days. In this protocol we describe a co-culture system where primary simian hepatocyte could be maintained for a month or more through co-cultivation with an immortalised liver derived cell line, Hepa-RG. The...

Sparsity-Aware Wireless Networks

H. Jamali-Rad

Coverage of the Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic in Three Widely Circulated United States Newspapers: Implications for Preparedness and Prevention

Corey Basch, Charles Basch & Irwin Redlener
Background:Widespread media attention about Ebola influences public awareness and interest, yet there is limited research on what aspects of Ebola have and have not been communicated through the media. Methods:We examined the nature and extent of coverage about Ebola in the three most widely circulated United States (U.S.) daily newspapers. Between September 17, 2014 and October 17, 2014, 301 articles about Ebola in The New York Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal were...

Evaluating Effects of Heat Stress on Cognitive Function among Workers in a Hot Industry

Adel Mazloumi, Farideh Golbabaei, Somayeh Mahmood Khani Mahmood Khani, Zeinab Kazemi, Mostafa Hosseini, Marzieh Abbasinia & Somayeh Farhang Dehghan
Background:Heat stress, as one of the most common occupational health problems, can impair operators' cognitive processes. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of thermal stress on cognitive function among workers in a hot industry. Methods: In this cross-sectional study conducted in Malibel Saipa Company in 2013, workers were assigned into two groups: one group were exposed to heat stress (n=35), working in casting unit and the other group working in machin­ing...

Iranian Women’s Experiences with Intimate Partner Violence: A Qualitative Study

Sakineh Taherkhani, Reza Negarandeh, Masomeh Simbar & Fazlollah Ahmadi
Background: Violence against women has been identified as a public health problem, which has fundamental consequences on women's physical, mental, and reproductive health. To understand abused women and provide support for them, it is necessary to enter the world in which the victims of intimate partner violence live. This study was designed to investigate experiences of abused Iranian women of intimate partner violence. Methods: Content analysis approach was used to design this qualitative study. Participants...

Risk Perception of Nonspecific Low Back Pain among Nurses: A Qualitative Approach

Sedigheh Abedini, Mohammad Ali Morowatisharifabad, Behnaz Enjezab, Abolfazl Barkhordari & Hossein Fallahzadeh
Background:Low back pain (LBP) is a common medical problem among nurses. A better understanding of nurses’ experiences about LBP may help to develop preventative approaches. The study aimed to explore risk perceptions of nonspecific LBP among nurses in Bandar Abbas City, southern Iran. Methods: This qualitative study conducted as directed content analysis in 2013. Private semi-structured interviews were conducted with a convenience sample of 30 nurses with minimum of 1-year working experience in hospital. The...

Barriers of health news producers’ empowerment: a qualitative study in Iran

Mahnaz Ashoorkhani, Mohammad Hossein Taghdisi, Safoora Shahmoradi, Leila Haghjoo & Reza Majdzadeh
Background: Studies show that raising news producers’ knowledge and skills are influential and necessary for promoting the quality of health news. This study aimed to investigate the barriers to implementing empowerment programs for news producers and to identify their respective solutions. Methods: In this qualitative content analysis the opinion of 14 journalists, one translator, 10 editors or editors-in-chief of health news agencies were gathered through 12 in-depth interviews and 4 focus group discussions. Purposive sam­pling...

Long-Term Effect of Motivational Interviewing on Dietary Intake and Weight Loss in Iranian Obese/Overweight Women

Mohsen Saffari, Amir Pakpour, Isa Mohammadi-Zeidi, Mohammad Samadi & Hui Chen
Background: This study aimed to determine whether motivational interviewing (MI) could change dietary habit and body mass index (BMI) in obese/overweight women. Methods: A cluster-randomized controlled study was performed in four health centers in Qazvin, central Iran. In total, 327 obese/overweight women were selected by a multi-stage sampling method and randomly assigned into control and experimental groups. Food frequency (using questionnaire; FFQ), BMI, and metabolic markers including blood pressure, total serum cholesterol and fasting blood...

Pesticides Residue in Drinking Groundwater Resources of Rural Areas in the Northwest of Iran

Mohammad Shakerkhatibi, Mohammad Mosaferi, Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi, Ehtesham Lotfi & Mehdi Belvasi
Background:The majority of rural population in Iran depends on groundwater resources for drinking purposes. In recent years, pesticide contamination of limited water resources has become a serious challenge worldwide. This study quantified the pesticides residue in rural groundwater resources in the northwest of Iran. Methods: A total of 78 groundwater samples were collected in June and Sep­tember 2011 from all 39 drinking water wells. Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) followed by Gas Chroma9tography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) was used...

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