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Synthesis of Six-Membered Cyclic Sulfonimidamides

Indira Sen, Daniel Kloer, Roger Hall & Sitaram Pal
A general synthetic route to six-membered cyclic N-aryl- and N-alkyl-substituted sulfonimidamides via an intramolecular ring closure of suitably functionalised acyclic sulfonimidamides is described. The structure of this new ring system was confirmed by various analytical methods and in one example by X-ray structural analysis.

SPRUCE Large-Collar In Situ CO2 and CH4 Flux Data for the SPRUCE Experimental Plots

P. Hanson, J. Phillips, J. Riggs, W. Nettles & D. Todd

Sozio-oekonomisches Panel (SOEP), Daten der Jahre 1984-2013 (internationale Version)

Jürgen Schupp, Jan Goebel, Martin Kroh, Carsten Schröder, Elisabeth Bügelmayer, Markus Grabka, Marco Giesselmann, Peter Krause, Simon Kühne, Elisabeth Liebau, David Richter, Rainer Siegers, Paul Schmelzer, Christian Schmitt, Daniel Schnitzlein, Ingrid Tucci, Knut Wenzig & Deutsches Institut Für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW Berlin)
International Science Use Version der SOEP-Daten (95%-Version des Datensatzes http://dx.doi.org/10.5684/soep.v30). Dieser Datensatz ist zur weltweiten Nutzung freigegeben.

Gleichgeschlechtliches Verlieben im Wandel

Benno Gammerl
Geschichte der Gefühle - Einblicke in die Forschung

The OpenQuake-engine User Manual

Helen Crowley, Damiano Monelli, Marco Pagani, Vitor Silva & Graeme Weatherill
GEM OpenQuake

Un enfant confronté à un secret familial

Georges Cognet
Dans cet article, l'auteur développe sa conception de l’examen psychologique de l'enfant puis présente le cas d’un enfant âgé de 9 ans et demi confronté à un secret familial. L’examen psychologique, mené avec plusieurs outils (entretiens, WISC-IV, TAT, Figure complexe de Rey, dessin), met en évidence un niveau intellectuel et cognitif élevé, mais aussi une forme d’empêchement de penser, liée au secret familial, au non-dit. Ce garçon se protège ainsi du danger représenté par le...

Numerical Simulation of Binary Black Hole Spacetimes and a Novel Approach to Outer Boundary Conditions

Jennifer Seiler
With ground-based gravitational wave detectors at design sensitivity, and a space-based detector in planning stages, the need for accurate gravitational wave templates for signal recognition by detector pipelines has become an urgent problem. With that in mind, and the fact that binary black hole inspirals and mergers are the strongest potential source for gravitational wave signals for online detectors, my research has focused on improving the accuracy and well-posedness of numerical simulations, and on the...

Das Schulobst- und -gemüseprogramm NRW

Dennis Schillmöller, Bettina Hundt, Jan-Paul Von Germeten, Dr. Iryna Tartachnyk, PD Dr. Michaela Schmitz, Borge Valentiner, Dr. Stefan Hirsch, Prof. Dr. Monika Hartmann & Prof. Dr. Georg Noga

Scalable structural clustering of local RNA secondary structures

Fabrizio Costa, Steffen Heyne, Dominic Rose & Rolf Backofen
Here, we propose an alignment-free approach for clustering RNA sequences according to sequence and structure information. We extend a fast graph kernel technique that we have developed for chemoinformatics applications and we adapt it to detect similarities between RNA secondary structures. The key novelties are twofold: (1) we represent multiple folding hypothesis associated to a single RNA sequence in a flexible graph format; and (2) we efficiently convert the graph encoding into a very high...

GSOD Based Daily Global Mean Surface Temperature and Mean Sea Level Air Pressure (1982-2011)

Dali Xuan Shi
This data product contains all the gridded data set at 1/4 degree resolution in ASCII format. Both mean temperature and mean sea level air pressure data are available. It also contains the GSOD data (1982-2011) from NOAA site, contains station number, location, temperature and pressures (sea level and station level). The data package also contains information related to the data processing methods

Atlas of top predators from French Southern Territories in the Southern Indian Ocean

K. Delord, C. Barbraud, C.A. Bost, Y. Cherel, C. Guinet & H. Weimerskirch
This Atlas of top predators from the French Southern Territories in the Southern Indian Ocean is a summary of information on the use of the southern Indian Ocean by 22 seabirds and seals species: king penguin, gentoo penguin, Adlie penguin, eastern rockhopper penguin, northern rockhopper penguin, macaroni penguin, Amsterdam albatross, wandering albatross, black-browed albatross, Indian yellow-nosed albatross, light-mantled albatross, sooty albatross, southern giant petrel, northern giant petrel, southern fulmar, Cape petrel, snow petrel, white-chinned petrel,...

CCDC 256888: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

M.M. Endeshaw, A. Bayer, L.K. Hansen & O.R. Gautun
Related Article: M.M.Endeshaw, A.Bayer, L.K.Hansen, O.R.Gautun|2006|Eur.J.Org.Chem.||5249|doi:10.1002/ejoc.200600083

City-Volkshochschule: Herbstprogramm 2012, S. 99


Prosecution of Felony Arrests, 1982: St. Louis

Abt Associates
This data collection provides statistical information on how prosecutors and the courts disposed of criminal cases involving adults arrested for felony crimes in an individual urban jurisdiction, St. Louis. The cases in the data file represent cases initiated in 1982, defined as screened, or filed in 1982. The collection includes disposition data on felonies for which an initial court charge was filed (cases filed) and for those felony arrests that were ultimately indicted or bound...

Ice Regimes off the West Coast of Newfoundland

Patricia Spencer
Sandwell Engineering Inc. and Canatec Consultants Ltd., both of Calgary, Alberta, were contracted to perform a study of Ice Regimes off the West Coast of Newfoundland. The study had two major aspects, the first was to access and document available ice and environmental data for the geographical area of investigation. The second aspect was to use this ice and environmental data to provide recommendations, where appropriate, on offshore oil/gas drilling structure concepts and structures. The...

Human Body Proximity Effects on Ultra-Wideband Antennas

Mohsen Koohestani
Body-centric applications include wearable communication systems that can be integrated in many different applications, as for instance in military, security forces, sport, fashion, or medical. In the latter, the quality of life of patients can be greatly improved by the use of implants or wearable systems allowing the continuous monitoring of health related parameters (heart beat, level of glucose, temperature, etc). Ultra-Wideband (UWB) systems have been developed for some of the mentioned applications, and improved...

Housing and residences for university students. The experience of the programme 338/2000

Adolfo F. L. Baratta & Sandra Carlini
The topic of «Social Housing» encapsulates aspects of building production aimed at meeting a housing need referred to different categories of users such as young people, and specifically university students. Since 2002 the topic of the university residence has been explored, on behalf of MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) and as part of the application of Law 338/2000, in a variety of possible forms (regulatory, procedural, design, construction and managerial): the result is...

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