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Settlement indications and an ancient road at Himmelstalund rock art site

UV Öst Swedish National Heritage Board
Norrköpings kommun planerar att flytta den gång- och cykelväg som idag passerar över Himmelstalunds hällristningar (RAÄ Östra Eneby 1:1). Gång- och cykelvägen blir 550 meter lång och avses att förläggas i sydvästsluttningen mellan ristningarna och Motala ström. Anledningen är att hällristningslokalen är den mest besökta lokalen i området och att slitaget därför är stort. Platsen har även varit utsatt för fordonstrafik och vandalisering. Efter beslut av Länsstyrelsen i Östergötlands län genomförde Riksantikvarieämbetet UV Öst under...


Silvestru Catalin Ionut, Bere Ramona Camelia, Silvestru Dragos Stefan & Lupescu Ernut
Standardization of competences provided by education provided both by traditional means and via e-learning systems becomes a prerequisite for Romanian education, given the need for ensuring appropriate correlations of the National Framework of Qualifications with the European Framework of Qualifications, with impact also on the competences provided in the educational systems. As such, , it becomes compulsory to review the training programs provided in order to bring these programs in line with the National Framework...

Teodycea braku teodycei. Problem zła w koncepcji Johna Hicka

Krzysztof Hubaczek
Celem artykułu jest przedstawienie głównych wątków zawartych w odpowiedzi Johna Hicka na problem zła. Rozpoczynam od zestawienia podstaw tradycyjnej teodycei (Augustyna i Leibniza) z zasadniczymi ideami św. Ireneusza z Lyonu, który stanowiły głownie źródło inspiracji dla myśli Hicka. Następnie porównuję takie elementy teodycei Hicka, jak dystans epistemiczny, proces tworzenia duszy czy ,i>powszechne zbawienie z pewnymi koncepcjami filozofów nie-analitycznych, takich jak Franz Rosenzweig, Józef Tischner, czy Viktor E. Frankl. Analizuję również głównie zarzuty pod adresem teodycei...

Traduire l'ironie. L'exemple d'une œuvre romanesque de N. Kazantzaki et ses traductions française et anglaise

Maria Constantinou
This paper sets out to study the ironical effects related to morphological, rhetorical and macro-structural cues of the novel by N. Kazantzakis's Ο τελευταίος πειρασμός (1951), and then to examine the degree of their transposition in the French and English translations, carried out by Saunier (1959 La dernière tentation du Christ) and by Bien (1960 The Last Temptation of Christ) respectively. Initially, from a theoretical point of view some definitions of irony as a thought...

Global Rural-Urban Mapping Project, Version 1 (GRUMPv1): Land and Geographic Unit Area Grids

Center For International Earth Science Information Network-CIESIN-Columbia University; International Food Policy Research Institute-IFPRI; The World Bank; Centro Internacional De Agricultura Tropical-CIAT
The Global Rural-Urban Mapping Project, Version 1 (GRUMPv1) consists of estimates of human population for the years 1990, 1995, and 2000 by 30 arc-second (1km) grid. The area grids measure land areas in square kilometers and the mean unit size (population-weighted) in square kilometers. The land area grid permits the summation of areas (net of permanent ice and water) at the same resolution as the population density, count, and urban-rural grids. The mean unit size...

Simulation Procedure Details for Mirarab et. al.

Siavash Mirarab, Bayzid, Md Shamsuzzoha, Bastien Boussau & Tandy Warnow

Grundsätze zum Umgang mit Daten in der Servicestelle Digitalisierung Berlin

Thorsten Koch, Beate Rusch, Anja Müller, Marco Klindt, Kilian Amrhein, Tim Hasler & Wolfgang Peters-Kottig
Dieses Dokument beschreibt den Umgang mit Daten, die der Servicestelle Digitalisierung Berlin zur Sicherstellung der Langzeitverfügbarkeit im Rahmen des Förderprogramms Digitalisierung des Landes Berlin übergeben werden.

Micro CT Images and Precise 3-Dimensional Hand and Foot Bone Models of Korean Male Cadaver (hm-121)

Dai-Soon Kwak, 곽대순, 가톨릭대학교 의과대학 응용해부연구소, 2004
1mm 간격으로 촬영된 CT 영상으로 재구성한 3차원 뼈대 모델은 크기가 큰 뼈대의 형상 특징은 반영할 수 있으나 손, 발, 치아 등 작고 세밀한 뼈대의 형상 특징은 제대로 나타내지 못한다. 따라서 한국인의 세밀한 뼈대(손, 발, 치아)의 형태적 특징을 반영한 3차원 모델을 제작하기 위해 한국인 남성 시신의 손, 발에 대해 Micro CT를 촬영하고 이 영상을 상용 프로그램으로 처리하여 손, 발에 대한 정밀한 3차원 뼈대 모델을 생성하였다. 보다 상세한 내용은 KISTI에서 운영하는 디지털 코리언 홈페이지 http://dk.kisti.re.kr)를 참조하기 바란다.

Micro and NanoMedicine n°13, December 2013

Antoine Kichler, Benoît Frisch, Laurent Riou, Philippe Lavalle & Philippe Legrand
Strategic Watch OMNT–Micro and Nanomedicine ; n° 13; December 2013 ; 1-11 ; ISSN en cours

Genetic parameters for longevity measures in Brazilian Holstein cattle using linear and threshold models

Elisandra Lurdes Kern, Jaime Araujo Cobuci, Cláudio Napolis Costa, José Braccini Neto, Gabriel Soares Campos & Concepta Margaret McManus
Archiv Tierzucht 57 (2014) 33, 1-12; ISSN 0003-9438

The unbearable lightness of user consent

Rikke Frank Joergensen, Internet Policy Review & Internet Policy Review
The article discusses challenges to privacy protection in social media platforms, focusing in particular on the principle of user consent. Based on a Danish study, the article argues that in relation to Facebook, user consent de facto served as the price for participating and for gaining access to a social infrastructure. The article opens with a brief introduction to privacy as a human right, followed by a discussion of some of the critique that has...

Plant community composition and vegetation height, Barrow, Alaska, Ver. 1

Victoria Sloan, Jonathan Brooks, Sarah Wood, Jennifer Liebig, Julia Siegrist, Colleen Iversen & Richard Norby
This dataset contains i) the results of field surveys of plant community composition and vegetation height made between 17th and 29th July 2012 in 48, 1 x 1 m plots located in areas A-D of Intensive Site 1 at the Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE) Arctic site near Barrow, Alaska and ii) results of a mapping exercise undertaken in August 2013 using two perpendicular transects across each polygon containing vegetation plots to determine the boundaries of...

Impacts of climate change on built structures (onshore and coastal)

Matthew P. Wadey, Heidi Roberts & John Harris
MCCIP Science Review 2013, 284-294

Weather Data 1994, Dedelow, Germany

Gernot Verch
The agrometeorological weather station Dedelow was installed in 1991 by the Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) e.V. and is managed by the research station of ZALF in Dedelow. The station is located within the municipality Dedelow, district Uckermark, state Brandenburg, Germany. Altitude in meter: 49 NN, Geographic latitude: 53,3665 N, Geographic longitude: 13,8030 E,Type: FMA 86. In 1994, data have been collected for: soil temperature in 5/20/50 cm depth (°C); global radiation (J/cm²); relative...

Einfluss pharmazeutischer Substanzen auf Coccomyxa sp. am Beispiel von Carbamazepin

Sandra Mareike Haase
DGG-Proceedings (German Society of Horticultural Sciences (DGG)), Vol.4, Iss. 8, pages 1-5

Water constituent retrieval and littoral bottom mapping using hyperspectral APEX imagery and submersed artificial surfaces

Sebastian Roessler, Patrick Wolf, Thomas Schneider, Stefan Zimmermann & Arnulf Melzer
The analysis of littoral bottom properties such as bathymetry and coverage (i.e. plant identification) often requires knowledge about the composition of relevant optically active water constituents like phytoplankton, suspended particulate matter and coloured dissolved organic matter, which influence the radiative transfer in water due to scattering and/or absorption. These inherent optical properties (IOPs) of the water column can be retrieved in optically deep water (i.e., with no reflectance contribution of the bottom) by using physically...


Laura Riihimaki, Sally McFarlane & Chitra Sivaraman
ARM Instrument: ndrop

Freie Lizenzen und Nachnutzung

Marco Tullney & Janna Neumann


Mike Matton, Luk Overmeire, Heinrich Fink, Werner Bailer, Chris Pike, Dave Marston, Reinhard Grandl, Juergen Schmid & Philippe Bekaert

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