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Planned construction of holiday cottages

Archaeology Department Östergötland County Museum
Informationen i sammanfattning är hämtad ur rapporten för undersökningen: Östergötlands länsmuseum utförde 2002-03-19 en arkeologisk utredning etapp 1 vid Marmorbrottet, Krokeks socken, Norrköpings kommun. Utredningen föranleddes av planerad bebyggelse med campingstugor. Inför utredningen var inga fornlämningar kända inom området. Utredningen uppvisade inte några nya fornlämningar eller presumtiva lägen för dold fornlämning.

CCDC 835281: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Akalesh Kumar Verma, Surya Bali Prasad, Ramesh Kumar Kaliyappan & Jashodeb Arjun
Related Article: Akalesh Kumar Verma, Surya Bali Prasad, Ramesh Kumar Kaliyappan and Jashodeb Arjun|2013|Int.J.Bioassays|2|527|

Holotype skulls, stratigraphy, bone taphonomy and excavation history in the Zoolithen Cave and new theory about Esper’s “great deluge”

Cajus Diedrich
The Zoolithen Cave, in the Wiesent River Valley of Upper Franconia, Bavaria, South Germany, has a very long excavation history. The site is of international paleobiological importance as the Type site for five Pleistocene top predators (cave bear, Ice Age hyena, lion, wolf, dhole). This large cave system has developed in three elevations and preserves three fluvial sedimentary sequences including two speleothem genesis phases representing changing ponor, dry and wet stages from the Oligocene/Miocene (Neogene),...

Seismic vulnerability of traditional buildings: the effect of roof-masonry walls interaction

Maria Parisi & Claudio Chesi
A frontier in earthquake engineering remains between engineered, modern code designed buildings and the stock of older traditional buildings to be protected by acting on their different critical features. In the Southern European building tradition, timber structures have been systematically adopted for floor and roof systems. In many cases, such structures, sometimes built centuries ago, have not undergone decay and can still successfully sustain the design loads. In the traditional design approach, however, resistance was...

Virginia Avenue Bridge Hits

Robert Connor, Jason Lloyd, Teresa Washeleski, Teresa Morris & Nathan Riggs
The Virginia Avenue Bridge over I-65/I-70 in Indianapolis had been struck by many oversize trucks. In fall 2012, INDOT and Purdue University installed a camera to monitor the strikes.


Ivan Sorin
Cartea lui Sorin Ivan este scrisa cu responsabilitatea criticului tanar, cu pathos dar fara patima, cu dorinta adevarului plan, cu o implicare sufleteasca ce cauta si gaseste adesea litera de foc a constiintei. Autorul traieste dilema Ion Caraion pentru ca pleaca în acest complex de la opera, a carei frumusete o descopera mai întai si o propune istoriei literare ca bun castigat ce poate trai si fara lestul vietii.

Twoja śmierć. Próba eksplikacji doświadczenia śmierci

Ireneusz Ziemiński
Artykuł przedstawia doświadczenie śmierci z perspektywy drugiej osoby (Twoja śmierć) w kontekście problemów związanych ze znaną tezą Epikura – dopóki istniejemy, nie ma śmierci, odkąd jest śmierć, my już nie istniejemy. Problemu epistemologicznego – możli-wość doświadczenia śmierci – nie da się rozwiązać ani z perspektywy pierwszej osoby (umie-rający nie może swej śmierci doświadczyć), ani z perspektywy trzeciej osoby (fakt jego/jej śmierci jest zdarzeniem w świecie, które nie ma dla mnie znaczenia), lecz wyłącznie z per-spektywy...

Berechnung von Seegangsszenarien für die Nordsee

N. Groll ; R. Weisse ; A. Behrens ; H. Günther ; J. Möller
KLIWAS-Schriftenreihe / BfG – KLIWAS-64/2014

Referenz-Betriebs-System 20 (Umfrage 2/2002): Fragen zur Zwischenprüfung (GWA)

Bundesinstitut Für Berufsbildung (BIBB)

Micro Nanosystems for Biology n°48, March 2012

Rosaria Ferrigno, Vincent Raimbault, Jean Berthier, Yoann Roupioz, Pascal Silberzan & Pierre Temple-Boyer
Strategic Watch OMNT–Micro Nanosystems for biology; n°48; March 2012; 1-11;

Full Body CT Image Set and Each 3-Dimensional Bone Model of Korean Male Cadaver m-054

Dai-Soon Kwak, 곽대순, 가톨릭대학교 의과대학 응용해부연구소, 2003
2003년도 제2차 지식정보자원관리사업 과학기술 사실정보 DB 구축

Three Novel Mutations in Iranian Patients with Tay-Sachs Disease

Solmaz Jamali, Nasim Eskandari, Omid Aryani, Shadab Salehpour, Talieh Zaman, Behnam Kamalidehghan & Massoud Houshmand
Iranian Biomedical Journal (IBJ); ISSN 1028-852X

Weather Data 2010, Dedelow, Germany

Gernot Verch
The agrometeorological weather station Dedelow was installed in 1991 by the Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) e.V. and is managed by the research station of ZALF in Dedelow. The station is located within the municipality Dedelow, district Uckermark, state Brandenburg, Germany. Altitude in meter: 49 NN, Geographic latitude: 53,3665 N, Geographic longitude: 13,8030 E,Type: FMA 86. In 2010, data have been collected for: soil temperature in 5/20/50cm depth (°C); global radiation (J/cm²); relative humidity...

RGBI images with UAV and off-the-shelf compact cameras: an investigation of linear sensor characteristics

Ralf Gehrke & Ansgar Greiwe
UAVs are able to close the gap between ground-based (total station, Global Navigation Satellite System - GNSS) and airborne data acquisition. Usually, cameras in the visible range of light are used for this purpose. Until now, only a few sensors have been commercially available for the capturing of non-visible wavelengths, e.g., of the near infrared for vegetation analysis. Almost all common camera sensors can be used and be modified through small interventions for the near...

What drives academic data sharing?

Benedikt Fecher, Sascha Friesike & Marcel Hebing

Biodiversity Institute of Ontario (BIOUG) from University of Guelph

Jeremy DeWaard
The Biodiversity Institute of Ontario (BIO) is a biotechnology organization dedicated to the use of DNA barcoding for both the identification and discovery of species. Based at the University of Guelph, BIO coordinates the International Barcode of Life Project, the largest research program ever undertaken in biodiversity genomics. BIO plays a special role in leading Canadian contributions to this initiative, with emphasis on the development of efficient collection and preservation methods, high-throughput laboratory protocols, and...

CCDC 833103: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

J. Ferrando-Soria, J. Pasan, C. Ruiz-Perez, Y. Journaux, M. Julve, F. Lloret, J. Cano & E. Pardo
Related Article: J.Ferrando-Soria, J.Pasan, C.Ruiz-Perez, Y.Journaux, M.Julve, F.Lloret, J.Cano, E.Pardo|2011|Inorg.Chem.|50|8694|doi:10.1021/ic201437u

CCDC 789583: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Sihai Yang, Xiang Lin, W. Lewis, M. Suyetin, E. Bichoutskaia, J.E. Parker, C.C. Tang, D.R. Allan, P.J. Rizkallah, P. Hubberstey, N.R. Champness, K.M. Thomas, A.J. Blake & M. Schroder
Related Article: Sihai Yang, Xiang Lin, W.Lewis, M.Suyetin, E.Bichoutskaia, J.E.Parker, C.C.Tang, D.R.Allan, P.J.Rizkallah, P.Hubberstey, N.R.Champness, K.M.Thomas, A.J.Blake, M.Schroder|2012|Nat.Mater|11|710|doi:10.1038/nmat3343

CCDC 831844: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

A. Bentama, O. Schott, J. Ferrando-Soria, S.-E. Stiriba, J. Pasan, C. Ruiz-Perez & M. Julve
Related Article: A.Bentama, O.Schott, J.Ferrando-Soria, S.-E.Stiriba, J.Pasan, C.Ruiz-Perez, M.Julve|2012|Inorg.Chim.Acta|389|52|doi:10.1016/j.ica.2011.10.069

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