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Consumer Expenditure Survey, 1993: Diary Survey

United States Department Of Labor. Bureau Of Labor Statistics
The ongoing Consumer Expenditure Survey (CES) provides a continuous flow of information on the buying habits of American consumers and also furnishes data to support periodic revisions of the Consumer Price Index. The survey consists of two separate components: (1) a quarterly Interview Survey in which each consumer unit in the sample is interviewed every three months over a 15-month period, and (2) a Diary Survey completed by the sample consumer units for two consecutive...

CCDC 990242: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Jin-Xiang Chen, Ming Chen, Ni-Ni Ding, Wen-Hua Chen, Wen-Hua Zhang, T. S. Andy Hor & David J. Young
Related Article: Jin-Xiang Chen, Ming Chen, Ni-Ni Ding, Wen-Hua Chen, Wen-Hua Zhang, T. S. Andy Hor, and David J. Young|2014|Inorg.Chem.|53|7446|doi:10.1021/ic500789w

Dye doped, core / shell silica nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization, & biotechnological applications

Juris, Riccardo <1980>
The aim of this thesis was to design, synthesize and develop a nanoparticle based system to be used as a chemosensor or as a label in bioanalytical applications. A versatile fluorescent functionalizable nanoarchitecture has been effectively produced based on the hydrolysis and condensation of TEOS in direct micelles of Pluronic® F 127, obtaining highly monodisperse silica - core / PEG - shell nanoparticles with a diameter of about 20 nm. Surface functionalized nanoparticles have been obtained in a one-pot procedure by chemical...

BioEconomy Regional Strategy Toolkit - The BERST Project

R. Guisson & M. Van Leeuwen
The implementation of the European bioeconomy occurs under the impulse of entrepreneurs (ranging from carbon­based industries to farmers and foresters) and political authorities, assisted by knowledge workers (R&D). The drivers are (1) the search for alternative resources for fossil fuels, (2) the response to climate warming by becoming as CO2 neutral as possible and (3) the industrial demand for new functionalities offered by biobased materials and chemicals. Regions can be encouraged to apply new development...

Verso una soluzione neo-formalista al problema della definizione dell’arte

Filippo Focosi
The problem of defining art has occupied analytical aesthetics for more than 50 years. A lot of solutions have been proposed, but none of them seems to be definitive. So, skepticism abounds, despite the great amount and variety of proposals. But less attention has been paid to recent attempts who seek the solution in linking art to traditional concepts such as aes-thetic experience, beauty, pleasure, and form, properly revised. In this paper I analyze this...

National Accounts (Data downloaded 09 May 2014)

Organisation For Economic Development And Cooperation

Ludzkie zwłoki jako obiekt badawczy: dowolność działań czy normowanie?

Piotr Morciniec
Problematyka artykułu wyraźnie odbiega od większości zagadnień poruszonych w niniejszym tomie, bowiem w punkcie, w którym eksperymenty z udziałem żywych probantów zostają zakończone, rozpoczyna się obszar badawczy określany jako badania na zwłokach. W potocznym odbiorze temat działań na zwłokach wydaje się marginalny, ale warto się z nim naukowo zmierzyć, bo – jak mówiono już w starożytności – stosunek do ciał zmarłych charakteryzuje wrażliwość społeczeństwa względem żywych. Wydawać by się mogło, że „zwłokom nie można zaszkodzić”....

2001 Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI)

World Economic Forum-WEF-Global Leaders For Tomorrow Environment Task Force; Yale Center For Environmental Law And Policy-YCELP-Yale University; Center For International Earth Science Information Network-CIESIN-Columbia University
The 2001 Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) utilizes a refined methodology based on the 2000 Pilot ESI effort, to construct an index covering 122 countries that measures the overall progress towards environmental sustainability. The index is a composite measure of the current status of a nation's environmental systems, pressures on those systems, human vulnerability to environmental change, national capacity to respond, and contributions to global environmental stewardship. The refinements included the addition and deletion of indicators,...

Full Body CT Image Set and Each 3-Dimensional Bone Model of Korean Female Cadaver f-050

Dai-Soon Kwak, 곽대순, 가톨릭대학교 의과대학 응용해부연구소, 2003
의료 영상;CT 영상;여성;전신;3차원 뼈대 모델;3D 골격 모델;

Electrofishing for Razor Clams (Ensis siliqua and E. arquatus): Effects on Survival and Recovery of Target and Non-Target Species

Murray Fiona
Trawling and tank based trials were conducted to assess whether electrofishing (which is currently prohibited under EU regulations) for razor clams Ensis siliqua and E. arquatus affects survival and behaviour patterns in Ensis spp. and non-target species. Boat trials in a number of areas identified that the main non-target species most likely to be affected by this fishery are starfish species, crab species (predominantly hermit crabs), flatfish and sandeels. No mortalities were recorded as a...

Micro and NanoMedicine n°09, December 2012

Florence Gazeau, Philippe Legrand, Clément Nizak & Benoît Frisch
Strategic Watch OMNT–Micro and Nanomedicine ; n° 09; December 2012; 1-11 ; ISSN en cours

Online privacy concerns and legal assurance: A user perspective

Hanna Krasnova, Paula Kift, Internet Policy Review & Internet Policy Review
With the emergence of the internet vast amounts of information became available to a broad and growing interconnected public. While the ever increasing access to knowledge is certainly a laudable achievement of the World Wide Web, the unprecedented amount of data exchange, sharing and storage also brought about a whole new set of legal challenges, particularly with regards to data protection. Based on an online survey with 553 students and staff at a major German...

Impacts of climate change on storms and waves

David Woolf & Judith Wolf
MCCIP Science Review 2013, 20-26

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