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Phenomenology, Methodology, and Advancing the Debate

Rick Grush
The following topics are briefly discussed: First, the different senses of what counts as phenomenal, and in particular how this might influence how our results are described; second, the methodological limitations of our original study; and finally, some ways that the commentary by Mroczko-Wąsowicz charts out potential theoretical advancement of the results we presented in our study.

Process management orientation in the finance area of small and medium-sized enterprises

Okreglicka Małgorzata & Lemanska-Majdzik Anna

Neolithische Grabenwerke in Mitteleuropa. Ein Überblick

Michael Meyer & Dirk Raetzel-Fabian
The authors present an overview of Central European enclosures. The joint article combines two originally separate manuscripts, which will be printed in the publication “Atlas of the Central European Neolithic (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)”. The manuscript was submitted in 2001.

Where Peasants Are Kings: Food Sovereignty in the Tagbanua Traditional Subsistence System

Sophia Maria Mable Cuevas, Juan Emmanuel Capiral Fernandez & Imelda De Guzman Olvida
Food sovereignty is predicated upon the rights of communities to determine culturally meaningful methods of agricultural cultivation in order to ensure the security of their diets and their lifeworld. The article provides an ethnographic study of two Tagbanua indigenous communities in the province of Palawan, Philippines, and analyzes the relation between swidden agriculture and food sovereignty. Traditional swidden farming is an integrative system that defines social relationships, structures a spiritual belief system, and builds a...

Grain Packing

Mohammad Saadatfar
Partially crystallized packings of frictional, equal-sized spheres. A batch of approximately 200,000 beads is poured into a cylindrical container forming an initial packing in a random configuration with a volume fraction ranging from 57% to 63%. The packing is then shaken intensely for few seconds, to the point of fluidization, where a fast compaction is observed. The resulting global packing density reaches 70.5%.

Visual Adaptation to a Remapped Spectrum

Rick Grush, Liberty Jaswal, Justin Knoepfler & Amanda Brovold
Many forms of visual adaptation have been studied, including spatial displacements (Heuer & Hegele 2008), spatial inversions and rotations (Heuer & Rapp 2011), removing or enhancing various colors in the visual spectrum (Belmore & Shevell 2011; Kohler 1963), and even luminance inversion (Anstis 1992). But there have been no studies that have assessed adaptation to an inverted spectrum, or more generally color rotation. We present the results of an adaptation protocol on two subjects who...

MIT-BIH Polysomnographic Database

Yuhei Ichimaru & George B Moody
The MIT-BIH Polysomnographic Database is a collection of recordings of multiple physiologic signals during sleep. Subjects were monitored in Boston's Beth Israel Hospital Sleep Laboratory for evaluation of chronic obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, and to test the effects of constant positive airway pressure (CPAP), a standard therapeutic intervention that usually prevents or substantially reduces airway obstruction in these subjects.

Competitiveness of the car traders in Hungary after the economic crisis

Horányi Beatrix & Markó Olga

Vienna, Berlin, Warsaw. Comparison of spatial urban development patterns using remote sensing data and landscape metrics.

Leopold Lesko, Michael Wurm, Michael Wiesner, Jan-Peter Mund & Hannes Taubenbock
The most obvious effect of urbanization is the spatial expansion and morphological change of cities. There are many individual factors influencing the physical urban growth, however it can be observed, that almost every capital city in Europe increases spatially over time. In this study we aim to find similarities and differences in spatial growth dynamics, dimensions and patterns of selected European capital cities. Therefore we focus on three cities, namely Berlin (Germany), Vienna (Austria), and...

Grasslands in the border area of Carpathian and Pannonian regions: an example from Muránska planina Mts (Central Slovakia)

Judita Kochjarová, Iveta Škodová & Drahoš Blanár
Muránska planina Mts, a small karstic area situated in the southern part of the Western Carpathians in Central Slovakia was chosen as a model region for the study of the variability and diversity patterns of thermophilous and mountain non-forest vegetation on the crossing of the Carpathian and Pannonian bioregions. Altogether, 113 new relevés were sampled using standard methods of the Zürich-Montpellier approach and compared with previously published data. The dataset containing both new and published...

Finding Respondents in the Forest: A Comparison of Logistic Regression and Random Forest Models for Response Propensity Weighting and Stratification

Stanislav Kolenikov & Trent D. Buskirk

Tissue Properties Database V2.3

IT'IS Foundation

Beszélgetés egy könyv kapcsán

Czeglédi Csaba & Pléh Csaba

Etnikai sztereotípiák és jóléti preferenciák

Janky Béla

Saint Edward's University: A Centennial History

C.S.C William Dunn & Megan Blair
Digitized copy of "Saint Edward's University: A Centennial History" by William Dunn, C.S.C. PDF has OCR recognition.

Uncertified and Teaching: Industry Professionals in Career and Technical Education Classrooms

Geralyn E. Stephens
Industry professionals are permitted to teach in Michigan's federally funded Career and Technical Education (CTE) secondary programs, before completing a teacher certification program, under the Annual Occupational Authorization (AOA) provision. This study reviews their academic foundations, professional credentials and their pedagogical knowledge and skill levels. Findings include that most AOA teachers possess post-secondary academic credentials and extensive service records in their previous industry careers. The study identified relationships between the age and educational backgrounds of...

Bürgerrecht vs. Urheberrecht. Der öffentliche Interessenskonflikt um ACTA und seine Darstellung in der deutschen Medienberichterstattung

Katrin Tonndorf
Über die Neugestaltung des Urheberrechts im Zeitalter digitaler Medien wird bereits seit Ende der 1990er-Jahre gestritten. Den bisherigen Höhepunkt dieses Konflikts stellt das Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) dar, das 2012 zu Massenprotesten und einer umfangreichen Mediendebatte führte. Im Rahmen des vorliegenden Beitrags wurde untersucht, welchen Einfluss die verschiedenen Interessengruppen auf die Darstellung des Themas in der Medienberichterstattung hatten. Hierfür wurden die verwendeten Attribute auf den Webseiten von ACTA-Gegnern und -Befürwortern qualitativ erhoben. In einem zweiten...


Axel Börsch-Supan, Christian Hunkler, Stefan Gruber, Agnes Orban, Stephanie Stuck, Jana Neumann & Martina Brandt

Diskurs als Spiel mit Fakt und Fiktion. Erzählen in Mahabharata von Marjolijn van Heemstra

Lucas Herrmann
Diskurs, Indien, Inszenierung, Fiktion, Erzählung

Structural basis for the inhibition of the essential Plasmodium falciparum M1 neutral aminopeptidase

Ashley Buckle, Chris Porter, James Whisstock & Sheena McGowan

Talentmanagement für die Zukunft

H. Schinnenburg & A. Fiehn

X-Ray Diffraction data from Human thrombin complexed with D-Phe-Pro-D-Arg-D-Thr, source of 3U8O structure

Pedro JB. Pereira
Native dataset, low resolution pass

Public's willingness to be referred to a veterinarian by their GP if they have a zoonotic disease

R. Speare, D. Mendez & J. Judd

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