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Wellington 2013 – «There’s no place like home»: The Anxiety of Mobility in the Works of Louise DeSalvo

Bernadette Luciano
The often conflicting emotions associated with home and the tension between mobility and fixity are at the heart of autobiographical works that map Italian American writer Louise DeSalvo’s transition from working class girl to privileged «intellectual nomad» (Bruno 2002, 404). The essay is framed around the theorizing of home as a geographical space and idea and its relationship to widespread and diverse forms of mobility. Migration, exile, transnationalism, tourism, and relocation create a mobile space...

Fluctuations of Glaciers Database

World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS)
Internationally collected, standardized dataset on changes in glaciers (length, area, volume, mass), based on in-situ and remotely sensed observations, as well as on reconstructions.


WOUDC Ozone Monitoring Community, World Meteorological Organization-Global Atmosphere Watch Program (WMO-GAW) & World Ozone And Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre (WOUDC)

Empfehlungen zur Psychotherapie und Beratung mit lesbischen, schwulen und bisexuellen Klient_innen

Gisela Wolf, Matthias Fünfgeld, René Oehler & Susanne Andrae
Die Beratung und psychotherapeutische Behandlung lesbischer, schwuler und bisexueller Klient_innen basierte in Deutschland lange auf pathologisierenden und abwertenden Konzeptionen homo- und bisexueller Lebensweisen. Nach der Entpathologisierung in den diagnostischen Manualen ICD und DSM entwickelte sich eine Diskrepanz zwischen einer zunehmenden Fülle von affirmativen und die Diversität dieser Bevölkerungsgruppe herausarbeitenden Forschungsarbeiten einerseits und der unzureichenden Integration des Fachwissens in die psychotherapeutische und beratende Praxis andererseits. Unterdessen wird die Bedeutung eines Verständnisses der Kontextbedingungen, unter denen lesbische,...

Biomes of Australian Soil Environments (BASE) soil microbial diversity project.

Bioplatforms Australia
The sequencing and analysed OTU table data of the BASE project is now deposited in the BASE dataportal

1st. National Census of Psychology -Uruguay 2014-

Jorge Suárez & Facultad De Psicología De La Universidad De La República
The dataset contains the Professional Psychologist answers realized to the questionnaire applied in the census. The questionnaire was semi-structured with 35 questions divided in three dimensions: Sociodemographic data, Education data and Labour Market data. In the data set will find 7543 cases and 63 variables.

"We are still alive. Wir wurden verletzt, doch wir sind mutig und stark." Eine Studie zu Langzeitfolgen von Kriegsvergewaltigungen und zu Bewältigungsstrategien von Überlebenden in Bosnien und Herzegowina

Medica Zenica & Medica Mondiale E.V.
Der Beitrag ist die Zusammenfassung einer umfangreichen Untersuchung, die in enger Kooperation von Medica Zenica und medica mondiale e.V. durchgeführt wurde. Gegenstand sind die Langzeitfolgen von Kriegsvergewaltigung und die Copingstrategien Überlebender in Bosnien-Herzegowina: Wie geht es den Frauen, die Kriegsvergewaltigung überlebt haben, 20 Jahre nach dem Krieg in Bosnien-Herzegowina (1992-1995), und wie haben sie überlebt? Es wurden quantitative und qualitative Verfahren eingesetzt.

Materials Data on Sr2SnO4 (SG:139) by Materials Project

Kristin Persson
Computed materials data using density functional theory calculations. These calculations determine the electronic structure of bulk materials by solving approximations to the Schrodinger equation. For more information, see https://materialsproject.org/docs/calculations

The impact of CD45 on dendritic cell activation and tolerogenic response

Guilaine Boyce
Dendritic cells (DCs) are potent antigen presenting cells that orchestrate the immune system to mediate either a pro- or anti-inflammatory response, by provision of critical instructive signals to T cells. The leukocyte-specific tyrosine phosphatase CD45 can influence the immune response by its ability to act as either a positive or negative regulator of DC pro-inflammatory cytokine production. This dissertation explores the effect of CD45 in mediating a tolerogenic response in DCs. The lack of CD45...


Urmas Kõljalg, Kessy Abarenkov, R. Henrik Nilsson, Karl-Henrik Larsson, Anders Bjørnsgard Aas, Rachel Adams, Artur Alves, Joseph F. Ammirati, A. Elizabeth Arnold, Mohammad Bahram, Johan Bengtsson-Palme, Anna Berlin, Synnøve Botnen, Sarah Bourlat, Tanya Cheeke, Bálint Dima, Rein Drenkhan, Camila Duarte, Margarita Dueñas, Ursula Eberhardt, Hanna Friberg, Tobias G. Frøslev, Sigisfredo Garnica, József Geml, Masoomeh Ghobad-Nejhad … & Christian Wurzbacher
UNITE provides a unified way for delimiting, identifying, communicating, and working with DNA-based Species Hypotheses (SH). All fungal ITS sequences in the international nucleotide sequence databases are clustered to approximately the species level by applying a set of dynamic distance values (<0.5 - 3.0%). All species hypotheses are given a unique, stable name in the form of a DOI, and their taxonomic and ecological annotations are verified through distributed, web-based third-party annotation efforts. SHs are...

GSWA South Pilbara Elevation Line Data

Geological Survey Of WA
Digital Elevation Model data record the terrain height variations from the processed point-located data recorded on an airborne geophysical survey.� The aircraft altimeter data records the height of the aircraft above the ground and the aircraft GPS records the height of the aircraft above the ellipsoid.� Subtracting the two values enables the height of the terrain beneath the aircraft relative to the ellipsoid to be calculated.� This ellipsoidal terrain height is corrected for the variation...

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