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Methods and Tools for Engineering Self-Organizing Software Systems

Ante Vilenica & Jan Sudeikat
Contribution with new title page.


Professor Richard Jones, Dr Steven Parnell, Dr Roger Pynn, Dr Andrew Parnell, Mr Yohei Kamata, Mr Masaharu Ibaragi & Dr Adam Washington

De internationale uitstraling van het Vitruvianisme: Erik Forssman en de maniëristische architectuur als betekenisdrager

Ronald Stenvert
During the Renaissance, the printed image was an important medium in the circulation of architectural forms throughout Europe. In this process, these disseminated forms gradually changed into ‘local dialects’. Modern research on these forms evolved from a purely stylistic approach to an increased focus on architects and patrons (actors) and, more recently, on art geography. Over time, less attention has been paid to the actual buildings themselves and their meaning. This article focuses on the...

National Mine Map Repository

The National Mine Map Repository (NMMR) collects, maintains, and provides U.S. coal and non-coal mine maps to individuals, public and private sectors. NMMR mine maps and data are searchable and indexed by state, county, company name, and mine name. Accessing NMMR mine maps and data requires contacting NMMR. NMMR has a diverse customer population and has provided data to efforts supporting industrial and commercial development, highway construction, and the preservation of public health, safety and...

eHistology Kaufman Atlas Plate 28c image d

Elizabeth Graham, Julie Moss, Nick Burton, Yogmatee Roochun, Chris Armit, Lorna Richardson & Richard Baldock
The eMouseAtlas team have re-digitised the original histological sections used for the "Atlas of Mouse Development" by Matt Kaufman. The resource is published available on the Web at http://www.emouseatlas.org/emap/eHistology/ and the publication at https://doi.org/10.1242/dev.124917. This is the dataset for Plate 28c image d.

Popular movement archive 1881-1950: Methodist Church

Sven Lundkvist & Carl-Göran Andrae
The material consists of membership data on municipality level from labour unions belonging to the Swedish Trade union Confederation (LO), temperance lodges and free churches between 1881 and 1950. The material is divided into 25 datafiles, one for every county (län) in Sweden. It gives the number of members for every year the unit has been in existence.

Verbrennung von Rapsextraktionsschrot in einer kleinen, stationären Wirbelschichtfeuerung

Ding Tung Nguyen & Dieter Steinbrecht
Die Schwerpunkte dieses Artikels sind die experimentelle Untersuchung zur Verbrennung von Rapsextraktionsschrot in einer kleinen stationären Wirbelschichtfeuerung (SWSF), die Messung der Abgasemissionen (z. B. O2, CO, CO2, NO, NOx, SO2) sowie die Untersuchung des Einflusses der Wärmeauskopplung mithilfe einer Wärmeübertragerfläche in der SWSF mit dem Ziel der Entstickung durch eine Absenkung der Sauerstoffkonzentration im Rauchgas. Die experimentellen Ergebnisse zeigen, dass die „reduzierte“ NOx-Konzentration im Abgas im Betriebspunkt 4 niedriger war als der zulässige Grenzwert der...

Weak-Interaction Theory of Ocean Waves

Klaus Hasselmann
Weak-Interaction Theory of Ocean Waves

Smart technology for healthy longevity

W.J. McG. Tegart
Ageing-in-place supported by smart technologies offers the potential for substantial savings in residential aged care and in reduced admissions to hospitals, according to this report released in July 2010.

United Kingdom Butterfly Monitoring Scheme: species trends 2014

M. Botham, D. Roy, T. Brereton, I. Middlebrook & Z. Randle
This dataset provides linear trends, over varying time periods, for the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (UKBMS) Collated Indices of individual butterfly species across the UK. The main statistical values derived from a linear regression (slope, standard error, P-value) are presented for the entire time series for each species (1976 to 2014), for the last 20 years, and for the last decade. In addition a trend class, based on slope direction and its significance, and a...

Pourquoi, et comment, écrire dans la Revue Francophone de Recherche en Ergothérapie ?

Cynthia Engels & Martine Brousseau
Sans résumé.

Scientists’ situated knowledge: Strong objectivity in transdisciplinarity

Judith Rosendahl, Matheus A. Zanella, Stephan Rist & Jes Weigelt
Although transdisciplinary research has started addressing important epistemological challenges, as evidenced by the discussion about ‘mode 2’ knowledge production, its relation with postulations of ‘scientific objectivity’ is not yet well clarified. A common way of dealing with the epistemological challenge of situated knowledge production, as proposed by transdisciplinarity, is to point to the fundamental aspect of reflexivity. But reflexivity also includes being aware that power and control over the object is derived from the social...

Atlas interactif en ligne de la Région Autonome Ouïgoure du Xinjiang de Chine

Yalikun Tashi
Le projet Makan Map consiste dans le développement d'un atlas en ligne interactif de la Région Autonome Ouïgoure du Xinjiang de Chine. La région couvre une superficie trois fois supérieure à celle de la France et s'étend sur 1 664 897 km², soit 16% du territoire chinois. Ce nouvel outil cartographique en ligne permet de publier des données géographiques, administratives et socio-économiques de référence pour cette région du monde. Il est également le premier atlas...

Ein Semester in China: Wirtschaft, Werte und Warteschlangen

Bianca Schwarzenburg
Die Autorin berichtet über ihr Semester an der Zheijiang Gongshang University (ZJGSU), einer Partnerhochschule der TH Wildau in Hangzhou. Das Austauschprogramm begann im Sommersemester 2009. Rund 200 Deutsche und Chi-nesen haben bisher daran teilgenommen. Das Essay schildert Eindrücke aus Vorlesungen und Seminaren zu Wirtschaft und Kultur Chinas, beleuchtet kulturelle Unterschiede und reflektiert persönliche Erfahrungen von Februar bis Mai 2014.

Informational masking of monaural target speech by a single contralateral formant

Robert J Summers & Brian Roberts
These datasets comprise listeners’ transcriptions of sentence-length speech stimuli for Experiments 1 and 2 of the article of the same title (Roberts and Summers, 2015). Each spreadsheet comprises a summary worksheet and the raw data for each listener. The summary worksheet contains aggregated scores (keywords correct by tight scoring, see below) for each listener in each condition, with relevant demographic information. Subsequent worksheets comprise the raw data for each listener and stimulus. The raw data...

Our Society 2012 - Febraury

Sociologický ústav (Akademie Věd ČR). Centrum Pro Výzkum Veřejného Mínění
Research made by the Public opinion research center team as a mothly part of the "Our Society 2012" project researching the views and opinions of Czech citizens. Data collection was done by the Public opinion research center interviewers network.

CRAWDAD dataset kth/walkers (v. 2014-05-05)

Sylvia Todorova Kouyoumdjieva, Ólafur Ragnar Helgason & Gunnar Karlsson
These traces are from simulation of walkers in a part of downtown Stockholm for which we vary several parameters. We also provide a trace from a subway station for which the parameters could not be modified. They were used to study mobility models for opportunistic communications.

Customers' Intention to Use Digital Services in Retail Banking - An Information Processing Perspective

Enrico Graupner, Fabian Melcher, Daniel Demers & Alexander Maedche
Service digitization increasingly impacts work and life. A frequent example is Internet banking. While customers act independently from time and space constraints, banks benefit from significantly lower transaction costs compared to branches. However, customers use online channels for distinct transactions and favor physical interactions with bank advisors for others. To understand the underlying drivers for the intention to use digital banking services, we derive a research model that is theoretically grounded in the Information Processing...

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