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A brief synopsis on the history of sponge research in the Upper Triassic St. Cassian Formation (Dolomites, NE Italy)

Francisco Sánchez-Beristain, Jan-Peter Duda, Laura López-Esquivel Kransksith & Pedro García-Barrera
Frank Wiese, Mike Reich and Gernot Arp (Eds.) “Spongy, slimy, cosy & more ; 39-48

Preservation of organic matter in sponge fossils: a case study of `round sponge fossils´ from the Cambrian Chengjiang Biota with Raman spectroscopy

Cui Luo, Nadine Schäfer, Jan-Peter Duda & Li-Xia Li
Frank Wiese, Mike Reich and Gernot Arp (Eds.) “Spongy, slimy, cosy & more ; 29-38

First evidence of Mastigophora (Cephalopoda: Coleoidea) from the early Callovian of La Voulte-sur-Rhône (France)

Dirk Fuchs
Frank Wiese, Mike Reich and Gernot Arp (Eds.) “Spongy, slimy, cosy & more ; 21-28

Different regeneration mechanisms in the rostra of aulacocerids (Coleoidea) and their phylogenetic implications

Dirk Fuchs & Helmut Keupp
Frank Wiese, Mike Reich and Gernot Arp (Eds.) “Spongy, slimy, cosy & more ; 13-20


Frank Wiese, Mike Reich & Gernot Arp
Frank Wiese, Mike Reich and Gernot Arp (Eds.) “Spongy, slimy, cosy & more ; 9-12

Entwicklung der VLSP-Empfehlungen zur Psychotherapie und Beratung mit lesbischen, schwulen und bisexuellen Klient_innen

Jochen Kramer
Zur psychotherapeutischen Behandlung und psychologischen Beratung von Lesben, Schwulen und Bisexuellen (LSB) liegen national und international mehrere Kataloge mit Behandlungsempfehlungen vor (American Psychological Association, 2000, 2012; Clark, 1987; Fiedler, 2004). Die jüngsten wurden in den letzten Jahren vom Verband von Lesben und Schwulen in der Psychologie (VLSP) e. V. entwickelt (Wolf, Fünfgeld, Oehler & Andrae, 2015a). In diesem Beitrag wird zunächst dargelegt, weshalb für LSB spezische Behandlungsempfehlungen erforderlich sind und warum eine Neuentwicklung als notwendig...

Tagging metadata and detection data for sockeye and steelhead smolts tagged with acoustic transmitters in the Strait of Georgia

Nathan B Furey
Acoustic telemetry has been used to examine individual-level movements of sockeye and steelhead salmon smolts in the Strait of Georgia. Tagging metadata, including information on fish population, size, and year of release, are given. In addition, detections in estuarine and marine arrays in the Strait of Georgia are included.

Biomes of Australian Soil Environments (BASE) soil microbial diversity project.

Bioplatforms Australia
The sequencing and analysed OTU table data of the BASE project is now deposited in the BASE dataportal

Aircraft Wake Vortex State-of-the-Art and Research Needs

Frank Holzäpfel, Andreas Reinke, Sebastian Kauertz, Jens Konopka, Tobias Bauer, Dietrich Fischenberg, Dominik Niedermeier, Carsten Schwarz, Dennis Vechtel, Christopher Wolkensinger, Peter Choroba, Elsa Freville, George Craig, Olivier Desenfans, Debbie Mitchel, Charles Morris, Matt Ross, Matthias Steiner, Lennaert Speijker, Peter Van Der Geest, Anthony Brown, Eric Coustols, Frederic Barbaresco, Jean-Francois Moneuse, Hervé Barny … & Grégoire Winckelmans
Report on aircraft wake vortex research.

1st. National Census of Psychology -Uruguay 2014-

Jorge Suárez & Facultad De Psicología De La Universidad De La República
The dataset contains the Professional Psychologist answers realized to the questionnaire applied in the census. The questionnaire was semi-structured with 35 questions divided in three dimensions: Sociodemographic data, Education data and Labour Market data. In the data set will find 7543 cases and 63 variables.

Guanxi-based Network Analysis Dataset of China's Central Committee

Jerome Sibayan
The Guanxi-based Network Analysis Dataset is a unique dataset created from the biographical information of the roughly 1,700 Central Committee members from 1922 to 2011. It also lists birth/death years, birth province, educational background, military experience, Party career assignments, government jobs, visits abroad, and any special remarks. Each Central Committee member’s education level, military generation, provincial origin, kinship, and patron‐client information was coded for each Central Committee‐year. Individual attributes were also collected for each Central...

Newry, Co. Down: St. Colman’s College: Archangel Michael

Harry Clarke Stained Glass Ltd. (Irish Stained Glass Firm,1930-1973) & King, Richard, 1907-1974
Colour scheme for window of the Archangel Michael carrying shield and staff, weighing scales and dragon depicted at base, for St. Colman’s College in Newry. Signatures/ Inscriptions: Bottom right hand side, in faded pencil: ‘Clarke Dublin.’ Materials: Pencil and gouache on buff coloured tracing paper, mounted on board with cream coloured facing paper, passe partout one aperture. Measurements: Design: 20.7 x 6.2 cm; mount board: 55.7 x 19.8 cm.


Urmas Kõljalg, Kessy Abarenkov, R. Henrik Nilsson, Karl-Henrik Larsson, Anders Bjørnsgard Aas, Rachel Adams, Artur Alves, Joseph F. Ammirati, A. Elizabeth Arnold, Mohammad Bahram, Johan Bengtsson-Palme, Anna Berlin, Synnøve Botnen, Sarah Bourlat, Tanya Cheeke, Bálint Dima, Rein Drenkhan, Camila Duarte, Margarita Dueñas, Ursula Eberhardt, Hanna Friberg, Tobias G. Frøslev, Sigisfredo Garnica, József Geml, Masoomeh Ghobad-Nejhad … & Christian Wurzbacher
UNITE provides a unified way for delimiting, identifying, communicating, and working with DNA-based Species Hypotheses (SH). All fungal ITS sequences in the international nucleotide sequence databases are clustered to approximately the species level by applying a set of dynamic distance values (<0.5 - 3.0%). All species hypotheses are given a unique, stable name in the form of a DOI, and their taxonomic and ecological annotations are verified through distributed, web-based third-party annotation efforts. SHs are...

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