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Een archeologisch inventariserend veldonderzoek door middel van grondboringen ten zuiden van de Kontermansbrug, gemeente Weststellingwerf (Fr.)

Archaeological Research En Consultancy, H. Buitenhuis & Drs M.C. Blom
Het beekdal met de aanliggende zandruggen en -koppen kunnen in het verleden een aantrekkelijke vestigingsplaats zijn geweest. Er zijn geen aanwijzingen gevonden van enigerlei archeologische resten in of op het veen. Daarentegen is gesteld dat indien de top van het pleistocene zand intact zou zijn, hier potentieel prehistorische (vuursteen)vindplaatsen konden worden aangetroffen. Het veldonderzoek heeft echter aangetoond dat de top van het zand niet meer intact is. Daar waar het zand aan het oppervlak werd...

Schon gepostet? Ende der zweiten Etappe im KIT Leitbildprozess - Beitrag bei Radio KIT am 18.07.2013

Olivia Schutz
Schon gepostet? Ende der zweiten Etappe im KIT Leitbildprozess Das Sommersemester hat die Ziellinie erreicht, und damit ist auch Etappenende für den partizipativen KIT Leitbildprozess. Bis Ende der Woche ist noch Gelegenheit originelle Ideen zum neuen KIT Leitbild loszuwerden. Radio KIT befragt Studierende, ob sie schon gepostet und wo sie Stärken und Schwächen des KIT verortet haben.


Urmas Kõljalg, Kessy Abarenkov, R. Henrik Nilsson, Karl-Henrik Larsson, Anders Bjørnsgard Aas, Rachel Adams, Artur Alves, Joseph F. Ammirati, A. Elizabeth Arnold, Mohammad Bahram, Johan Bengtsson-Palme, Anna Berlin, Synnøve Botnen, Sarah Bourlat, Tanya Cheeke, Bálint Dima, Rein Drenkhan, Camila Duarte, Margarita Dueñas, Ursula Eberhardt, Hanna Friberg, Tobias G. Frøslev, Sigisfredo Garnica, József Geml, Masoomeh Ghobad-Nejhad … & Christian Wurzbacher
UNITE provides a unified way for delimiting, identifying, communicating, and working with DNA-based Species Hypotheses (SH). All fungal ITS sequences in the international nucleotide sequence databases are clustered to approximately the species level by applying a set of dynamic distance values (<0.5 - 3.0%). All species hypotheses are given a unique, stable name in the form of a DOI, and their taxonomic and ecological annotations are verified through distributed, web-based third-party annotation efforts. SHs are...

GSWA Trayning magnetic line data

Geological Survey Of WA
Total magnetic intensity data measures variations in the intensity of the Earth�s magnetic filed caused by the contrasting content of rock-forming minerals in the Earth�s crust. The data are collected on airborne geophysical surveys conducted by Commonwealth, State & NT Governments and the private sector.

seating design drawings

Kilkenny Design Workshops
Original KDW record number: No KDW record sheet: None Description: colour negatives of seating design drawings, 2 seater and 1 seater wicker base seating.

GEORSTOM III SUD cruise,Le Noroit R/V


Test data for uniaxial creep on material NIMONIC 90 at 850 Celsius and a stress of 100 MPa (repeat test)

GM McColvin & Henry Wiggin
Data created at Henry Wiggin (now Special Metals Wiggin) in the context of a COST 50 project to investigate the high cycle fatigue behaviour of nickel base alloys, during which high cycle fatigue, creep, and tensile tests were performed.

Phonetic reduction of adverbs in Icelandic : on the role of frequency and other factors

Schäfer & Michael
This book represents a contribution to the study of phonetic reduction. It presents the first quantitative investigation of acoustic-phonetic reduction in Icelandic and deals with the reduction patterns of a class of Icelandic adverbs ending in the suffix –lega. Three questions are asked: Which factors influence the reduction patterns of these adverbs? How do the factors compare to those found for other languages? Which conclusions can be drawn from adverb reduction about the possible mental...

Domed oblong brooches of Vendel Period Scandinavia - images

Martin Rundkvist
The study's aim was to investigate oblong brooches of Vendel Period Scandinavia, i.e. Ørsnes types N & O and similar brooches, including transitional types surviving into the Early Viking Period. A database of 593 brooches from all of Scandinavia was studied and interpreted by typology, chronology, function, social significance, technological characteristics, production sites, interregional variation and ideological connotations. Unique brooches are described and discussed. Brooches from Uppåkra are also described and discussed, against the background...

eHistology Kaufman Atlas Plate 28d image e

Elizabeth Graham, Julie Moss, Nick Burton, Yogmatee Roochun, Chris Armit, Lorna Richardson & Richard Baldock
The eMouseAtlas team have re-digitised the original histological sections used for the "Atlas of Mouse Development" by Matt Kaufman. The resource is published available on the Web at http://www.emouseatlas.org/emap/eHistology/ and the publication at https://doi.org/10.1242/dev.124917. This is the dataset for Plate 28d image e.

Rollzustände zweiter Art

Hellmut Baumann
Rollzustände zweiter Art

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