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Auxiliary mine ventilation cost assessment model

Michelle Y. Levesque & Dean L. Millar
Auxiliary mine ventilation model to assess capital and operational costs for various duct and fan combinations.

Geständnisse eines Werbemannes

David Ogilvy
Anmerkung des Umsetzungsdienstes: Das Werk ist zitierfähig

Van Rotta tot Rotterdam

E. Jacobs

Phonon and spin dynamics of (VO)2P2O7

Uwe Kuhlmann
Gegenstand der vorliegenden Arbeit ist die Übergangsmetallverbindung (VO)2P2O7 (VPO), die ein elektronisch eindimensionales antiferromagnetisches Spinsystem darstellt. Gitterschwingungen und Anregungen des Spinsystems sowie ihre gegenseitige Wechselwirkung als Spin-Phononkopplung wurden mit Raman- und Infrarotspektroskopie untersucht. Die Ramanmessungen erfolgten im Temperaturbereich 2-300 K sowie unter hohem hydrostatischen Druck in einer Diamantstempel-Druckzelle. VPO kann unter verschiedenen äusseren Bedingungen in zwei verschiedenen Modifikationen kristallisieren, deren wesentlicher Unterschied ist daß in der Normal-Phase (AP-VPO) zwei kristallographisch nichtäquivalente Spinkettensysteme vorliegen, die in...

An Antipodean Imaginary for Architecture+Philosophy: Ficto-Critical Approaches to Design Practice Research

Hélène Frichot, Julieanna Preston, Michael Spooner, Sean Pickersgill, Zuzana Kovar, Ceri Hann & Megg Evans
This is a collaborative essay that presents the design practice research of six postgraduate researchers (past and present), who have been working within the Architecture+Philosophy research stream at the School of Architecture, RMIT University, Melbourne. What unites the projects is an aspiration to maintain a creative relationship between architectural design project research and critical theory, with an emphasis on transdisciplinary potentialities.While the design research introduced here is diverse, the researchers all share an engagement in...

Processed near-bottom Multibeam Sonar Data (version 2) from the Lau Back-arc Basin acquired with AUV D. Allan B. during the Thomas G. Thompson expedition TN234 (2009)

David Clague
This data set was acquired with a Reson SeaBat 7125 Multibeam Sonar system on the AUV D. Allan B. during Thomas G. Thompson expedition TN234 conducted in 2009 (Chief Scientist: Dr. Joseph Resing; Investigator(s): Dr. David Clague). These data files are of MBSystem-compatible format and include Sidescan, Acoustic Backscatter, and Swath Bathymetry data and were processed at sea using the open source MB-System multibeam sonar processing software. Data were acquired as part of the project(s):...

GSWA Eucla Basin 4 Madura Thorium Grid Geodetic

Geological Survey Of WA
The radiometric, or gamma-ray spectrometric method, measures the natural variations in the gamma-rays detected near the Earth's surface as the result of the natural radioactive decay of potassium, uranium and thorium. The data are collected on airborne geophysical surveys conducted by Commonwealth, State & NT Governments and the private sector.

DIVACOU 8 HROV cruise,L'Europe R/V

BOUHIER Marie-Edith & DROGOU Michèle
Essais technologiques en acoustique. Essais technologiques pour tester les modems acoustiques du HROV Ariane : 1-mouiller une ligne équipée de 2 modems acoustiques (le modem Ariane et le modem prêté par EVOLOGICS) + une enceinte énergie, afin de tester la liaison acoustique entre les modems mouillés au «fond» et le modem surface fixé sur la perche de l'Europe. 2-mouiller une ligne équipée de 2 modems acoustiques (le modem Ariane et le modem prêté par EVOLOGICS)...


The optimization of the components of an experimental apparatus able to perform a 1 x 10^-4 measurement of ε'/ε at DAPHNE is discussed. The requirements of each subsystem are examined, with particular emphases on the problem of systematic errors. A possible scenario for the detector is described.

Editorial Comment: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Prioritization of Limited Public Health Resources - Tuberculosis Interventions in Texas

Kaja M. Abbas
Public health departments have limited evidence to understand and analyze the costs and benefits of different health programs, including tuberculosis control and prevention programs. The study by Miller et. al addresses this challenge to estimate costs and benefits of tuberculosis prevention programs in Texas and identify cost-effective diagnostic and treatment combinations, thereby improving the evidence-based decision making power of the public health departments.

Distributed and Collaborative Visualization

Ken Brodlie, David Duce, Julian Gallop, Jeremy Walton & Jason Wood
Eurographics 2003 - STARs

Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer, Cod. Bodmer 39 : Giovanni Boccaccio, Elegia di madonna Fiammetta

Boccaccio & Karl Und Faber Kunst- Und Literaturantiquariat
The Elegia di madonna Fiammetta, dedicated to "women in love", describes in the first person the feelings of the young Neapolitan Fiammetta, who has been left by her beloved Panfilo. The Elegia, a prose work written by Boccaccio in his youth, praised for the subtlety of its psychological approach, mixes autobiographical elements and obvious references to Latin literature. It is preserved here in a manuscript copied in 1467 by Giovanni Cardello da Imola, whose regular...

Punkt zerowego ładunku elektrycznego powierzchni łupka miedzionośnego w roztworze wodnym

Jolanta Trochanowska & Przemysław B. Kowalczuk
Łupek miedzionośny, Drzymała J., Kowalczuk P.B. (red.), WGGG PWr, Wrocław, ISBN 978-83-937788-6-7

Sorption aromatischer Mineralölmetabolite durch mineralische Modellbodenkomponenten

Gorch Hollederer & Wolfgang Calmano
Die Kinetik der Adsorption polarer Mineralölmetabolite läßt auf eine Einlagerung dieser Stoffe in Schichtsilikate schließen. Die Beladung mineralsicher Modellbodenkomponenten mit diesen Stoffen wird von geringen Feststoff- und Calciumionenkonzentrationen sowie niedrigen pH-Werten erhöht. in realen Böden werden ähnliche Abhängigkeiten vermutet.

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