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TanDEM-X (TerraSAR-X add-on for Digital Elevation Measurement) is the first bistatic SAR mission in space. TanDEM-X and its twin satellite TerraSAR-X are flying in a closely controlled formation with typical distances between 250 and 500 meters. Primary mission objective is the generation of a consistent global digital elevation model with few meter level height accuracy. Beyond that, GFZ equipped TanDEM-X with a geodetic grade GPS receiver for precise baseline determination and for radio occultation measurements....

eHistology Kaufman Atlas Plate 32b image b

Elizabeth Graham, Julie Moss, Nick Burton, Yogmatee Roochun, Chris Armit, Lorna Richardson & Richard Baldock
The eMouseAtlas team have re-digitised the original histological sections used for the "Atlas of Mouse Development" by Matt Kaufman. The resource is published available on the Web at http://www.emouseatlas.org/emap/eHistology/ and the publication at https://doi.org/10.1242/dev.124917. This is the dataset for Plate 32b image b.

Peer Review of ???Galaxy tools to study genome diversity".

Peter Li
This is the open peer reviewers comments and recommendations regarding the submitted GigaScience article and/or dataset.

Creep deformation in RF-MEMS

Marisol Koslowski, Alejandro Strachan, Gabriela Venturini, Diego Pardo & Guillermo Roman
Simulates creep deformation in fixed - fixed beam MEMS model

Description of oceanographic conditions on the northeast US continental shelf during 2013

Paula Sue Fratantoni, Tamara Holzwarth, Cristina Bascuñán & Maureen H. Taylor
Hydrographic observations from 8 surveys spanning the Northeast US (NEUS) Continental Shelf are combined into a descriptive overview of the broadscale oceanographic conditions observed during 2013. Temperature and salinity observations are combined into bimonthly time periods to maximize both the spatial coverage of the data and its temporal resolution during the year. Maps of near-surface and near-bottom property distributions are presented for each bimonthly period, and time series of regional average properties are discussed for...

Numerical simulation of fatigue crack propagation in WC-Co hardmetal

Utku Ahmet Özden, Keng Jiang, Alexander Bezold, Christoph Broeckmann, Jose María Tarragó, Alvaro Mestra & Luis Llanes
WC-Co cemented carbides (hardmetals) are a group of composite materials exhibiting outstanding combinations of hardness and toughness. As a consequence, they are extensively used for highly demanding applications, such as cutting and drilling tools, where cyclic loading is one of the most critical service conditions. A numerical study of the mesoscale fatigue crack growth in WC-Co is here conducted. Within this context, a model based on a continuum damage mechanics approach was implemented in commercial...

Kontinuierliche Durchsatz- und Ertragsermittlung in Erntemaschinen - Stand der Technik

Markus Demmel
Die Ernte landwirtschaftlicher Kulturen erfolgt heute mit leistungsfähigen Maschinen im meist überbetrieblichen Einsatz. Neben der Arbeitserledigung wird hierdurch auch die Information über die Variation der Erträge innerhalb der Schläge aus den Betrieben herausgenommen. Mit in die Erntemaschinen integrierten Durchsatz- und Ertragsmessgeräten können im Zusammenwirken mit Ortungssystemen die lokale Ertragsermittlung realisiert und damit Informationen über die Ertragsfähigkeit und -struktur der Felder automatisiert gewonnen werden. Diese Dokumentation der Ertragsverhältnisse ist ein erster Schritt zum präzisen Ackerbau.

Place product in the promotion of communes – the case of the Milicz carp and the Barycz Valley

Kamil Glinka
The constant competitiveness for the interest of entrepreneurs, tourists, students makes that local government units put effort into creating their image. However, the limited capital and organizational resources make that these units initiate multilateral promotion actions. Preparing its offer they repeatedly use attractive place products. The main aim of the article is to answer the question whether, if so in what ways, the Milicz carp, treated as a place product, is used in the promotion...

Unterrichtsaufzeichnung (16100101-1)

Andreas Helmke
Im Rahmen der bundesweit durchgeführten Studie „Deutsch-Englisch-Schülerleistungen-International“ (DESI) mit der Untersuchung der sprachlichen Leistungen von Neuntklässlern allgemein bildender Schulen mit Ausnahme von Förderschulen und der Unterrichtswirksamkeit in den Fächern Deutsch und Englisch erhebt die vorliegende Videobeobachtung unter der Leitung der Universität Landau Unterrichtsdaten, basierend auf zwei videografierten Englischstunden mit jeweils unterschiedlichem (interkulturellem oder sprachlernbezogenem) Fokus. Die Erhebung wurde zwischen den zwei Testmesszeitpunkten im Herbst 2003 und Sommer 2004 durchgeführt und betrifft 105 der insgesamt 388...

Molecular mechanisms of etoposide

Alessandra Montecucco, Francesca Zanetta & Giuseppe Biamonti
Etoposide derives from podophyllotoxin, a toxin found in the American Mayapple. It was first synthesized in 1966 and approved for cancer therapy in 1983 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (Hande, 1998). Starting from 1980s several studies demonstrated that etoposide targets DNA topoisomerase II activities thus leading to the production of DNA breaks and eliciting a response that affects several aspects of cell metabolisms. In this review we will focus on molecular mechanisms that...

Decomposition of dynamic tasks of the optimum control

Khu Ven-Tsen
The method of decomposition for complex multivariate problems of management, based on the account of situations during the moment of acceptance of operating decisions is offered. Unlike known methods of decomposition, it does not show special requirements to structure of a problem of management. Assumes data of an initial problem of management to the modifi ed problem considering situations, and a problem of identification of the situations, solved in common at two levels.

Our Society 2006 - January

Sociologický ústav (Akademie Věd ČR). Centrum Pro Výzkum Veřejného Mínění
Research made by the Public opinion research center team as a mothly part of "Our Society 2006" project researching views and opinions of Czech citizens. Data collection was done by the Public opinion research center interviewers network.

Internet and Social Media Strategy in Sports Marketing

Christopher Holland
The Internet and social media are transforming sports marketing. Historically television broadcasting was the main source of revenue for elite sports teams, leagues and sports federations. This is now changing because the Internet creates new possibilities for the distribution and consumption of sporting events. Social media is creating new forms of communication between fans, athletes, teams and sponsors. Mobile technology is also changing the way that fans consume sports content generally and also at live...

We willing to die for. Soccer as Social Phenomenon: the Romanian Football as Rite and Symbol

László Péter
Proceeding from the example of Romanian football, this paper argues that football is a symbol that manifests itself ritualistically in today’s Romanian society. Along the presentation of typical local actors, actions and locations, the author formulates the hypothesis that football games organised on a weekly basis are part of the turnerian social drama, which present the struggle between different big social groups in a symbolic way. Our paper is based on the content analysis of...

Manifest Illusions

Heiko Hecht
The notion of illusion as a discrepancy between physical stimulus and percept (here referred to as illusiond, as long as merely this “error” is meant) is unable to capture the four very different cases in which illusions can arise. The observer may or may not be aware of the discrepancy, and its magnitude may be large or small. I argue that the special case of small error paired with awareness deserves special attention. Only in...

Analysis of correlated count data using generalised linear mixed models exemplified by field data on aggressive behaviour of boars

Norbert Mielenz, Joachim Spilke & Eberhard Von Borell
Archiv Tierzucht 57 (2014) 26, 1-19; ISSN 0003-9438


B. Nicolas Bloch, Ashali Jain & C. Carl Jaffe
Prostate cancer T1- and T2-weighted magnetic resonance images (MRIs) were acquired on a 1.5 T Philips Achieva by combined surface and endorectal coil, including dynamic contrast-enhanced images obtained prior to, during and after I.V. administration of 0.1 mmol/kg body weight of Gadolinium-DTPA (pentetic acid).

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