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Of copulas, quantiles, ranks and spectra an L1-approach to spectral analysis

Holger Dette, Marc Hallin, Tobias Kley & Stanislav Volgushev
In this paper we present an alternative method for the spectral analysis of a strictly stationary time series (Yt)eZ. We define a "new" spectrum as the Fourier transform of the differences between copulas of the pairs (Yt; Yt-k) and the independence copula. This object is called copula spectral density kernel and allows to separate marginal and serial aspects of a time series. We show that it is intrinsically related to the concept of quantile regression....

eHistology Kaufman Atlas Plate 24c image b

Elizabeth Graham, Julie Moss, Nick Burton, Yogmatee Roochun, Chris Armit, Lorna Richardson & Richard Baldock
The eMouseAtlas team have re-digitised the original histological sections used for the "Atlas of Mouse Development" by Matt Kaufman. The resource is published available on the Web at http://www.emouseatlas.org/emap/eHistology/ and the publication at https://doi.org/10.1242/dev.124917. This is the dataset for Plate 24c image b.

Zu einer transnationalen Bewegung: Protestantische Mission seit 1800

Helke Stadtland
Artur Bogner/Bernd Holtwick/Hartmann Tyrell (Hg.): Weltmission und religiöse Organisationen. Protestantische Missionsgesellschaften im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, Würzburg: Ergon-Verlag 2004, 760 Seiten, 54,00 €.


Professor Adrian Rennie, Dr Maxmilian Skoda, Professor Martin King & Miss Rosalie Shepherd

Viel Bewegung – wenig Forschung

Sebastian Haunss & Peter Ullrich
Zuerst erschienen in Soziologie : Forum der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie Haunss, Sebastian; Ullrich, Peter: Viel Bewegung – wenig Forschung : Zu- und Gegenstand sozialwissenschaftlicher Protest- und Bewegungsforschung in der Bundesrepublik. - In: Soziologie : Forum der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie. - ISSN: 0340-918X (print), 1862-2550 (online). - 42 (2013), 3. - S. 290–304.

Teilflächenspezifische Beregnung - Eine neue Beregnungsstrategie

Heinz Sourell & Esmat Al-Karadsheh
Unterer Berücksichtigung der ortspezifischen Heterogenität des Bodens soll der Aufwand von Wasser und Energie reduziert werden. Unterschiedliche Beregnungshöhen sollen über die beregnende Fläche verteilt werden, um die ungleiche Wasserspeicherfähigkeit des Bodens auszugleichen. Für Beregnungsmaschinen werden zwei unterschiedliche Lösungswege untersucht. Für mobile Beregnungsmaschinen wird eine differenzierte Einzugsgeschwindigkeit und für Kreisberegnungsmaschinen eine differenzierte Ansteuerung jeder Düse durchgeführt.


R. Billon , J.-L. Fanon & P. Thomas
Objectives: To appraise the risk of having a multi resistant bacteria infection attributable to poor nutritional status in the elderly. Design: Using a statement from a case-control study in an acute geriatric medical service, knowing the overall risk of infection in the studied population, it is possible from the likelihood ratio, frequency of malnourished infected by MRB, divided by frequency in malnourished infected with sensitive organisms, to calculate a probability which is a post-test assessment...

Iowa Intensive Test Site 0893 (811237)

Marvin Bauer
The objective of this experiment was to provide a data set which can be used as an intermediate level of extrapolation between data collected from controlled experimental plots at field research stations and data collection by satellite scanners.

Suur eesti-prantsuse sõnaraamat

Madis Jürviste
A comprehensive bilingual general language translation dictionary (work in progress).

Our Society 2011 - December

Sociologický ústav (Akademie Věd ČR). Centrum Pro Výzkum Veřejného Mínění
Research made by the Public opinion research center team as a mothly part of the "Our Society 2011" project researching the views and opinions of Czech citizens. Data collection was done by the Public opinion research center interviewers network.

Conditions on pronominal marking: Video P21- stand up

Sebastian Fedden, Dunstan Brown & Greville G. Corbett
This video is part of a set of 42 video stimuli designed to study to study variation in the patterns of pronominal marking in the non-Austronesian languages of Alor and Pantar. All of these languages share the typologically rare trait that they mark objects or undergoers on the verbs, rather than subjects or actors (Siewierska 2011). However, there is considerable within-group variation as to how this is done and also what the relevant semantic parameters...

Our mobile as an everyday lifestyle object - How has it changed our daily life and what are the challenges for the future?

Bernd Eylert
Der Autor hat zu diesem Thema ein Projekt unternommen und das Ergebnis am 23. März 2012 am Tag der offenen Tür des Centers for Telecommunication Research (CTR) des King’s College, London [Eylert: 2012] vorgetragen. Im Zentrum des Beitrags steht die Rolle, die die mobilen Medien im Kontext sozialer Netze spielen. Während sich in den Anfängen der Mobilkommunikation der Begriff „Service“ bestenfalls auf die Telefonie allein bezog, hat sich der Begriff im Laufe der Zeit in...

Minimizing group index variations in a multicore endoscope fiber

James Roper
Data for results in "Minimizing group index variations in a multicore endoscope fiber" paper.

Solar Insolation, Minnesota (2006-2012)

Christopher Brink, Benjamin Gosack, Len Kne, Yuanyuan Luo, Christopher Martin, Molly McDonald, Michael Moore, Andrew Munsch, Stephen Palka, Devon Piernot, Dan Thiede, Yiquan Xie & Andrew Walz
The Minnesota Solar Suitability Analysis attempts to provide solar insolation analysis for the entire State of Minnesota. As far as we are aware, it is the only project of its scale in existence; similar studies have been limited to metro areas or focus on rooftop insolation. The project's existence is feasible because of statewide, freely available aerial lidar coverage. And the commitment of the team to work long hours on this unfunded project. The project...

CHORUS quantification 1

Gareth Morris, Mathias Nilsson, Jane Power & Mohammadali Foroozandeh
Experimental data, analysis tools and simulation code for CHORUS broadband excitation in NMR, part 1 Quantification using CHORUS Files are split across two archives CHORUSquantification1.zip and CHORUSquantification2.zip Experimental data for the tests of robustness with respect to offset (files 20150812_rob_dec1, 20150812_rob_dec2 and 20150815_rob_dec3 below) are in CHORUSquantification2, all others in CHORUSquantification1. ===================================================================================================== Pulse sequences [Pulse_sequences]: 1. CHORUSdec.mfjp 2. zg_zgrec_interleav.mfjp. Data were acquired to show the effects of receiver signal filtration on signal amplitude, where hard...

Benefits and Barriers of University Industry Collaborations from a Researcher's Perspective - Development of Formative Scales and Cluster Analysis

Thomas Kilian, Petra Schubert & Niels Bjørn-Andersen
This article extends previous empirical research on the benefits and barriers for researchers in the field of Information Systems (IS) to engage in University-Industry Collaboration (UIC), a term that is used to describe the active engagement of a company or government agency in a joint research project with academics. The objectives and motivations of UIC have been discussed widely and controversially in the literature. We were particularly interested in the perceived benefits and barriers that...

BIBB/BAuA-Erwerbstätigenbefragung 2012 – Arbeit und Beruf im Wandel. Erwerb und Verwertung beruflicher Qualifikationen (SUF)

Anja Hall, Anke Siefer, Michael Tiemann, Bundesinstitut Für Berufsbildung (BIBB) & Bundesanstalt Für Arbeitsschutz Und Arbeitsmedizin (BAuA)

Particularity of the Hungarians religiosity from Transylvania

Dénes Kiss
Based on survey research, our study examines the religiosity of the Hungarian minority from Romania. After a short summary of sociological theories related to religious change, the religiosity of Hungarians from Transylvania, Romanians and Hungarians from Hungary are compared. In our analysis, we determine that in its public-community dimension the religiosity of Hungarians from Transylvania is higher than that of both Romanians and Hungarians from Hungary. On the other hand, the degree of acceptance of...

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