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Brand, Walter: Auf verlorenem Posten. Ein sudetendeutscher Politiker zwischen Autonomie und Anschluß

Karl Josef Hahn
Bohemia - Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Kultur der böhmischen Länder, Bd. 27, Nr. 2 (1986)

Science and society: lecture presented to the Simon Fraser Student Society, Burnaby, B. C.

Gerhard Herzberg
The Gerhard Herzberg fonds is held at the NRC Archives. Contact NRC.DR-DN.CNRC@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca for information about access.

5.3 - Using LTE-networks for UAS-communication

F. Maiwald & A. Schulte
This article discusses the usage of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) as IP-datalink for one or multiple micro unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). LTE offers robust coding schemes as well as very high sensitivity of receivers. In environments of highly limited transmit power, LTE therefore promises much better coverage in comparison to commercially applied UAS-datalinks like Wi-Fi or Lightbridge (DJI). Within this article, two commercial LTE-networks are evaluated and necessary IT-infrastructure for communication with UAS is specified. We...

Basin resources management: simulating soil erosion risk by soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) in Ta Trach river watershed, central Vietnam

Bich Ngoc Nguyen & Hoang Khanh Linh Nguyen
Nowadays, one of the urgent issues in the management of river basin resources as land degradation, especially soil erosion risk occurs due to complex factors of climate, cultivation practices of human and impacting of the operation of socio-economic development taking place in the basin. Soil erosion has been considered as the primary cause of soil degradation since soil erosion leads to the loss of topsoil and soil organic matters, which are essential for the growing...


Balagiu Alina, Patesan Marioara & Zechia Dana
There are many reasons for developing materials or even a whole course based on listening skill. First of all, people have different abilities for learning a foreign language and part of them rely on their aural capacity, so that we can suppose that it would be easier for them to acquire knowledge based on what they can hear. Secondly, the learner can be exposed to listening stimuli every day if the teacher knows how to...

Navigation, State Parameter, and Microphysics HRT Data (Electra) in NetCDF format. Version 1.0

UCAR/NCAR-Earth Observing Laboratory
This data set includes airborne measurements obtained from the NCAR Research Aviation Facility (RAF) Electra aircraft (Tail Number: N308D) during the Experiment on Rapidly-Intensifying Cyclones over the Atlantic (ERICA) project. This dataset contains high rate navigation, state parameter, and microphysics flight-level data in NetCDF format.

MC:Single top Wt-channel, for 2016 ATLAS open data release.

ATLAS Collaboration
The ATLAS open data dataset is comprised of real data recorded with the ATLAS detector in 2012 and matching simulated data. Both real and simulated data is subjected to a loose event preselection to reduce processing time by reducing the overall number of events that have to be analysed.

The European Private Company: Do We Need Another 28th Private Legal Form in the EU? On Regulatory Competition of Corporate Law

Martina Eckardt
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are of vital importance for employment, innovation and growth in the EU member states. However, so far only a rather small number participates in international business activities. The European private company is intended to support SMEs’ internationalization. In this paper we analyse whether such an additional supranational legal form is necessary. In a first step we show that from the normative point of view of interjurisdictional competition arguments from welfare...

Estudios bióticos: plantas, edafofauna epígea, anfibios y aves en los complejos de páramos los Nevados y Chilí-Barragán

Jorge Hernán López
En el flanco occidental de la cordillera Central de los Andes colombianos, en el complejo de páramos Los Nevados y Chilí-Barragán, en un gradiente altitudinal entre 2.970 y 3.560 m, se realizaron muestreos de cuatro grupos biológicos: plantas, edafofauna epígea, anfibios y aves, con el propósito de identificar la composición y estructura de las comunidades, como insumo para determinar características de la transición entre ecosistemas de bosque altoandino y páramo. Algunos de los resultados mas...

This subtropical life: are new apartment buildings providing locally-appropriate outcomes for apartment living in Brisbane?

Rosemary Kennedy
Purpose / Context. The purpose of this paper is to present data and discussion on a critical review of a sample of multi-storey and mixed use residential buildings in the subtropical city of Brisbane in order to understand how contemporary buildings are achieving local authority policy outcomes and...

InSb-based quantum dot nanostructures for mid-infrared photonic devices

Peter Carrington
This data was generated from the structural, optical and electrical characterisation of the light emitting diodes (LEDs) as described in the linked paper ‘InSb-based quantum dot nanostructures for mid-infrared photonic devices’

Unterrichtsaufzeichnung (RP18443_4a-2)

Andreas Helmke
Den Kern der Studie "VERA - Gute Unterrichtspraxis" bildete eine umfangreiche Videostudie, umrahmt von zwei Leistungstestungen und einer ausführlichen schriftlichen Befragung der Teilnehmenden zu anderen Messzeiten. Im Zeitraum von Mai bis Juni 2006 wurde hierzu der Unterricht in den Fächern Mathematik und Deutsch gefilmt. Im Anschluss an jede Stunde wurden die Lehrkräfte und Schüler mittels eines einseitigen Kurzfragebogens zur Aufmerksamkeit, Verteilung der Sprechanteile und Schwierigkeit der Stunde befragt. Zum Abschluss des Videotags fand zudem ein...

Tempol ameliorates paraoxonase 1 activity and liver damage in a rat model of insulin resistance

Waleska Dornas
The antioxidant activity of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) that islargely attributed toparaoxonase 1 (PON1) enzyme is low in patients with diabetes. The present study investigated whether a cell-permeable superoxide anion scavenger (tempol)could improve PON1activity with respect to hepatic damage in an insulin resistance model. Fischerrats were fed a control or high-salt diet with fructose in water for 20 weeks,and each group was further subdivided into two groups to receive null or tempolfor the last 7 weeks....

Über die unregelmäßige Form yǝbe im Altäthiopischen. II

Rainer Voigt
Classical Ethiopic yǝbe ‘he said’ (with suffixes yǝbel-) is irregular with respect to the loss of the second and third radical of the root (√bhl) as well as especially to its preterite meaning. The attempt has been made to regard this unique feature as Proto-Semitic and connect it with the morphological difference between the narrative yáqtul and the jussive yaqtúl as known from Classical Hebrew å´śēm ‘may he put’ as against (a-)´åśęm ‘(and) he put’....

A non-linear regulation of the antioxidative system in endothelial cells contributes to the anti-inflammatory effect of low dose X-irradiation

M. Large, S. Hehlgans, C. Fournier, C. Rödel & F. Rödel
GSI Scientific Report 2014 - GSI Report 2015-1

Commercial Critical Systems and Critical Infrastructure Protection: A Future Research Agenda

Matthew. J. Warren & Shona Leitch
8th Australian Information Warfare and Security Conference, Edith Cowan University, perth Western Australia, 3rd-4th December, 2007

E-Learning als Möglichkeit zur Unterstützung des selbstgesteuerten Lernens an Berufsschulen

Silvia Dreer
Im Mittelpunkt dieses Beitrages steht die Frage, wie durch die Potenziale von ELearning selbstgesteuertes Lernen an berufsbildenden Schulen (Berufsschulen) unterstützt werden kann und wie diese neuen Lernangebote im Unterricht effektiv genutzt werden können. Dann werden bereits vorhandene empirische Belege zum selbstgesteuerten Lernen aufgearbeitet und unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten zur Förderung des selbstgesteuerten Lernens betrachtet bzw. welche Lernumgebungen notwendig sind, um selbstgesteuertes Lernen zu ermöglichen. Es wird auf die Besonderheiten von E-Learning eingegangen und eine mediendidaktische Konzeption realisiert....

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