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Robust identification of backbone curves using control-based continuation

Data associated with the paper: L. Renson, et al., Robust identification of backbone curves using control-based continuation, Journal of Sound and Vibration, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jsv.2015.12.035

Liu Hao et al. (2016): Determination of Stark parameters by cross-calibration in a multi-element laser-induced plasma

Benjamin Truscott, Michael Ashfold & Hao Liu
Original data for the article "Determination of Stark parameters by cross-calibration in a multi-element laser-induced plasma" by Liu Hao, Benjamin S Truscott and Michael N R Ashfold

Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics: 2DIR of RDC

Andrew Orr-Ewing & Hugo Marroux
Experimental data associated with the ERC Advanced Grant project CAPRI (PI Prof A.J. Orr-Ewing).

Adsorption of sodium dodecylsulfate on single-walled carbon nanotubes characterised using small-angle neutron scattering

Emma Kastrisianaki-Guyton & Jeroen Van Duijneveldt
Source data for publication in J Colloid Interface Sci (2016)

PGOPHER version 9.1

Colin Western
PGOPHER is a general purpose program for simulating and fitting rotational, vibrational and electronic spectra. Included here are executables, source code, documentation and sample files for version 9.1.100 of the PGOPHER program. This is an update for version 8.0.102, also available in this repository Please also see the program web site, http://pgopher.chm.bris.ac.uk/. The program is open source, and covered by the LGPL. The documentation and other files are covered by the University of Bristol repository's...

Cerritelli 2016 Plos One NTS-POMC

Serena Cerritelli, Stefan Hirschberg & Anthony Pickering
Original data from paper

Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics

Katharina Roettger, Hugo Marroux, Andrew Orr-Ewing & Gareth Roberts
Cytidine and Thymidine Faraday Discussion data

Citation distortions in the literature on the serotonin-transporter-linked polymorphic region and amygdala activation

Ymkje Anna De Vries & Marcus Munafo
This study investigated citation bias in the literature on the serotonin-transporter-linked polymorphic region (5-HTTLPR) and amygdala activation. We included 25 studies from a recent meta-analysis by Murphy et al. (2012).

Superresolution with an optical tactile sensor

Nathan Lepora & Benjamin Ward-Cherrier
The following data was obtained from the TacTip, an optical tactile sensor while tapping vertically downwards on a 40mm diameter hemicylinder, at 4000 locations separated horizontally by 0.01mm. The data was used in a study exploring superresolution with the TacTip sensor: 10.1109/IROS.2015.7353744.

Accurate Measurements of Aerosol Hygroscopic Growth Over a Wide Range in Relative Humidity

Andrew Rickards, Frances Marshall, Jonathan Reid, Michael Cotterell, Rachael Miles, Young Chul Song, Grazia Rovelli, Rose Willoughby, Allen Haddrell & Aleksandra Marsh
The hygroscopic properties of aerosol govern the response of aerosol particle size and composition to the relative humidity of the gas phase. The data sets in this project are accumulated from single particle measurements of hygroscopic response made at the Bristol Aerosol Research Centre. Here, we include data for the publication: Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2016) Accurate Measurements of Aerosol Hygroscopic Growth Over a Wide Range in Relative Humidity Grazia Rovelli [1,2], Rachael E.H....

BiB - Believing in BERT

Adriana Hamacher, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, Anthony G. Pipe & Kerstin Eder
The BiB study investigated the benefits of an affective physical interaction with a humanoid robot by comparing an expressive and communicative condition with a faster, less error prone but non-communicative one. The BiB study was conducted as part of the Trustworthy Robotic Assistants (ROBOSAFE) project. Preferred data citation: Adriana Hamacher, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, Anthony G. Pipe and Kerstin Eder (2016): BiB - Believing in BERT.

Steady-state droplet size in montmorillonite stabilised emulsions

Jeroen Van Duijneveldt & William Ganley
Data supporting paper in Soft Matter by WJ Ganley and JS van Duijneveldt

Pneumococcal serotypes colonise the nasopharynx in children at different densities

Paulina Sikora-Liszka, Adam Finn, Leon Danon &
These data are results of a cross sectional study of nasopharyngeal bacterial colonisation of a group of healthy pre-school children from Coimbra, Portugal who had nasal swabs taken at nursery school in March 2011. The swabs were analysed by real time quantitative PCR for S. pneumoniae using primers specific to the pneumococcal gene (LytA) for autolysin. In addition samples in which S. pneumoniae was detected underwent microarray analysis for different capsular gene loci, permitting detection...


This data depositor is used for storing and sharing research data that are generated as part of an EPSRC-funded project CRUST (cascading risk and uncertainty of strong shaking and tsunami).

Effect of glass markings on drinking rate in social alcohol drinkers (study one)

Angela Attwood, Marcus Munafo & David Troy
This study investigated whether volume information on curved glasses alters the time taken to consume an alcoholic beverage. Participants (n = 159) were asked to drink low or standard strength lager from either a curved glass marked at midpoint with a band of yellow tape or an unmarked curved glass. Time to consume the drink was recorded. Data are restricted access for this study as participants were consented under procedures that did not include consent...

Experimental tracking of limit-point bifurcations and backbone curves using control-based continuation

Ludovic Renson
Experimental Data associated with "Experimental tracking of limit-point bifurcations and backbone curves using control-based continuation, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos." (CC-BY 4.0 licence)

Polymorphism in coronene

Simon Hall
The control of polymorphism in coronene

Place des poissons anguilliformes dans le fonctionnement des écosystèmes récifo- lagonaires de la Nouvelle-Calédonie : rôle trophique et impacts des contaminations

Marine Briand
Les récifs coralliens de Nouvelle-Calédonie constituent un « hot-spot » de biodiversité marine et sont classés au patrimoine mondial de l’Unesco depuis 2008. Ces récifs sont dans un bon état général, mais ils sont soumis à des pressions anthropiques de plus en plus intenses, engendrées par un développement industriel (mines de nickel) et urbain croissant.Mieux comprendre le fonctionnement des écosystèmes lagonaires calédoniens est donc devenu un enjeu majeur. Ce travail s’inscrit dans cette démarche, avec...

Des systèmes vidéo rotatifs pour étudier l'ichtyofaune : Applications à l’analyse des variations spatiales et temporelles dans le lagon de Nouvelle-Calédonie

Delphine Mallet
L’estimation de la diversité et de l’abondance des espèces de poisson est fondamentale pour comprendre la structure des communautés et la dynamique des récifs coralliens. Les observations sont généralement obtenues par des recensements visuels en scaphandre autonome (UVC). Ces informations peuvent également être obtenues de manière originale grâce aux observations issues des techniques vidéo sous-marines modernes sans plongeur qui permettent des couvertures spatiales et temporelles accrues.La première phase de ce travail de thèse synthétise l’ensemble...

Grey and Harbour Seal Usage Maps

The seal usage maps and report have been produced by SMRU as a deliverable of the Scottish Government Marine Mammal Scientific Support Research Programme (MMSS/001/11 ). The Maps are produced by looking at movement patterns from electronically tagged seals. The resulting patterns of usage are scaled to population levels using data collected in aerial survey counts at haul-out sites, to produce estimates of mean density (seals per 5 x 5 km grid cells).

Europena Marine Energy Centre Billia Croo Wildlife Observation Data

A key concern expressed by policy makers, regulators and environmental stakeholders about deployment of marine energy devices in open waters, relates to the possibility of the negative effects they may have on marine mammals and diving birds. The potential for direct collision with such devices, or harmful effects caused by their presence, including the potential for displacement of marine wildlife from habitual waters, are key factors which need to be addressed in order for the...

West Orkney Bathymetry Package

Bathymetric survey data for two areas at the west and north west of Orkney. The original bathymetry is used to derive new products. The data is made available as ESRI layer packages and as Google Earth formats. Due to the size of the datasets they have been made available as 2 separate packages.

Summary MSS Deepwater trawl species

The MSS deepwater trawl survey is a time series from the continental slope of the Rockall Trough, NE Atlantic. The survey covers depths between 300-2067m. The survey began in 1998 and has taken place each year except 1999, 2001, 2003, and 2010. The bottom trawl samples the demersal fish living on or near the sea bottom (fish that live in the water column are excluded). All fish species are identified and recorded. A total weight...

Pentland Firth Bathymetric Package

This dataset includes a series of GIS layers produced from a Marine Scotland Science survey of the Pentland Firth. Bathymetric data collected during the survey has been converted for use in ARCGIS and several products are derived from this original dataset.

Pentland Firth Bathymetric Geodatabase

Following the creation of the Pentland Firth Bathymetric Dataset, Marine Scotland Science have converted the data into a geodatabase. This allows for the data to be queried using standard SQL commands. It can also be plotted in ArcGIS as a normal geospatial layer. The Geodatabases provide regional guidance to assist developers involved in identifying suitable sites for localised survey work in support of site specific developments. The parameters available to assist in the identification of...

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