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Metal Nanoparticle-Hydrogel nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications – an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Synthesis Approach

Dan Sun
supporting data to the above titled paper. Paper is to be submitted to the Journal of Materials Chemistry B.

Dare – Democracy and Science

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Annual Report / Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, 2016

STAFF III Database

Leif Sörnmo, Juan Pablo Martínez & Pablo Laguna
The STAFF III database was acquired during 1995–96 at Charleston Area Medical Center (WV, USA) where single prolonged balloon inflation had been introduced to achieve optimal results of percutaneous transluminal coronary angiography (PTCA) procedures, replacing the typical series of brief inflations. The lead investigator Dr. Stafford Warren designed the study protocol together with Dr. Galen Wagner at Duke University Medical Center (Durham, NC, USA); Dr. Michael Ringborn (Blekinge Hospital, Karlskrona, Sweden) was responsible for data...

Plethysmography 4b - Collecting data (computer view) [video]

Ollie Jay
The Plethysmography videos are for measuring limb blood flow with strain gauge plethysmography, using the DualSGP program. Analysis requires use of Notepad and Excel.

Raw X-ray diffraction data for dimer rabbit muscle phosphoglycerate mutase

Jakub Barciszewski, Janusz Wisniewski, Mariusz Jaskolski & Dariusz Rakus
X-Ray synchrotron diffraction data for rabbit muscle phosphoglycerate mutase, crystallized in PEG4000 with dimes in ASU. The diffraction images were collected to the resolution of 2.5 \xc5 at the BESSY beamline 14.2 in Berlin at 100K using a MX-225 detector. The data was recorded using X-ray wavelength 0.9184 \xc5 with oscillation angle 1\xb0 and crystal-to-detector distances 240mm.

Réponse à une enquête

Claude Pérez
Ce que j’essaie de transmettre, c’est sans doute une certaine manière de lire, un certain type d’attention qui se situe aux antipodes de l’instrumentalisation sommaire dont la littérature est l’objet chaque fois qu’il est question d’elle dans les médias. C’est un certain usage des œuvres, un certain rapport, un certain commerce, que l’on peut avoir avec elles, et que j’éprouve comme une liberté

Using Naturalistic Driving Study Data to Investigate the Impact of Driver Distraction on Driver's Reaction Time in Freeway Rear-ending Events

Edie Sears, Miguel A. Perez, Gary Davis, Jingru Gao, Gordon Parikh & Derek Lehrke
Project Description This dataset was created in support of one of the winners in the "Student Paper Competition: SHRP 2 Safety Data Bonanza" sponsored by the SHRP 2 Safety Data Program and the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee for Use and Oversight of SHRP 2 Safety Data, Phase 1. The goal of the study that leveraged the dataset was to to investigate driver behavior associated with freeway rear-ending events including crashes and near-crashes, especially the...

Une hématémèse de grande abondance révélant une fistule prothétodigestive après chirurgie pour maladie de Behçet

Rim Karray, Hèla Ben Jmaà, Olfa Chakroun, Aiman Dammak, Iheb Souissi, Mabrouk Bahloul, Noureddine Rekkik & Imed Frikha

EU Taxes for the EU Budget in the Light of Sustainability Orientation (replication data)

Margit Schratzenstaller, Alexander Krenek, Danuše Nerudová & Marian Dobranschi
EU taxes play a key role in political and economic discussions about the future of the EU own resource system, and their desirability can vary accordingly. It is therefore essential to clearly articulate the goals which are to be achieved by the introduction of this new financing tool. This paper provides a critical review of pros and cons of EU taxes put forward in the literature. Reviewing the conventional fiscal federalism and political economy literature...

Pinder, Andrew: transcript of a video interview (10-Nov-2016)

Tansey EM, Pinder A, Gee D, Yabsley A & Wilkinson A

Deposition scenarios from Baltic Sea ship traffic with scrubbers

Björn Claremar & Anna Rutgersson
A change in regulation for maximum sulfur content in maritime fuel, in 2015 from 1 to 0.1 %, decreases the atmospheric sulfur concentration and deposition significantly. However, due to costs related to refining, the cleaning of exhausts through scrubbers has become a possible economic solution. Open-loop scrubbers meet the air quality criteria but their consequences for the marine environment are largely unknown. The resulting potential of future acidification in the Baltic Sea, both from atmospheric...

Research data for "Monitoring stress changes in carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites with GHz radiation"

Peter J Schemmel & Andrew J Moore

MAVEN Solar Array Switch Module 3 Data Return Files (DRF) Collection

Bruce Jakosky & Janet Luhmann
A collection of MAVEN Solar Array Switching Module 3 Data Return Files (DRFs).

The Question for Our Times: Institutional Design for a Free Society

Anna Yeatman

Ifo World Economic Survey (2016q3)

Timo Wollmershäuser, Klaus Wohlrabe, Gernot Nerb & Johanna Garnitz
Der ifo World Economic Survey ist eine internationale Konjunkturumfrage, die seit 1981 vom ifo Institut vierteljährlich erhoben wird. Wirtschaftsexperten aus einer Vielzahl von Ländern werden über ihre Einschätzung zur aktuellen Wirtschaftslage und die erwartete Konjunkturentwicklung in ihrem jeweiligen Beobachtungsgebiet befragt. Auch andere Wirtschaftsdaten wie z.B. die erwartete Entwicklung der Inflation, kurz- und langfristiger Zinsen sowie die Bewertung der führenden Weltwährungen in Bezug auf die jeweilige Landeswährung sind Teile des Fragenprogramms.

Specific and Nonspecific Effects of Glycosylation

Buddhadev Maiti Christopher R. Ellis

Brian Chapman Collection

Brian Chapman

Using Cluster Analysis in the Synthesis of Electrical Equipment Diagnostic Models

Ksenia Gnutova & Denis Eltyshev
Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Applied Innovations in IT / Prof. Dr. Siemens, Eduard (2017). Jg. 5, Köthen, 2017

Studie zur Entwicklung von Ganztagsschulen 2012-2015 (StEG 2012-15): Systemmonitoring

Eckhard Klieme, Thomas Rauschenbach, Heinz Günter Holtappels & Ludwig Stecher
StEG wird seit 2005 als länderübergreifendes Forschungsprogramm zur Entwicklung von Ganztagsschulen und individuellen Entwicklungen von Schülerinnen und Schülern durchgeführt. Das Projekt findet in enger Absprache mit den Ländern statt und wird durch das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) finanziert. StEG ist ein Konsortialprojekt des Deutschen Instituts für internationale pädagogische Forschung (DIPF), des Deutschen Jugendinstituts (DJI), des Instituts für Schulentwicklungsforschung (IFS) der technischen Universität Dortmund sowie der Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen. Das StEG Systemmonitoring wurde 2012 und...


Phil Radtke
A repository of individual tree measurements of volume, weight, and physical properties. As of May 1, 2016 the collection included records from over 250,000 trees, most of which were felled and carefully measured for stem taper and volume. Weight measurements were collected on over 20,000 trees by felling and weighing, including the stem wood, bark branches, and foliage. The collection spans over 100 years of detailed stem measurements conducted by private companies, government, and university...

Donor–Acceptor Molecular Triangles

Peter Ribar, Tomáš Šolomek, Loïc Le Pleux, Daniel Häussinger, Alessandro Prescimone, Markus Neuburger & Michal Juríček
The synthesis and optoelectronic properties of five donor–acceptor molecules, featuring an electron-acceptor unit made of six fused benzenoid rings that resembles an equilateral triangle, are described. These molecular ‘triangles’ were synthesized in eight steps from simple building blocks such that the electron-donor substituents could be installed in the last step by means of the Suzuki cross-coupling reaction. All molecules absorb and emit visible light in the region of around 450–650 and 550–850 nm, respectively, exhibit...

India Office Medical Archives samples (printed)

Antonia Moon

In the picture: belonging and connection in country towns: easy read report

Sally Robinson & Centre For Children And Young People
We wanted to find out about what helps young people with cognitive disability to feel like they matter and they are important. So, we asked young people: What helps you to feel like you belong in your town? What helps you feel like you are connected to other people? and What makes it hard to feel like you belong? 30 young photo researchers were in this project. They came from three country towns in NSW,...

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