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Historical Implications of the Early Classic Hieroglyphic Text CPN 3033 on the Sculptured Step of Structure 10L 11-Sub-12 at Copan

Christian Prager & Elisabeth Wagner
This paper examines the hieroglyphic text carved on an Early Classic hieroglyphic step found in 1935 in Copan Structure 10L-11-Sub-12.

Dataset from demonstration of robust water recycling trial

Stephen Gray, Jianhua Zhang, Nicholas Milne, Mikel Duke, A Knight, P Scales, M Allinson, G Allinson, M Packer, K Northcott, P Hills, D Sheehan, S Allard, J Tan & J-P Croue

Erfahrungsorientierte Didaktik als Etüde. Methoden als Bedingung für ästhetische Bildungsprozesse

Marion Schüßler
Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es, eine Didaktik der Erfahrung auf der Basis ästhetischer Bildungsprozesse zu beschreiben, was anhand von theater- und gestaltpädagogischen Grundsätzen illustriert wird. Zum besseren Verständnis wird Bildung als ästhetisch-erfahrungsbezogener Prozess erörtert, um dann Theater- und Gestaltpädagogik als lösungsabstinenten Prozess zu beschreiben.

Conception d’une boîte à outils au service des apprentissages par projets d’innovation

Camille Ponchon, Sylvain Claude, Pascal Boulon & Bernard Cuq
Les apprentissages par projet (APP) sont profondément ancrés dans les établissements français d'enseignement supérieur en agroalimentaire. La boîte à outils IDEONIS est issue d'une démarche collective de 12 établissements français. Elle a pour objectifs de contribuer à professionnaliser et rendre plus efficaces les apprentissages par projet, d'une part en accompagnant les formateurs dans leur mission d'encadrement des projets, et d'autre part en mettant à disposition des étudiants des outils interactifs pour améliorer leurs apprentissages dans...

Imaging of neural oscillations with embedded inferential and group prevalence statistics.

Esther Florin Peter W. Donhauser
Magnetoencephalography and electroencephalography (MEG, EEG) are essential techniques for studying distributed signal dynamics in the human brain. In particular, the functional role of neural oscillations remains to be clarified. For that reason, imaging methods need to identify distinct brain regions that concurrently generate oscillatory activity, with adequate separation in space and time. Yet, spatial smearing and inhomogeneous signal-to-noise are challenging factors to source reconstruction from external sensor data. The detection of weak sources in the...

In den sauren Apfel beißen. Naturkundliche Lehrmittelensembles in historischer Perspektive

Michael Markert Markert & Kerrin Klinger
Macht, Souveränität, Herrschaft

Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

Klaus Bös
[MoReData.Quality] Value=80

Dokumentarfilmsammlung zu 30 Jahren Afrikaforschung

Tilman Lenssen-Erz, Rudolph Kuper, Stefan Kröpelin, Harald Pager & Friederike Jesse

Francophonie ou commun francophone ?

Jean-Pierre Michaëlli
Les catégories économiques peuvent faire plus que qualifier un pan de la francophonie contemporaine. Elles peuvent aider à la penser. Ainsi, cet article présentera comment le cadre théorique d'Elinor Ostrom développé pour analyser les biens naturels communs (commons) présente un intérêt pour comprendre ce qu'est un commun culturel ; la francophonie en étant une forme particulière. Ce bien constitue le sujet et le collectif, repose sur une croissance continue du fonds culturel, est étendu et...

UMETRICS 2016Q3a Core Files

Institute For Research On Innovation And Science (IRIS)
The UMETRICS 2016Q3a Dataset is comprised of two collections. The first collection includes core files in which researchers will find university financial and personnel administrative data pertaining to sponsored project expenditures at IRIS member universities during a given year. UMETRICS core files are based on administrative data drawn directly from sponsored projects, procurement, and human resources data systems on each IRIS member university’s campus. Individual campus files are de-identified, cleaned and aggregated by IRIS to...

Magyar Kémikusok Lapja

Tamás Kiss
Magyar Kémikusok Lapja. ISSN 0025-0163 (print), 1588-1199 (online). 72. évf. 9. sz. (2017)

COL5A1 gene variants previously associated with reduced soft tissue injury risk are associated with elite athlete status in rugby

Alun Williams, Shane M. Heffernan, Liam P. Kilduff, Robert M. Erskine, Stephen H. Day, Georgina K. Stebbings, Christian J. Cook, Stuart M. Raleigh, Mark A. Bennett, Guan Wang, Malcolm Collins & Yannis Pitsiladis
Two common single nucleotide polymorphisms within the COL5A1 gene (SNPs; rs12722 C/T and rs3196378 C/A) have previously been associated with tendon and ligament pathologies. Given the high incidence of tendon and ligament injuries in elite rugby athletes, we hypothesised that both SNPs would be associated with career success. In 1105 participants (RugbyGene project), comprising 460 elite rugby union (RU), 88 elite rugby league athletes and 565 non-athlete controls, DNA was collected and genotyped for the...

Equilibrated structures for the MD simulations

RL Bower, L Yule, TA Rees, Giuseppe Deganutti, Christopher A Reynolds, PWR Harris, R Kowalczyk, Z Ridgway, AG Wong, DP Raleigh, MA Brimble, Christopher S Walker & Deborah L Hay

LastFM top-50 artists

Vincent Leroy
A set of users and the 50 artists they listen the most to.

Date Estimation in the Wild Images

Eric Müller, Matthias Springstein & Ralph Ewerth

Monthly Pan Evaporation Data across the Continental United States between 1950-2001

Michael T. Hobbins, Joseph J. Barsugli, Candida F. Dewes & Imtiaz Rangwala
Pan evaporation is a measure of atmospheric evaporative demand (E0) for which long term and spatially distributed observations are available from the NOAA Cooperative Observer (COOP) Network. However, this data requires extensive quality control and homogenization due to documented and undocumented station moves and other factors including human errors in recording or digitization. Station-based Pan Evaporation measurements (in mm) from 247 stations across the continental United States were compiled and quality controlled for the analysis...

ePaper: Versuchsberichte ökologischer Gemüsebau 2016 - Jahrgangsband Versuche im deutschen Gartenbau

Frithjof Gutberlet & Verband Der Landwirtschaftskammern E.V. (VLK)
Babyleaf, Basilikum, Bohne - Busch, Düngung, Erbsen - Mark, Gurke - Slicer, Knoblauch, Knollensellerie, Paprika - Gewächshaus, Paprika - Folienhaus, Paprika - Freiland, Petersilie - Folienhaus, Radies, Rote Beete, Salat - Batavia, Salat - Eichblatt, Salat - Feld, Salat - Kopf, Salat - Schnitt, Speisemelde, Speiserübe, Spinat - Herbst, Süßkartoffel, Tomate - geschützter Anbau, Tomate - Cherry, Tomate - Eier

Quasi-geostrophic, two-layer model

Michael Rudko
This is a finite-difference, two-layer, quasi-geosotrophic model. The governing equations are the conservation of potential vorticity in each layer with added viscous terms and forcing (Pedlosky, 1987). This model simulates the dynamics of mesoscale currents. The nonlinear term is discretized with Arakawa energy, enstrophy and symmetry conserving scheme. Doubly-periodic boundary conditions are applied. To compile, please, type "make all".

Victorian Land Use Information System 2014/15

Elizabeth Morse-McNabb, Kathryn Sheffield, Hayden Lewis, Susan Robson & Rob Clark
The Victorian Land Use Information System (VLUIS) dataset has been created by the Spatial Information Sciences Group of the Agriculture Research Division in the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport, and Resources. The method used to create VLUIS is significantly different to traditional methods used to create land use information and has been designed to create regular and consistent data over time. It covers the entire landmass of Victoria and separately describes the land tenure,...

Australia state of the environment 2016: land

Daniel Metcalfe & Elisabeth Bui
Australia state of the environment 2016: land is part of a suite of reports and products that review the state of the Australian environment. All SoE material is available at soe.environment.gov.au as highly searchable digital content provided under a creative commons licence with downloadable open-access data.

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