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Integrated Broadband Receivers for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Benjamin Sporrer

Lysine acetylome profiling uncovers novel histone deacetylase substrate proteins in Arabidopsis

Markus Hartl, Magdalena Füßl, Paul J. Boersema, Jan-Oliver Jost, Katharina Kramer, Ahmet Bakirbas, Julia Sindlinger, Magdalena Plöchinger, Dario Leister, Glen Uhrig, Greg B.G. Moorhead, Jürgen Cox, Michael E. Salvucci, Dirk Schwarzer, Matthias Mann & Iris Finkemeier
Histone deacetylases have central functions in regulating stress defenses and development in plants. However, the knowledge about the deacetylase functions is largely limited to histones, although these enzymes were found in diverse subcellular compartments. In this study, we determined the proteome‐wide signatures of the RPD3/HDA1 class of histone deacetylases in Arabidopsis. Relative quantification of the changes in the lysine acetylation levels was determined on a proteome‐wide scale after treatment of Arabidopsis leaves with deacetylase inhibitors...

Polarimetric Calibration of the Ku-Band Advanced Polarimetric Radar Interferometer

Simone Baffelli, Othmar Frey, Charles Werner & Irena Hajnsek
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 56 (4)

Energy transition, technological spillovers and elasticity of substitution

Chiara Colesanti Senni
Economics Working Paper Series, 17/281

A dynamic macroscopic parking pricing and decision model

Manuel Jakob, Monica Menendez & Jin Cao
Responsive pricing has been gaining attention in recent research, but its interdependency with searching-for-parking traffic remains still unclear. In this paper, a dynamic macroscopic parking pricing model is developed to maximize the revenue for a city, while simultaneously minimizing the total cruising time on the network. The methodology proposes new parking pricing formulations, and embeds them into a dynamic macroscopic urban traffic and parking model to better replicate reality. The proposed responsive pricing scheme takes...

Basin-scale temporal evolution of the discharge ratios at confluences: The case of the Upper-Rhône watershed

Romain Cardot, Gelare Moradi, Simone Fatichi, Peter Molnar, François Mettra & Stuart Lane
Geophysical Research Abstracts, 19

Subcanopy Flux Measurements in Forest Ecosystems

Sebastian Wolf, Eugénie Paul-Limoges & Dennis Baldocchi
Geophysical Research Abstracts, 19

Sequence-based prediction of permissive stretches for internal protein tagging and knockdown

Sabine Österle, Tania M. Roberts, Lukas A. Widmer, Harun Mustafa, Sven Panke & Sonja Billerbeck
Background Internal tagging of proteins by inserting small functional peptides into surface accessible permissive sites has proven to be an indispensable tool for basic and applied science. Permissive sites are typically identified by transposon mutagenesis on a case-by-case basis, limiting scalability and their exploitation as a system-wide protein engineering tool. Methods We developed an apporach for predicting permissive stretches (PSs) in proteins based on the identification of length-variable regions (regions containing indels) in homologous proteins....

A statistical approach to comparing public transport accessibility results

Mathew W. Conway, Andrew Byrd & Michael A.B. Van Eggermond

Extending the hidden Markov architecture for activity scheduling

Cuauhtémoc Anda & Sergio A. Ordoñez Medina

Interaction effects of multiple targeted agri-environmental payments under climate change in a mountain region

Robert Huber, Rebecca Snell, François Monin, Sibyl Brunner, Dirk Schmatz & Robert Finger
Targeting of agri-environmental measures (AEM) is a key to increasing the cost-effectiveness of governmental support for biodiversity conservation and the provision of ecosystem services from agriculture. Existing literature, however, often focuses on single measures without considering that policies are usually bundles of different measures. Here we use a social-ecological, agent-based modelling framework to assess interaction effects of agricultural policies while accounting for climate change impacts in our analysis. The results from our case study in...

Strain-Dependent Solid Surface Stress and the Stiffness of Soft Contacts

Katharine E. Jensen, Robert W. Style, Qin Xu & Eric R. Dufresne
Surface stresses have recently emerged as a key player in the mechanics of highly compliant solids. The classic theories of contact mechanics describe adhesion with a compliant substrate as a competition between surface energies driving deformation to establish contact and bulk elasticity resisting this. However, it has recently been shown that surface stresses provide an additional restoring force that can compete with and even dominate over elasticity in highly compliant materials, especially when length scales...

Towards a Selection Mechanism Integrating Focal Fixations, Pupil Size, and Microsaccade Dynamics

Christoph Strauch, Anke Huckauf, Krzysztof Krejtz & Andrew T. Duchowski
The use of gaze promises fast and smart user interaction. Mimicking human gaze interaction, we suggest a framework based on the vision of integrating fixations, pupil size, and microsaccade dynamics. Recent work has shown that fixations can be differentiated between focal and ambient, where the former are important for further decisional processes, and the latter are rather used for orienting. Psychophysiological measures suggest that pupil dilation and microsaccades can reveal user intention in real time....

Biophysical processes supporting the diversity of microbial life in soil

Robin Tecon & Dani Or
Soil, the living terrestrial skin of the Earth, plays a central role in supporting life and is home to an unimaginable diversity of microorganisms. This review explores key drivers for microbial life in soils under different climates and land-use practices at scales ranging from soil pores to landscapes. We delineate special features of soil as a microbial habitat (focusing on bacteria) and the consequences for microbial communities. This review covers recent modeling advances that link...

Mechanism of RNA polymerase II stalling by DNA alkylation

Stefano Malvezzi, Lucas Farnung, Claudia M.N. Aloisi, Todor Angelov, Patrick Cramer & Shana J. Sturla
Several anticancer agents that form DNA adducts in the minor groove interfere with DNA replication and transcription to induce apoptosis. Therapeutic resistance can occur, however, when cells are proficient in the removal of drug-induced damage. Acylfulvenes are a class of experimental anticancer agents with a unique repair profile suggesting their capacity to stall RNA polymerase (Pol) II and trigger transcription-coupled nucleotide excision repair. Here we show how different forms of DNA alkylation impair transcription by...

Application of Model Predictive Control to Wind Turbines

Marc Guadayol Roig

Der Einfluss des Strukturwandels im Dienstleistungssektor auf die Grundversorgung kleinerer und mittlerer Gemeinden der Schweiz

Nicola Meier
Das Thema Grundversorgung taucht in der heutigen Zeit vermehrt wieder in den politischen Agenden auf und löst kontroverse Diskussionen aus. Grund dafür ist der unter anderem durch die fortschreitende Digitalisierung beschleunigte Strukturwandel. Dadurch entstehen immer spürbarer werdende Disparitäten zwischen den verschiedenen geografischen Räumen. Desweitern hat sich auch das allgemeine öffentliche Verständnis über den Begriff Grundversorgung entwickelt. Die vorliegende Arbeit geht der Frage nach, wie sich der Strukturwandel in unterschiedlichen Gemeindegrössenklassen und verschiedenen Raumtypen auf bestimmte...

Symmetry and topology of nodal semimetals

Tomáš Bzdušek
The subject matter of this thesis is the appearance of various nodal semimetals in crystalline solids. The valence and the conduction bands of such materials touch at points or along lines in momentum space, and their chemical potential is adjusted to the energy of this touching. As a consequence, these materials have a vanishing or a very small density of states at the Fermi level, while not being characterized by an energy gap in the...

Cyclists’ perceived safety and its impact on bicycle mode choice

Mohsen Nazemi

Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Folate Tracers for Tumor Imaging Using PET

Silvan D. Boss

Nr.99: Georgia's relations with the EU

Shota Kakabadze, Tinatin Zurabishvili & Shu Uchida
This interdisciplinary issue of the Caucasus Analytical Digest looks at Georgia’s relations with the EU. The contribution by Shota Kakabadze, a political scientist, examines domestic political debates and Georgia’s resulting foreign policy towards the EU. The second contribution, by sociologist Tinatin Zurabishvili examines public opinion polls. The analysis focuses on the (rather diffuse) profile of those Georgians who claim that the EU threatens Georgia’s traditions. The third contribution, finally, takes an International Relations perspective. Shu...

Transgene flow in Mexican maize revisited: Socio-biological analysis across two contrasting farmer communities and seed management systems

Sarah Agapito-Tenfen, Flor R. Lopez, Narmeen Mallah, Gretta Abou-Slemayne, Miluse Trtikova, Rubens O. Nodari & Fern Wickson
The flow of transgenes into landraces and wild relatives is an important biosafety concern. The case of transgene flow into local maize varieties in Mexico (the center of origin of maize) has been intensively debated over the past 15 years, including legal, political, and environmental disputes fanned by the existence of a significant scientific controversy over the methods used for the detection of transgenes. The use of diverse approaches and a lack of harmonized methods...

Penultimate deglacial warming across the Mediterranean Sea revealed by clumped isotopes in foraminifera

Laura Rodríguez-Sanz, Stefano M. Bernasconi, G. Marino, David Heslop, Inigo A. Mueller, Alvaro Fernandez, Katharine M. Grant & Eelco J. Rohling
The variability of seawater temperature through time is a critical measure of climate change, yet its reconstruction remains problematic in many regions. Mg/Ca and oxygen isotope (δ18OC) measurements in foraminiferal carbonate shells can be combined to reconstruct seawater temperature and δ18O (δ18OSW). The latter is a measure of changes in local hydrology (e.g., precipitation/evaporation, freshwater inputs) and global ice volume. But diagenetic processes may affect foraminiferal Mg/Ca. This restricts its potential in many places, including...

Smart Dynamic Casting: Slipforming with Flexible Formwork - Inline Measurement and Control

Ena Lloret Fritschi, Lex Reiter, Timothy Wangler, Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler & Robert J. Flatt
Smart Dynamic Casting (SDC) – a robotic prefabrication method for non-standard structures – has emerged from shaping concrete with a rigid formwork into an almost fully automated system enabling the production of concrete structures with variable cross-section and geometries using flexible actuated formworks. The flexible formwork systems have yielded full scale prototypes (up to 3 meters in height) that vary in shape, volume, thickness and geometry (or a combination of these), and show that the...

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