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Regression on particle systems connected to mean-field SDEs with applications

Denis Belomestny & John G. M. Schoenmakers
In this note we consider the problem of using regression on interacting particles to compute conditional expectations for McKean-Vlasov SDEs. We prove general result on convergence of linear regression algorithms and establish the corresponding rates of convergence. Application to optimal stopping and variance reduction are considered.

Concentration and Quantification of Somatic and F+ Coliphages from Recreational Waters

Asja Korajkic
Dataset describes performance of a culture-based method to concentrate and quantify somatic and F+ coliphages.

L4+L5 Mission as an Ideal Project for International Collaboration

Alexei Pevtsov
Having satellites positioned in-orbit at both Lagrangian L5 and L4 points offers several major advantages. For example, the L5 vantage point provides an early view of the solar surface, which Earth will be facing 4-5 days later. In turn, the L4 viewing point enables a better view of the source regions of eruptions responsible for SEPs affecting the near-Earth environment. Taken together, observations from L4 and L5 cover about 83% of solar surface, which will...

Kluft und Brücke zwischen Kapital und Arbeit

Anton Antweiler
[Abstract fehlt]

Stabilization of Crossflow Instability with Plasma Actuators: Linearized Navier Stokes Simulations

Richard ASHWORTH, Kean Lee KANG & Shahid MUGHAL
This paper describes work carried out within the Buterfli project to look at the control of transition causing \"target\" stationary cross flow vortices, by the use of distributed plasma actuation to generate sub-dominant \"killer\" modes. The objective is to use the \"killer\" modes to control the \"target\" modes through a non-linear stabilising mechanism. The numerical modelling and results are compared to experimental studies performed at the TsAGI T124 tunnel for a swept plate subject to...

Kollaboratives Management von Softwareprodukten im Rahmen von EAM

Tim Piontek
Dieser Artikel ist ein Beitrag aus der Praxis. Er beinhaltet einen Vorschlag für ein kollaboratives Management von Softwareprodukten durch unterschiedliche Stakeholder. Es wird zunächst motiviert, warum ein kollaboratives Management angestrebt werden sollte, wie die einzelnen Tätigkeiten aussehen und wie diese auf Rollen verteilt sind, welche Vorteile sich durch kollaboratives Management von Softwareprodukten ergeben und wie es mit dem Architektur-Governance einer EAM-Organisation verknüpft werden kann. Für die Architektur-Governance wird ein Template für einen Softwareprodukt-Steckbrief vorgestellt, anhand...

32-digit values of the first 100 recurrence coefficients, obtained from moments, for a radiative transfer weight function with parameter c=8/3

Walter Gautschi
32-digit values of the first 100 recurrence coefficients for the weight function w(x)=exp(-1/x) on [0,c], c=8/3

Die Linkshänder (bulgar.): kein O-Ton Grass

Günter Grass Stiftung-Medienarchiv
Feature über die Übersetzung von Werken zeitgenössischer deutschsprachiger Autoren mit einer übersetzten Lesung der Groteske "Die Linkshänder" (vgl. WA 1 (2007), S. 639-645) von Günter Grass

New complexone derivatives of 8-hydroxy-quinoline and theirs application in UO22+ extraction

Didier Villemin Villemin, Fatiha Zaoui, Nathalie Bar Bar & Mohamed Amine Didi
New complexone derivatives of 8-hydroxyquinoline (quinolinol) were synthesized by the Mannich reaction from secondary and primary amines. Our syntheses were carried out either at room temperature, at reflux or under microwave irradiation, in good yields. The use of the 7-(dioctylamino)methyl)quinolin-8-ol (3f) as new extractant for the uptake and removal of UO22+ was investigated. Conditions for an effective sorption were optimized. The total sorption capacity was 102 (mg.g-1) under optimum experimental conditions.

CCWI2017: F45 'Dynamic Scenario Selection in Optimal Design Problems and Evolutionary Optimization with Uncertain System Knowledge'

Nathan Sankary & Avi Ostfeld
The design of water resource management and control systems have provided a promising space for evolutionary algorithms. In many cases a system for managing a water resource requires a large degree of planning and design before implementation and many stake holders perceive different objectives with different importance. Multiobjective evolutionary algorithms inherently provide a tool that can best satisfy the desires of many stakeholders (many objectives) through computation of a non-dominated solution set. However, the performance...

ISCI CC Climate Models Dataset

Elias Vitali
The uploaded files and data include our research group's notebook over the course of the project, raw data tables, and raw audio files used to create our podcast. This dataset also includes the final paper we produced as part of our project.

linx.woodynet.pch.net (05/22/2005 to 10/26/2008)

Packet Clearing House
This database encompasses daily 'sh ip bgp' formatted snapshots of the routing information base (RIB) for router linx.woodynet.pch.net, which is located at the LINX Internet Exchange in London, UK. The routing topology depicted herein encompasses routes that have been exchanged between PCH and local peers that have agreed to share routing topology data for reseach purposes. Note that the scope of routing topology data captured in this data set will change constantly, as network conditions...

Bio-Hybrid Membrane Process for Food-based Wastewater Valorisation: a pathway to an efficient integrated membrane process design

Abaynesh Yihdego Gebreyohannes, Lidietta Giorno, Efrem Curcio, Pierre Aimar, Ivo F.J. Vankelecom & Raffaele Molinari
Dottorato di Ricerca in Ingegneria Chimica dei Materiali, Ciclo XXVII, a.a. 2013-2014

bluescarni/mppp: mp++ 0.16

Francesco Biscani, 7ofNine, Dario Izzo & The Gitter Badger
This is a quick release which fixes an issue in the versioning of the mp++ shared library. No code changes have been made since 0.15.

Sci-GaIA User Forum - Technology Transfer Alliance Collaboration Platform

Diana Rwegasira
This video contains the recording of the presentation titled "Technology Transfer Alliance Collaboration Platform" given at the Sci-GaIA User Forum & Final Conference, held on the 23th and the 24th of March 2017 at the CSIR International Convention Centre (CICC), Pretoria, South Africa. For more information about the event, please visit http://agenda.ct.infn.it/e/scigaia-final-event. For more information about the Sci-GaIA project, please visit http://www.sci-gaia.eu.

35th Multicenter Airway Research Collaboration (MARC-35)

Carlos A. Camargo
In this secondary analysis of MARC-35 data, we detected an association between the microbiota profiles of nasal swabs (NS) and nasopharyngeal aspirates (NPA) collected from infants (age <1 year) hospitalized for bronchiolitis. Study data is available by request.

Die Balkan-Muslime und Europa

Jordanka Telbizova-Sack & Zentrum Für Zeithistorische Forschung
Europa im Ostblock. Vorstellungen und Diskurse (1945 - 1991)/Europe in the Eastern Bloc. Imaginations and Discourses (1945–1991)

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