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Fourth series of experiments

Dmitry Zhukov, Sergey Lyamin & Natalia Barabash
Fourth series of experiments, phases A to E: demonstrates development scenarios of a rather realistic initial situation (А).
Variant B-C: if dc decreases, then kc goes up, accompanied by a reconfiguration of modernization drivers. Phased transition occurs almost instantly, and attractors fall into two dense clouds located in different areas.
Variant D-E: If dc goes up, then kc starts decreasing, which means reinforcement of the previous type of modernisation. Attractors pass into the target M-area.
In both...

Rete sismica del gruppo EMERSITO, sequenza sismica del 2016 in Italia Centrale

Istituto Nazionale Di Geofisica E Vulcanologia (INGV)
The EMERSITO seismic networks are devoted to site effect studies in different municipalities of Central Italy affected by the Mw 6.0 Amatrice earthquake (24/08/2016) and the following seismic sequence. The aim of EMERSITO is to carry out and coordinate the monitoring of local site effects, caused by geological and geomorphological settings. During the first days of the seismic emergency, EMERSITO installed a temporary seismic network for site effect studies at 4 municipalities close to the...

Active learning in annotating micro-blogs dealing with e-reputation

Elections unleash strong political views on Twitter, but what do people really think about politics? Opinion and trend mining on micro blogs dealing with politics has recently attracted researchers in several fields including Information Retrieval and Machine Learning (ML). Since the performance of ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP) approaches are limited by the amount and quality of data available, one promising alternative for some tasks is the automatic propagation of expert annotations. This paper...

Crossing Borders

Franziska Burger
An Interview with Cristina Galbiati (TricksterP, Novazzano) on Sights

The visible dead: dolmens and the landscape in Early Bronze Age Jordan

James Fraser
Overview:Dolmens are usually described as part of a regional megalithic phenomenon that spanned the 5th-2nd millennia BC. However, this presentation assumes that most ‘dolmens’ are mis-identified. When strictly defined, dolmens better reflect a local funerary tradition of the 4th millennium BC.Definitions:The term dolmen includes a variety of features whose only similarity is their use of large stone slabs. This presentation defines a dolmen as a freestanding,rectangular chamber formed by two upright orthostats along each long...

Ethical Consumer Markets Report 2008 – UK

Ethical Consumer Research Association (ECRA)
The Ethical Consumer Markets Report has been produced annually by Ethical Consumer (ECRA) since 1999 and aims to provide a barometer on ethical spending in the UK.
This is the report for 2008, and is published in partnership between the ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre and ECRA.
The report presents information about the total and sectorial consumer spending on ethical purchasing.
For further information please visit: http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/

Erfahrungsorientierte Didaktik als Etüde. Methoden als Bedingung für ästhetische Bildungsprozesse

Marion Schüßler
Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es, eine Didaktik der Erfahrung auf der Basis ästhetischer Bildungsprozesse zu beschreiben, was anhand von theater- und gestaltpädagogischen Grundsätzen illustriert wird. Zum besseren Verständnis wird Bildung als ästhetisch-erfahrungsbezogener Prozess erörtert, um dann Theater- und Gestaltpädagogik als lösungsabstinenten Prozess zu beschreiben.

Identifying Tools for Comparing Simulations and Observations of Spectral-line Data Cubes

Eric W. Koch, Caleb G. Ward, Stella Offner, Jason L. Loeppky & Erik W. Rosolowsky
This contains data and other information related to the publication 'Identifying Tools for Comparing Simulations and Observations of Spectral-line Data Cubes' by Eric, W. Koch, MNRAS, 2017

Terv-tény elemzés a kockázatitőke-befektetések területén

Patrícia Becsky-Nagy, Bettina Farkas & Éva Ferenczyné Gyallai
Contorller Info, Vol. 5. No. 1. ISSN 2063-9309


Erika Preisel
Mediales Lernen/Lehren im Fremdsprachenunterricht/beim Spracherwerb

Annex 5 to the Second DAR: Expert evaluation of Targeted Products

Simona Simoncelli, George Kallos, Sofia Reizopoulou, Lluis Gomez-Pujol, Gianna Fabi, Antonio Cruzado & Dora Kouvada
Annex 5 presents the expert evaluation of Targeted Product quality and gaps in the input data sets.

Jun Yop Ixiim – Another Appellative for the Ancient Maya Maize God

Elisabeth Wagner
The present note will discuss a new reading of the initial hieroglyphic block (D1) of K’inich Janaab Pakal II’s (henceforth: Pakal) nominal phrase as recorded in the inscription on the Oval Palace Tablet at Palenque.

Gestion des conflits et consolidation de la paix en Afrique francophone : regards croisés de la Chine et de la Francophonie

Meng Jin
Dans un contexte de conflits intra-étatiques, où les menaces sont globalisées et les stratégies individualisées, les puissances comme les organisations internationales, dont la Chine et la Francophonie font partie, sont engagées dans leur gestion. Malgré les différences dans leurs perceptions et leurs objectifs, la consolidation de la paix en Afrique francophone est un terrain commun où s’appliquent leurs politiques. La complémentarité de leurs actions mérite d’être soulignée dans notre article. Mettre l’une sous le regard...

Le dispositif d’évaluation de l’action IDEFI 7 : création de sections technologiques. Identifier et maitriser les enjeux sociaux de l’évaluation

Alain Briole
L’évaluation de l’action 7 IDEFI, ”Création de sections technologiques” intègre dans son dispositif la prise en compte des enjeux sociaux de l’innovation. Pour dépasser les logiques fonctionnaliste et instrumentale généralement retenues, l’évaluation développe une démarche centrée sur les compétences sociales et le développement personnel des étudiants. Cette communication expose la méthodologie générale de cette démarche, son opérationnalisation et le cadre théorique qui la soutient.

Holz als Geschichtsstoff: Das Materielle in den Dingkulturen

Thomas Kuehtreiber & Heike Schlie
Die erste Ausgabe des Online-Journals MEMO ist der Forschungsperspektive Materialities des Instituts für Realienkunde des Mittelalters und der Frühen Neuzeit (IMAREAL) gewidmet. An ihrem Ausgang steht das Desiderat, auf das eigentlich Materielle und Substanzielle der „Materiellen Kultur“ zu fokussieren und eine Eigensprachlichkeit des Materiellen ernst zu nehmen. Menschliche Akteure und Materialien stehen in vielfältigen Wechselwirkungsprozessen: Die Erforschung derselben ermöglicht ein tieferes Verständnis des Angebotscharakters von Stoffen und Substanzen in ihrer kulturell gefilterten Nutzungsbreite und der...


Ali Bramson
This file contains the thermal modeling inputs and outputs for model runs included in the Bramson et al. JGR-Planets manuscript "Preservation of Mid-Latitude Ice Sheets on Mars"
Bramson, A. M., Byrne, S. & Bapst, J. (2017). Preservation of Mid-Latitude Ice Sheets on Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 122. https://doi.org/10.1002/2017JE005357

Public Data Set: Continuous, Edge Localized Ion Heating During Non-Solenoidal Plasma Startup and Sustainment in a Low Aspect Ratio Tokamak

Marcus Burke, Jayson Barr, Michael Bongard, Raymond Fonck, Edward Hinson, Justin Perry, Joshua Reusch & David Schlossberg
This public data set contains openly-documented, machine readable digital research data corresponding to figures published in M.G. Burke et. al., 'Continuous, Edge Localized Ion Heating During Non-Solenoidal Plasma Startup and Sustainment in a Low Aspect Ratio Tokamak,' Nucl. Fusion 57, 076010 (2017).

Extracellular loops 2 and 3 of the calcitonin G protein-coupled receptor selectively modify agonist binding and efficacy

Emma Dal Maso, Yue Zhu, Christopher A Reynolds, Giuseppe Deganutti, Caroline A Hick, Dehua Yang, Arthur Christopoulos, Deborah L Hay, Ming-Wei Wang, Patrick M Sexton, Sebastian Furness & Denise Wootten

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