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Allgemeiner Sportmotorischer Test (AST)

Klaus Bös
[MoReData.Quality] Value=80

Potential offshore aquaculture sites

Kieran Lyons, Tomasz Dabrowski, Caroline Cusack & Ramona Carr
The objective for this survey leg (KRY11_03) was to acquire high resolution MBES, SBES and shallow seismic data offshore off Achill, Co.Mayo. Survey work was carried out to International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) Order 1A standard. The survey was carried out ESBI in partnership with SEAI supported by INFOMAR vessels and staff. This is a 5 m resolution bathymetry tif in WGS84 projection. The survey was carried out on the R.V. Keary using a hull mounted...

Questionnaire and Dataset of the TIB Survey 2017 on information procurment and pubishing behaviour of researchers in the natural sciences and engineering

Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) (Conducted By Engage AG)
This data set contains the questionnaire and anonymized excerpts from the raw data of the quantitative online survey carried out from the end of 2016 till the beginning of 2017 among the researchers in the natural sciences and engineering on the subject of their information procurment and publishing behavior. Researchers from German universities and non-university research institutes were questioned. For the statistical evaluation 1,464 questionnaires were included. The survey was carried out by engage -...

Geomorphological Map Units of Victoria

David Rees, Mark Imhof, Bernie Joyce, Neville Rosengren, Jim Rowan, John Martin, Ian Sargeant, John Nielson, Peter Dalhaus & Ken Rowe
This dataset provides a hierarchical framework of geomorphological spatial entities at three tiers (Tier 1 represents the coarsest scale, Tier 3 representing the finest scale). Over the last decade in Victoria, geomorphology has been used to create a hierarchical classification of landforms and landscapes, known as the Victorian Geomorphology Framework (VGF). The VGF is a spatial framework consisting of a hierarchical system of land unit descriptions. The framework hierarchy is a spatial system to assist...

EHR4CR CTE Data Inventory

Philipp Bruland
Data Inventory for Clinical Trial Execution in the EHR4CR project. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27875988 DOI for citation: 10.21961/MDM:17994

20. Sozialerhebung (2012)

Elke Middendorff, Beate Apolinarski, Jonas Poskowsky, Maren Kandulla, Nicolai Netz & Deutsches Zentrum Für Hochschul- Und Wissenschaftsforschung (DZHW)
Die 20. Sozialerhebung ist Teil der Sozialerhebung des Deutschen Studentenwerks (DSW), einer seit 1951 bestehenden Untersuchungsreihe zur wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Situation der Studierenden in Deutschland. Es handelt sich um eine Querschnittserhebung, die meist in dreijährigem Abstand durchgeführt wird. Zum Kernbestand der Sozialerhebung gehören Fragen zum Hochschulzugang, zu Strukturmerkmalen des Studiums und Studienverlaufs, zur sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Lage (Studienfinanzierung, Lebenshaltungskosten, Erwerbstätigkeit, Wohnsituation), zu Themen des Tätigkeitsfeldes der Studentenwerke sowie zu sozio-demographischen Merkmalen. Im Zuge der Umsetzung...

Ultrafast current imaging by Bayesian inversion

Suhas Somnath, Kody Law, Anna Morozovska, Petro Maksymovych, Yunseok Kim, Xiaoli Lu, Marin Alexe, Richard Archibald, Sergei Kalinin, Stephen Jesse & Rama Vasudevan
Spectroscopic measurements of current-voltage curves in scanning probe microscopy is the earliest and one of the most common methods for characterizing local energy-dependent electronic properties, providing insight into superconductive, semiconductor, and memristive behaviors. However, the quasistatic nature of these measurements renders them extremely slow. Here, we demonstrate a fundamentally new approach for dynamic spectroscopic current imaging via full information capture and Bayesian inference analysis. This "general-mode I-V"method allows three orders of magnitude faster rates than...

Soil Explorer: Victorian Background Soil Database

Suzie Reichman & Hannah Mikkonen
A publicly available database and interactive map presenting background soil concentrations for soil across Victoria. Naturally enriched background concentrations of metals and elements have been reported in soils of Victoria, Australia. Where natural enrichment is not accurately distinguished from anthropogenic impacts, soils can be inappropriately categorised as “contaminated waste”; resulting in unnecessary disposal to landfill. Publicly available and new background soil data was collated by RMIT University for the purpose of developing improved methods for...

Switzerland - Effects of the 2015 « Break the chains » campaign on the gay community and on the MSM individuals - Post-campaign survey"

Stéphanie Lociciro & Raphaël Bize
The intervention "BREAK THE CHAINS" (BTC) is an annual campaign that has been implemented by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Swiss Aids federation since 2012. It is part of the FOPH's urgent action plan intended for men who have sex with men (MSM). Implementation and communication strategies have constantly evolved since 2012 based on the experience gained during each edition and based on a previous evaluation work. Stakeholders postulate a long...

Australia state of the environment 2016: drivers

William Jackson
Australia state of the environment 2016: drivers is part of a suite of reports and products that review the state of the Australian environment. All SoE material is available at soe.environment.gov.au as highly searchable digital content provided under a creative commons licence with downloadable open-access data.

Teljesítmény mérése a vállalati gyakorlatban – hozam, eredmény vagy cash-flow?

Harsányi Gergely, Pucsek József, Siklósi Ágnes, Sisa Krisztina Andrea, Szijártó Boglárka, Török Martina-Zsófia & Veress Attila
In.: Gyenge Balázs, Kozma Tímea, Tóth Róbert (szerk.): Folyamatmenedzsment kihívásai. Versenyképességi tényezők a 21. században. Gödöllő, PerfActa, 2016. ISBN: 978-963-12-7158-4

Quantitative MRI provides markers of intra-, inter-regional, and age-related differences in young adult cortical microstructure

Francesco Caprini & Daniel Carey
1. Maps for all subjects, parameters and fractions (ASCII) 2. Maps for all cross-subject averages for all parameters and fractions (ASCII)

Ballarat and district waterbird survey

Birgita Hansen, Joshua Howard & Jennifer Urias
The dataset represents the combined outputs of two student research projects, which are thematically linked. Both projects aimed to collect waterbird census data from waterbodies in the Ballarat region. Overall survey design was chosen to obtain data on population sizes at surveyed lakes / wetlands, in order to make comparisons about relative importance (in terms of species richness and total abundance). The Urias project focused on conducting simultaneous waterbird surveys at three large lakes, Lake...

Building bridges to chemistry through biological contents

Mareike Janssen & Martin Gröger
Abstract: In contrast to biological contents, chemical contents are still underrepresented in primary schools, although they are implemented in the curricula. This problem is largely due to an inadequate education of primary school teachers and a resulting lack of positive attitudes towards chemical contents and of interest in them. Closely related is a widespread negative self-concept for chemical topics and a low self-efficacy to teach them. In order to address this problem, a university seminar...

Atlantic Canada Newspaper Survey - Dataset

University Of New Brunswick At Saint John, Prince Edward Island Museum Foundation, Canadian Heritage Information Network, Canadian Museum Of Civilization, St. Mary’s University Gorsebrook Research Institute, Memorial University Of Newfoundland, Saint John New Brunswick Museum, Newfoundland Museum & Halifax Nova Scotia Museum


Daniel Weidner, Stefan Willer & Zentrum Für Literatur- Und Kulturforschung Berlin

Arts, sciences et processus exploratoires

Jean Cristofol
La vieille question des relations entre arts et sciences a pris une nouvelle actualité. Il est donc nécessaire de l’aborder autrement. Il faut s’interroger sur la diversité des formes de la connaissance scientifique, mais aussi prendre en compte l’évolution des pratiques artistiques elles-mêmes. Photographie, cinéma et vidéo ont changé la donne. Le numérique, qui n'est plus un médium ni un média particulier mais qui se développe à l'échelle de la société toute entière, a radicalement...

Why China did not have a Renaissance—and why that matters: An interdisciplinary Dialogue

Thomas Maissen & Barbara Mittler
Digital Archive for Chinese Studies (DACHS) - Citation Repository

DINPI biodiversity data

Duna-Ipoly National Park
A Duna-Ipoly National Park Directorate's (DINPI) species occurrence database.

On the integrable structure of super Yang-Mills scattering amplitudes

Nils Kanning
The maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory in four-dimensional Minkowski space is an exceptional model of mathematical physics. Even more so in the planar limit, where the theory is believed to be integrable. In particular, the tree-level scattering amplitudes were shown to be invariant under the Yangian of the superconformal algebra psu(2,2|4). This infinite-dimensional symmetry is a hallmark of integrability. In this dissertation we explore connections between these amplitudes and integrable models. Our aim is to lay...

Enhanced LC-product for Fennoscandia

Titta Majasalmi
New forest classification scheme was developed to better represent the key forest structural variables, which have direct influence on vegetation-climate interactions, in different land models. Forest management affects the distribution of tree species and the age class of a forest, shaping its overall structure and functioning, and in turn, surface-atmosphere exchanges of mass, energy, and momentum. In order to attribute climate effects to anthropogenic activities like forest management, good accounts of forest structure are necessary....

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