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Partecipanti ai bandi ORA! 2016 e OPEN 2015 e 2016 (2015-2016)

Compagnia Di San Paolo
Lo studio Partecipanti ai bandi ORA! 2016 e OPEN 2015 e 2016 (2015-2016) raccoglie una serie di informazioni relative ai soggetti partecipanti ai bandi ORA! (edizione 2016) e OPEN (edizioni 2015 e 2016), promossi dalla Compagnia di San Paolo.
La Compagnia di San Paolo è una fondazione di diritto privato che persegue finalità di utilità sociale, allo scopo di favorire lo sviluppo culturale, civile ed economico, con i redditi del proprio patrimonio. Da sempre attenta...

Border art et frontières de l'art

Anna Guilló
A travers de nouvelles approches esthétiques, le Border Art a remis en jeu notre rapport à l’espace. En cultivant l’extra-disciplinarité, il s’est rapproché de la géographie expérimentale et nous a amené à réfléchir sur ce qui fait l’art, ainsi que sur la place de l’artiste dans la société.

Religious Loyalty and Acceptance of Corruption. A replication study of Gouda and Park (Journal of Economics and Statistics, 2015)

Joachim Wagner
This note reports on a failed attempt to reproduce the estimation results reported in Gouda and Park (2015). The authors use publicly available micro data for individuals from the World Value Survey to investigate the link between religiously-induced internalized values and attitudes regarding the acceptance of corruption.

Technical Design Report: Photon Arrival Time Monitor (PAM) at the European XFEL

Jia Liu, Florian Dietrich & Jan Grünert
The photon arrival time monitor (PAM), based on X-ray–induced optical reflectivity or transmission changes in solid samples, will be implemented and served to precisely measure the X-ray arrival time and time jitter at the European XFEL facility. The spectral encoding method applies a broadband chirped supercontinuum as a probe, resulting in a wavelength-to-time mapping because different spectral components arrive at different times. One could foresee to record the arrival time for each shot in the...

Integration of high-resolution micro-computed tomography in the quality control of 3D-printed scaffolds.

Vincent A Stadelmann, Mike A Geven, Dirk W Grijpma, Geoff R Richards, David Eglin & Olivier Guillaume
Additive manufacturing, and among all stereolithography, has shown great potential in the field of biomedical science. This technology offers a relatively simple means to manufacture objects with complex external and internal features and high spatial resolution, compared to more traditional manufacturing methods. Successful clinical reports of patient specific implants manufactured using 3D printing foster great promises, particularly in the field of craniomaxillofacial reconstruction. However, along with the ability to produce highly defined prostheses, the community...


Mareike Janssen

Elementi kaznovalne odškodnine v slovenskem pravnem redu

Maruša Varl
Zbornik znanstvenih razprav

La Salle River Near Elie 05OG008 Daily Discharge 1990 - 2013

Marcos Cordeiro, Jason Vanrobaeys & Henry Wilson
This dataset includes daily discharge for the La Salle River near Elie, Manitoba, Canada (Water Survey of Canada Hydrometric Station 05OG008) for the time period of 1990 – 2013. The data was extracted from the HYDAT database (published by Environment and Climate Change Canada) and prepared for hydrological and water quality modelling as part of Agriculture and Agri-food Canada’s Red-Assiniboine Project. The original HYDAT data that may have increased uncertainty in specific high-flow periods due...

Spectrum and spectral density estimation by the Discrete Fourier transform (DFT), including a comprehensive list of window functions and some new at-top windows

Gerhard Heinzel, Albrecht Rüdiger & Roland Schilling
This report tries to give a practical overview about the estimation of power spectra/power spectral densities using the DFT/FFT. One point that is emphasized is the relationship between estimates of power spectra and power spectral densities which is given by the effective noise bandwidth (ENBW). Included is a detailed list of common and useful window functions, among them the often neglected flat-top windows. Special highlights are a procedure to test new programs, a table of...

Softaware from Systematic identification and annotation of human methylation marks based on bisulfite sequencing methylomes reveals distinct roles of cell type-specific hypomethylation in the regulation of cell identity genes.

Liu H, Liu X, Zhang S, Lv J, Li S, Shang S, Jia S, Wei Y, Wang F, Su J, Wu Q & Zhang Y
Detects the cell type-specific methylation marks by integrating multiple methylomes from human cell lines and tissues. SMART is an entropy-based framework focused on integrating of a large number of DNA methylomes for the de novo identification of cell type-specific MethyMarks. To facilitate the specific methylation analysis, this method dynamically integrates multiple methylomes and identifies the cell type-specific methylation marks.

The Vienna 4x22 Piano Corpus

Werner Goebl
In January and February 1999, 22 professional pianists from Vienna performed four excerpts from the Classic-Romantic repertoire by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, and Frédéric Chopin on a SE290 computer-controlled Imperial piano by the Viennese piano manufacturer Bösendorfer. The pianists were advanced performance students and professors from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. They were given the scores several days ahead of the recording session to allow to prepare their performances. The recording...

Level 2 Products from the 2013 campaign of the airborne Ku-Band KuROS radar

Danièle Hauser, Eva Le Merle & Gérard Caudal
This data set contains directional spectra of surface ocean waves obtained from radar observations over the ocean surface with the airborne Ku-Band radar named "KuROS".
This data set is relative to the Level 2 product, which contains the density spectrum of wave slopes or wave heights for ocean waves between about 30 m and 300m in wavelength and for all directions of propagation between 0° and 360° (referred to the true North). The spectra are...

Time series of aerosol light-absorption coefficients from Aethalometers at six Arctic stations between 2012 and 2014

John Backman, Lauren Schmeisser, Aki Virkkula, John A. Ogren, Eija Asmi, Sandra Starkweather, Sangeeta Sharma, Konstantinos Eleftheriadis, Stergios Vratolis, Taneil Uttal, Peter Tunved, Anne Jefferson, Michael Bergin, Alexander Makshtas & Markus Fiebig
Data used in this article are archived and accessible from the EBAS database operated at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) (http://ebas.nilu.no). Data management is provided by the WMO Global Atmosphere Watch World Data Centre for Aerosol. This project has received funding from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654109 (ACTRIS). ALERT: Dr. Fred Hopper and technicians, and Canadian Department of National Defence. BARROW: NOAA Oceanic and...

Trend 1961 - 2013. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Food and Agriculture Organization Statistics: Production - Livestock Primary | Country: Honduras | Item: Meat indigenous, goat | Element: Production - tonnes, 1961-2013. Data-Planet™ Statistical Ready Reference by Conquest Systems, Inc. Dataset-ID: 067-001-016.

Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2017). Food and Agriculture Organization Statistics: Production - Livestock Primary | Country: Honduras | Item: Meat indigenous, goat | Element: Production - tonnes, 1961-2013. Data-Planet™ Statistical Ready Reference by Conquest Systems, Inc. [Data-file]. Dataset-ID: 067-001-016. Dataset: Presents statistics on primary livestock production, including stock, yield, and production quantity. Primary livestock include animals that are used in the production of primary products. Livestock primary products include products from...

Streptomyces sp.

L.C. Reimer, A. Vetcininova, C. Soehngen, A. Podstawka, D. Gleim & J. Overmann
The range of data encompasses taxonomy, morphology, physiology, sampling and concomitant environmental conditions as well as molecular biology.

FIGURES 97–100. 97 in Catalogue of the mite families Ascidae Voigts & Oudemans, Blattisociidae Garman and Melicharidae Hirschmann (Acari: Mesostigmata)

Gilberto J. De, Erika P. J. Britto, Jefferson L. De & Bruce Halliday
FIGURES 97–100. 97. Melichares biebrzae Gwiazdowicz, female, dorsal idiosoma; 98. M. biebrzae, female, ventral idiosoma (modified from Gwiazdowicz, 2005). 99. Proctolaelaps bulbosus Moraes, Reis & Gondim, female, dorsal idiosoma; 100. P. bulbosus Moraes et al., female, ventral idiosoma (modified from Moraes et al., 2008). Scale bar = 100 Μm.

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