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astropy/specutils: v0.6

Nicholas Earl, Craig Jones, Wolfgang Kerzendorf, Erik Tollerud, Shaileshahuja, Dan D'Avella, Thomas Robitaille, Adam Ginsburg, Brigitta Sipocz, Sara Ogaz, Hans Moritz Günther, Kyle Barbary, Jonathan Foster, Simon Torres, Michael Droettboom, E. M. Bray, Andy Casey, Henry Ferguson, Steve Crawford, Peter Teuben, Kelle Cruz, T. E. Pickering, P. L. Lim, Larry Bradley, Ivo Busko … & Gustavo Bragança
This release includes new features and bug fixes: Stricter intiailizer for Spectrum1D Correct handling of weights in line fitting New redshift and radial velocity storage on Spectrum1D object Spectral template matching including resampling Error propagation in convolution smoothing Sub-pixel precision for fwhm calculations Array size checking in Spectrum1D objects New spectral resampling functions New IRAF data loaders New FWZI calculation Various bug fixes and documentation updates

Intermittency Effects on the Universality of Local Dissipation Scales in Turbulent Boundary Layer Flows With and Without Free-Stream Turbulence

Sabah Falih Habeeb Alhamdi
Measurements of the small-scale dissipation statistics of turbulent boundary layer flows with and without free-stream turbulence are reported for Reτ ≈ 1000 (Reθ ≈ 2000). The scaling of the dissipation scale distribution is examined in these two boundary conditions of external wall-bounded flow. Results demonstrated that the local large-scale Reynolds number based on the measured longitudinal integral length-scale fails to properly normalize the dissipation scale distribution near the wall in these two free-stream conditions, due...

Dynamic displacement analysis of a shallow landslide in Norwood Tuff

Keith Eric Beisner
Northern Utah has a long history of landslides occurring on natural and man-made slopes. Earthquake activity in this region may exacerbate the incidence of landslides, thus increasing the potential of landslide related damage to residential structures and transportation corridors. In this context;, the present study addresses the earthquake response in both drained and undrained conditions of a typical, shallow landslide in northern Utah occurring in completely decomposed Norwood Tuff. The slide mass geometry was obtained...

Complex Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: The Treatment of Chronic Total Occlusions, Ectatic Infarct Related Arteries, Bleeding Outcomes after Percutaneous Coronary Interventions in Octogenarians and Bifurcation Lesions in ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction.

The unifying hypothesis of this body of research is that complex coronary intervention can be performed safely and effectively. It emphasizes that this can be achieved by a specific subset approach. 1.With systematic adaption of newer procedural techniques by establishment of dedicated CTO program, CTO-PCI can be performed safely. 2. Stenting ectatic infarct related arteries when feasible results in better clinical outcomes. 3. Pre procedural judicious usage of bleeding score systems, to rationalise the use...

Graphene Oxide Structure Set

Amanda Barnard
This is a set of graphene oxide nanoflake INITIAL CONFIGURATIONS, for use in computational studies. These structures have not been optimized or relaxed. The size ranges from 294 carbon atoms to 1200 carbon atoms, all with a hexagonal shape and hydrogen edge terminations. Four ZZ and four AC geometries are represented, each with 50 random coverages of OH and O (in the ether configuration). The number of oxygen atoms is set to 25% of the...

Seroprevalence of human polyomavirus 9 and cross-reactivity to African green monkey-derived lymphotropic polyomavirus

Franziska Trusch, Marcus Klein, Tim Finsterbusch, Joachim Kühn, Jörg Hofmann & Bernhard Ehlers
Human polyomavirus 9 (HPyV9) was discovered recently in immunocompromised patients and shown to be genetically closely related to B-lymphotropic polyomavirus (LPyV). No serological data are available for HPyV9, but human antibodies against LPyV have been reported previously. To investigate the seroepidemiology of HPyV9 and the sero-cross-reactivity between HPyV9 and LPyV, a capsomer-based IgG ELISA was established using the major capsid protein VP1 of HPyV9 and LPyV. VP1 of an avian polyomavirus was used as control....

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Atlas Of Living Australia
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Experimental investigation of chilling tank for atlantic salmon.

Farmed salmon is a large export product from Norway. After the salmon is stunned and killed, it istransported to large tanks for bleeding, chilling and buffering before gutting and further processing. The temperature of the fish into the processing plant is varying, but it is necessary to cool down the fish fast, both to reduce bacterial growth and to maximize yield. In this paper, the chilling process in salmon specimens are investigated. The temperatures in...

A highly stable minimally processed plant-derived recombinant acetylcholinesterase for nerve agent detection in adverse conditions

Yvonne J. Rosenberg, Jeremy Walker, Xiaoming Jiang, Scott Donahue, Jason Robosky, Markus Sack, Jonathan Lees & Lori Urban
Scientific reports 5, 13247 - (2015). doi:10.1038/srep13247

Physico-chemical factors in flotation of Cu-Mo-Fe ores with seawater: a critical review

Sergio Castro
Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing; ISSN 2084-4735

Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System

CSDMS is a virtual home for a vibrant and growing community of about 1,000 international modeling experts and students who study the dynamic interactions of lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and atmosphere at Earth’s surface. Participating in cross-disciplinary groups, members develop integrated software modules that predict the movement of water, sediment, and nutrients across landscapes and into the ocean. We share an open library of models, software, and access to high-performance computing. We also share knowledge that...

The invasive mussel Xenostrobus securis along the Galician Rias Baixas (NW of Spain): status of invasion

Ignacio GESTOSO, Celia OLABARRIA & Francisco ARENAS
Estuaries, bays and other sheltered coastal areas are frequent environments of marine invasions. These invasive species can have great impacts mainly when they reach high density or if they have new functional attributes. Invasive bivalves are considered ecosystem engineers with this capacity. The invasive mussel Xenostrobus securis, a small brown mussel native to the brackish waters of New Zealand and Australia, has been recently reported in the Ria de Vigo (Galicia, NW Spain). Its distribution...

“Keyboard of Life”

Ruth-Susanne Hertrampf
The PhD Series of the Faculty of the Humanities, Aalborg University

Labour Force Survey 1981, 4. quarter

Statistics Norway
Statistics Norway has carried out official quarterly Labor Force Surveys (AKU) from 1 quarter 1972. The purpose is to provide the labor authorities and others with the occupational structure of population and development over time. The surveys will provide the basis and statistical material for occupational forecasting and labor market research. In the AKU respondents are first interviewed in two consecutive quarters, then there is a delay of two quarters, and then the respondent are...

"Charisteria" i historia. Polemika Jerzego Pelca z estetyką Władysława Tatarkiewicza

Łukasz Kowalik
W ofiarowanej Władysławowi Tatarkiewiczowi księdze pamiątkowej Charisteria (1960) znalazła się krytyka jego estetyki dokonana przez Jerzego Pelca. Merytorycznie spór dotyczył pojęć „formy” i „treści” zastosowanych do dzieł sztuki literackiej i dzieł sztuki plastycznej. Według Tatarkiewicza, dzieła plastyczne mają „formę A”, rozumianą jako układ elementów zmysłowych, a dzieła literackie „formę B”, czyli są zbiorem znaków językowych. „Formie B” przysługuje zawsze „treść”, której dzieła plastyczne są pozbawione. Jerzy Pelc wysunął wobec tej koncepcji uwagi krytyczne z perspektywy...

Quantitative prediction of microcephaly utilizing cell agent-based modeling: profiling the centrosome cycle

Todd Zurlinden, Katerine Saili, Richard Spencer, Nancy Baker, Thomas Knudsen, 0000-0003-1372-3913 & 0000-0002-8735-2185
Poster Presented at the Teratology Society annual meeting June 2017

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