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Few-fermion thermometry

Marcin Płodzień, Rafał Demkowicz-Dobrzański & Tomasz Sowiński

Inherited human cPLA2α deficiency is associated with impaired eicosanoid biosynthesis, small intestinal ulceration, and platelet dysfunction

David H. Adler, Joy D. Cogan, John A. Phillips, Nathalie Schnetz-Boutaud, Ginger L. Milne, Tina Iverson, Jeffrey A. Stein, David A. Brenner, Jason D. Morrow, Olivier Boutaud & John A. Oates

Effect of Ischemic Preconditioning on Lactate Accumulation and Running Performance


Preparation of a novel antifouling mixed matrix PES membrane by embedding graphene oxide nanoplates

Sirus Zinadini, Ali Akbar Zinatizadeh, Masoud Rahimi, Vahid Vatanpour & Hadis Zangeneh

Cis- and trans-acting elements involved in the regulation of the erythroid promoter of the human porphobilinogen deaminase gene

V Mignotte, J F Eleouet, N Raich & P H Romeo
Two cis-acting sequences, recognized by two erythroid-specific trans-acting factors, are involved in the regulation of the erythroid promoter of the human gene coding for porphobilinogen deaminase (PBGD). The first region, located at -70, binds the erythroid factor NF-E1, and point mutations within this region abolish the induction of transcription of this promoter during murine erythroleukemia (MEL) cell differentiation. The second region, located at -160, binds the erythroid-specific factor NF-E2 and the ubiquitous factor AP1. Using...

Review of progress in the introduction of management strategy evaluation (MSE) approaches in Australia's South East Fishery

André E. Punt, Anthony D. M. Smith & Gurong Cui
The MSE approach provides a simulation-based framework within which harvest strategies, stock assessment methods, performance indicators and research programmes can be compared. This approach has been used in the Australian South East Fishery (SEF) to assess harvest strategies for the over-exploited eastern gemfish resource and to compare different levels of discard monitoring for blue grenadier. The main challenges to use of the MSE approach in the SEF are poorly specified management objectives and the lack...

Molecular methods for identification and characterization of novel papillomaviruses

B.J. Kocjan, D. Bzhalava, O. Forslund, J. Dillner & M. Poljak

Tattoos, gender, and well-being among American college students

Jerome R. Koch, Alden E. Roberts, Myrna L. Armstrong & Donna C. Owen

Altered expression of mitochondrial electron transport chain proteins and improved myocardial energetic state during late ischemic preconditioning

Jesús A. Cabrera, Elizabeth A. Ziemba, Robert Colbert, Lorraine B. Anderson, Willem Sluiter, Dirk J. Duncker, Tammy A. Butterick, Joseph Sikora, Herbert B. Ward, Rosemary F. Kelly & Edward O. McFalls
Altered expression of mitochondrial electron transport proteins has been shown in early preconditioned myocardial tissue. We wished to determine whether these alterations persist in the Second Window of Protection (SWOP) and if so, whether a favorable energetic state is facilitated during subsequent ischemia. Fourteen pigs underwent a SWOP protocol with ten 2-minute balloon inflations in the LAD artery, each separated by 2 minutes reperfusion. Twenty-four hours later, mitochondria were isolated from SWOP and SHAM pig...

Removal of metals by biosorption: a review

F. Veglio' & F. Beolchini

If the Noise Coming from Next Door were Loud Music, You'd Do Something About It

Magdalena Cismaru, Gitte Jensen & Anne M. Lavack

Disordered magnetic multilayers: Electron transport within the coherent potential approximation

K. Carva, I. Turek, J. Kudrnovský & O. Bengone

Lightweight Security and Privacy-Preserving Scheme for V2G Connection

Asmaa Abdallah & Xuemin Shen

The effects of ischemic preconditioning on aerobic and anaerobic variables associated with submaximal cycling performance

Michael W. Clevidence, Robert E. Mowery & Michael R. Kushnick

Spin-spin correlations of magnetic adatoms on graphene

A. D. Güçlü & Nejat Bulut

Uncovering electron scattering mechanisms in NiFeCoCrMn derived concentrated solid solution and high entropy alloys

Sai Mu, German D. Samolyuk, Sebastian Wimmer, Maria C. Troparevsky, Suffian N. Khan, Sergiy Mankovsky, Hubert Ebert & George M. Stocks

Molecular Basis Distinguishing the DNA Binding Profile of Nrf2-Maf Heterodimer from That of Maf Homodimer

Momoko Kimura, Tae Yamamoto, Jianyong Zhang, Ken Itoh, Motoki Kyo, Terue Kamiya, Hiroyuki Aburatani, Fumiki Katsuoka, Hirofumi Kurokawa, Toshiyuki Tanaka, Hozumi Motohashi & Masayuki Yamamoto

Intrathecal administration of clonidine attenuates spinal neuroimmune activation in a rat model of neuropathic pain with existing hyperalgesia

Xiaomei Feng, Fujun Zhang, Rong Dong, Weiyan Li, Jian Liu, Xin Zhao, Qingsheng Xue, Buwei Yu & Jianguo Xu

Under the Skin

Alessandra Lemma

Narrative Exemplars and the Celebrity Spokesperson in Lebanese Anti-Domestic Violence Public Service Announcements

Jessica R. El-Khoury & Autumn Shafer

Family of equal-sized n-dimensional polyhedra satisfying Cavalieri’s principle

F. M. Malyshev

On a property of n-dimensional simplices

M. V. Nevskii

Nonlocal torque operators in ab initio theory of the Gilbert damping in random ferromagnetic alloys

I. Turek, J. Kudrnovský & V. Drchal

RKKY interaction in AB-stacked multilayer graphene

Liwei Jiang, Xiaoling Lü, Wenzhu Gao, Guodong Yu, Zhe Liu & Yisong Zheng

Noninvasive measurement of human forearm oxygen consumption by near infrared spectroscopy

Roberto A. De Blasi, Mark Cope, Clare Elwell, Fauzia Safoue & Marco Ferrari

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