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Characteristics for Swedish Fund Families 2016-2018

Emelie Fröberg
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Jose M. Requena
lanosterol synthase; Leishmania infantum

Additional file 1 of JAK-inhibitor and type I interferon ability to produce favorable clinical outcomes in COVID-19 patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Lucas Walz, Avi J. Cohen, Andre P. Rebaza, James Vanchieri, Martin D. Slade, Charles S. Dela Cruz &
Additional file 1: Supplementary Figures. Supplementary Figure 1. Funnel plots of JAK-inhibitor treatment for (A) Mortality, (B) ICU Admission, (C) Requirement of Mechanical Ventilation, (D) ARDS, and (E) Discharge. Supplementary Figure 2. Funnel plots of Type I interferon treatment for (A) Mortality, (B) ICU Admission, (C) Requirement of Mechanical Ventilation, (D) Severe or Critical Disease, and (E) Discharge. Supplementary Table 1. Total outcome data stratified by included study. Supplementary Table 2. Definition of a severe...

Kidney function and dementia risk in community-dwelling older adults: the Shanghai Aging Study

, Ding Ding, , , , , & Jing Chen
Abstract Background Association between kidney dysfunction and dementia has been studied in western cohorts, but with inconsistent conclusions which may be due to the different measurements of kidney function. We aim to verify the hypothesis that lower levels of kidney function would be associated with increased risk of incident dementia in Chinese elderly. Methods One thousand four hundred twelve dementia-free participants aged 60 years or older from the Shanghai Aging Study were enrolled and followed...

Suicidality among gender minorities in Karnataka, South India

Shiva S. Halli, , , Sumit Dutta, , Robert Lorway & James Blanchard
Abstract Background It is argued that Indian gender minorities displayed differential mental health problems and suicide attempts. Hence, the study was intended to understand the prevalence of anxiety, depression and suicidality among this group, specifically those living in a metropolitan city in South India. Methods The data was generated from a cross-sectional study that employed a structured questionnaire to collect information about experiences of anxiety, depression and suicidal behavior among gender-diverse individuals in Bangalore, the...

Additional file 1 of Novel susceptibility loci identified in a genome-wide association study of type 2 diabetes complications in population of Latvia

Monta Ustinova, Raitis Peculis, Raimonds Rescenko, Vita Rovite, Linda Zaharenko, Ilze Elbere, Laila Silamikele, Ilze Konrade, Jelizaveta Sokolovska, Valdis Pirags & Janis Klovins
Additional file 1: List of all candidate SNPs selected for targeted association analysis.

MicroRNA bta-miR-365-3p inhibits proliferation but promotes differentiation of primary bovine myoblasts by targeting the activin A receptor type I

Dan Hao, , Xiao Wang, Bo Thomsen, Yu Yang, , & Hong Chen
Abstract Background MicroRNAs act as post-transcriptional regulators that repress translation or degrade mRNA transcripts. Each microRNA has many mRNA targets and each mRNA may be targeted by several microRNAs. Skeletal muscles express a plethora of microRNA genes that regulate muscle development and function by controlling the expression of protein-coding target genes. To expand our understanding of the role of microRNA, specifically bta-miR-365-3p, in muscle biology, we investigated its functions in regulating primary bovine myoblast proliferation...

Locating hydrothermal fluid injection of the 2018 phreatic eruption at Kusatsu-Shirane volcano with volcanic tremor amplitude

Taishi Yamada, , Akihiko Terada, Wataru Kanda, Hideki Ueda, Hiroshi Aoyama, Takahiro Ohkura, Yasuo Ogawa & Toshikazu Tanada
Abstract Kusatsu-Shirane volcano hosts numerous thermal springs, fumaroles, and the crater lake of Yugama. Hence, it has been a particular study field for hydrothermal systems and phreatic eruptions. On 23 January 2018, a phreatic eruption occurred at the Motoshirane cone of Kusatsu-Shirane, where no considerable volcanic activity had been reported in observational and historical records. To understand the eruption process of this unique event, we analyzed seismic, tilt, and infrasound records. The onset of surface...

Dynamics of Gravitational Collapse in the Axisymmetric Einstein-Vlasov System

Ellery Ames, Håkan Andréasson & Oliver Rinne
We numerically investigate the dynamcis near black hole formation of solutions to the Einstein-Vlasov system in axisymmetry. Our results are obtained using a particle-in-cell and finite difference code based on the (2+1)+1 formulation of the Einstein field equations in axisymmetry. Solutions are launched from generic type initial data and exhibit type I critical behaviour. In particular we find lifetime scaling in solutions containing black holes, and support that the critical solutions are stationary. Our results...

ms2: A molecular simulation tool for thermodynamic properties, release 4.0

Robin Fingerhut
A new version release (4.0) of the molecular simulation tool ms2 (Deublein et al., 2011; Glass et al., 2014; Rutkai et al., 2017) is presented. Version 4.0 of ms2 features two additional potential functions to address the repulsive and dispersive interactions in a more versatile way, i.e. the Mie potential and the Tang-Toennies potential. This version further introduces Kirkwood-Buff integrals based on radial distribution functions, which allow the sampling of the thermodynamic factor of mixtures...

A study on the quality of life among stroke survivors

Rajesh K. Sahu & Pankaj Yadav

Metaphors in Arts and Science (Preprint)

Walter Veit & Milan Ney

Additional file 1 of Berberine alters gut microbial function through modulation of bile acids

Patricia G. Wolf, , Heidi L. Doden, Lindsey K. Ly, Tyler Moore, Hajime Takei, Hiroshi Nittono, Tsuyoshi Murai, Takao Kurosawa, George E. Chlipala, Stefan J. Green, Genta Kakiyama, , Vance J. McCracken, , Patrick M. Gillevet & Jason M. Ridlon
Additional file 1 Fig. S1. Profile of liver bile acids from control and berberine treated mice.

RosettaStone NMR Maize LeafChilling.tab

Maria Urrutia, Catherine Deborde, Mickaël Maucourt, Daniel Jacob & Annick Moing
Correspondance table of sample names used in NMR dataset and in the publication Urrutia et al., 2021 Plant Cell Environ

Additional file 10 of Berberine alters gut microbial function through modulation of bile acids

Patricia G. Wolf, , Heidi L. Doden, Lindsey K. Ly, Tyler Moore, Hajime Takei, Hiroshi Nittono, Tsuyoshi Murai, Takao Kurosawa, George E. Chlipala, Stefan J. Green, Genta Kakiyama, , Vance J. McCracken, , Patrick M. Gillevet & Jason M. Ridlon
Additional file 10. Supplementary Dataset 4.

Additional file 5 of Berberine alters gut microbial function through modulation of bile acids

Patricia G. Wolf, , Heidi L. Doden, Lindsey K. Ly, Tyler Moore, Hajime Takei, Hiroshi Nittono, Tsuyoshi Murai, Takao Kurosawa, George E. Chlipala, Stefan J. Green, Genta Kakiyama, , Vance J. McCracken, , Patrick M. Gillevet & Jason M. Ridlon
Additional file 5 Fig. S5. 16S rDNA profile of human gut bacterial consortium in cecal samples of gnotobiotic fed control diet versus berberine. A. Relative abundance of bacterial families in control mice (C1-C6) and berberine treatment (B1-B6) B. Non-metric multidimensional scaling (NMDS) plot of beta diversity based on Bray-Curtis index. ANOSIM test results: R = 0.141, P = 0.123, 999 permutations.

Additional file 4 of Viral load-guided immunosuppression after lung transplantation (VIGILung)—study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Jens Gottlieb, Alexander Reuss, Konstantin Mayer, Karin Weide, Carmen Schade-Brittinger, Susanne Hoyer & Peter Jaksch
Additional file 4. Translation of the Ethics committee’s vote of Medical University of Vienna

Additional file 2 of Regional brain volume predicts response to methylphenidate treatment in individuals with ADHD

, , , & Susan Shur-Fen Gau
Additional file 2: Figure S2. The area under the receiver operating characteristic curve by machine learning with leave-one-out and 5-folds cross-validation.

Comparison of two electronic hand hygiene monitoring systems in promoting hand hygiene of healthcare workers in the intensive care unit

Xiao Zhong, Dong-Li Wang, Li-Hua Xiao, Lan-Fang Mo, Qing-Fei Wu, Yan-Wei Chen & Xiao-Feng Luo
Abstract Background Hand hygiene (HH) is the cornerstone of infection control, and the promotion of HH is the focus of the world. The study aims to compare the role of two different types of electronic hand hygiene monitoring systems (EHHMSs) in promoting HH of healthcare workers (HCWs) in the intensive care unit (ICU). Methods In a 16-bed ICU of a general tertiary hospital in Shenzhen, the research was divided into three stages with interrupted time...

Toward patient-centered tuberculosis preventive treatment: preferences for regimens and formulations in Lima, Peru

Courtney M. Yuen, Ana K. Millones, Jerome T. Galea, Daniela Puma, Judith Jimenez, Leonid Lecca, Mercedes C. Becerra &
Abstract Background To ensure patient-centered tuberculosis preventive treatment, it is important to consider factors that make it easier for patients to complete treatment. However, there is little published literature about patient preferences for different preventive treatment regimen options, particularly from countries with high tuberculosis burdens. Methods We conducted a qualitative research study using a framework analysis approach to understand tuberculosis preventive treatment preferences among household contacts. We conducted three focus group discussions with 16 members...

Marvelous in Our Eyes: A Son’s Pilgrimage to Find Meaning in His Parent’s Lives

Bruce Friedland
This memoir recounts the author’s efforts to make sense of his father, his mother and his own difficulties growing up. His father, Edward Friedland was a Brooklyn-born, MIT-educated whiz kid of the 1950s, who came of age in the midst of the promise of America’s post-war boom. Still, he faced a challenge even his prodigious intellect couldn't fully master: a progressive neurological disorder that forced him to retire on disability before the age of 39....

NFL Fail: Why won't the Washington Redskins hire Colin Kaepernick?

Dwight Watkins
Washington needs a quarterback. What, other than politics is keeping the team from hiring Kaepernick?

Trump's white male supporters may lose their food stamps

Dwight Watkins
To "encourage productivity instead of poverty," Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue has just cut food stamps to Trump's base

C-UPFC Modeling in NEPLAN for Power Flow Analysis

Salah Kamel Ayman Awad
International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies, 12, 1, 12A1F: 1-11

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