A whole mitochondrial genome MPS strategy for low-diversity populations

Lisa Melia, Janet Stacey, Rachel Boyle & Bethany Forsythe
New Zealand (NZ) is situated in the South Pacific. The main ethnic groups making up the population are categorised as self-declared Caucasians (mostly European or Middle Eastern including Iraqis and Iranians), Eastern Polynesians (including NZ Maori, Cook Islanders, Tokelauans, Hawaiians or Tahitians), Western Polynesians (Samoans, Tongans or Niueans) or peoples from Asia (mostly Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, or Filippinos). Genetic diversity within individual Pacific populations is low. About 5500 years ago (ya) Asian migrants from Taiwan...

Registration Year

  • 2019

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  • Institute of Environmental Science and Research