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Dissolution and Departure

Ainslie Murray
Dissolution and Departure is a spatial meditation on the weight of architecture. A minimal space for the body to navigate is formed with lightweight materials; air and light penetrate the space and begin to dissolve it. A fragmented language of movement and gesture is embodied in the dissolving spatial surfaces, ritualistically writing and rewriting the presence of the body in space. The body inhabits an immersive, liquid space; an architecture is created that might float...

An Architecture of Thread and Gesture - Catalogue

Ainslie Murray
An Architecture of Thread and Gesture is a series of three spatial works considering the impact of human gesture on architectural space. The work is drawn from an encounter with Kyoto artist Machiko Agano in 2006. As Agano installed a three-dimensional textile work in a gallery space, the fluid movement of her hands was mapped to generate a series of spatial diagrams. The diagrams reflected a complex series of invisible spatial interactions and offered insight...

Shadowy Figures 2003

Paula Dawson
As they are made from diffracted light one of the most important pictorial agencies of the holographic image is darkness. Although several holographic artists have employed this unique darkness, which can be constructed in optical holograms by spatio/temporal events during the exposure, the meaning of this darkness has been difficult to interpret by the audience. This holographic research visualises ideas about darkness proposed by Michael Baxandall in the book Shadows and Enlightenment. Shadowy Figures by...


Katherine Moline
Solo exhibition at Yuill Crowley Gallery, 2001

Bonsai Landscape 2003

Bonita Ann Ely
Environmental installation artists have long been concerned with the complex and potentially contradictory relationship between human society and the natural environment. This research seeks to pursue these concerns via an interrogation of the built environment and its impact on our cultures relationship to nature. The researching asks whether representational signs indicating a regulated landscape lead to the delusion that wilderness and natural forces are tamed and commodified. The installation Bonsai Landscape consists of hundreds of...

An Architecture of Thread and Gesture

Ainslie Murray
An Architecture of Thread and Gesture is a series of three spatial works considering the impact of human gesture on architectural space. The work is drawn from an encounter with Kyoto artist Machiko Agano in 2006. As Agano installed a three-dimensional textile work in a gallery space, the fluid movement of her hands was mapped to generate a series of spatial diagrams. The diagrams reflected a complex series of invisible spatial interactions and offered insight...

'fragments from yellow', Constructed Painting, Kudos March 2010

Francesca Mataraga
Exhibition at Kudos Gallery, 6 Napier St, Paddington.

Bad Bird #12

Lynne Roberts-Goodwin
Wild life photography typically captures images of animals and birds in their native habitat and focuses on details of expression, foliage and environment. Art-based photomedia practices can both question and work with the conventions of ‘nature’ portraiture and photography, often revealing anthropomorphic biases. At the same time, by creating images of wildlife, artists may also contribute to the archival project of preserving our knowledge of endangered species. Roberts-Goodwin’s photomedia research asks how it might be...

Longevity: Scissors and Sickles 2002

Bonita Ann Ely
The duality, ‘continuity and change’, can be interpolated as a feminist strategy to review past histories and contemporary feminist paradigms. Feminist artists have deployed the ephemeral as a device to investigate the paradox of changing yet enduring female principles. There are several sources in Taoist practices and iconography for the conceptual origins of this trope, principally in feng shui, calligraphy and the yin yang symbol. Research that investigates a dialogue between the two forms rarely...

Abstrakt Painting (2009)

Francesca Mataraga
Images and catalogue from the exhibition 'Abstrakt Painting', Factory 49, Sydney. Abstrakt Painting encompasses two works: ‘blue and yellow don’t make green’ and ‘yellow’. Both works have been created as three-dimensional paintings. Each piece should be considered as a whole, yet at the same time it comprises multiple smaller components or fragments that are semi-autonomous and can be used to re-configure the work in a multitude of different incarnations. This state of flux allows the...

You 2005

Allan Maurice Giddy
Aesthetic responses to the Australian outback often acknowledge the vastness of the landscape; the horizon line and vanishing point of an endless road, as well as the dry and unrelenting heat. This iconic isolation, often only punctuated by a solitary driver, is the basis for this dialogical sculpture and video based installation. You by Allan Giddy is a fusion of sculptural artifact and screen based work; a large black antennae dish is installed in the...


Ainslie Murray
Utterances considers the role of the body in generating architectural space by actively incorporating the shadows cast by a wandering audience into the work. The currency of physical entities is called into question as shadows of the body appear to move amongst the panels even as the body itself remains distant. The creative tension between the tangible and the intangible becomes evident in the space between the perforated works and their shadows; an ambiguous architectural...

Cara de Buseta

Ross Bowen Harley
In Latin American cities such as Bogota, private buses feature heavily in the profile of mass transportation available to the urban populous. The small business-people who own and run these buses heavily customise and modify the generic designs of their vehicles. Such “mods” are said to reflect the personalities of their owners: each bus is unique in its decoration, colouring, interior design, bodywork, and “face”. The Colectivo Ejecutivo research group, led by Ross Harley, was...

This Way

Katherine Moline
Group exhibition This Way at Cofa Space curated by Vaughan Rees.


Katherine Moline
Exhibition at Cofa Space, curated by Emma Robertson.

For Evil to Triumph II 2000

Sylvia Elizabeth Ross
Socio-political critique by artists on issues ranging from the intimate to the global has a long tradition within the field of painting. This research investigates the potential role of the artist as one who can challenge, provoke and respond via a variety of media and technologies, highlighting the global and humanitarian consequences of non-action. For Evil to Triumph ll by Sylvia Ross references the silence of oppressed peoples under conservative rule. The work creates a...

Liz Williamson woven in Asia

Elizabeth Blanche Williamson
In 2001 UNESCO invited artisans from 14 different countries to participate and teach in the cultural conference, ‘Vital Design’. Held over 3 weeks, the workshop explored issues of design, textiles, weaving, dying, promoting and packaging for traditional communities, specifically with the intent of expanding their repertoire of weaving and design patterns in order to generating income from the resulting products. In response to working specifically with weavers from Cambodia, India and Vietnam, textile artist Liz...

Fieldwork Class 1997-2006

Grant McCall
An overview of an anthropology undergraduate fieldwork course taught since 1997 in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the UNSW by Grant McCall. The course involves homestays in Pacific Island villages for 3-4 weeks during which time students experience daily life of the families with whom they live. As well, they carry out fieldwork class exercises, complete a fieldwork diary and submit a final essay.

Degustation bowls 2006

Jacqueline Ruth Clayton & Paul Davis
Within the area of ceramics, there is very little work that explores the investigation of the relationship between the hand made and the industrial. Due to expense and access, the application of conventional high end manufacturing techniques and equipment to developed small scale design works has been prohibitive. However, due to a serendipitous turn of events, Jacqueline Clayton has been afforded access to purchase and utilise industrial equipment designed for producing multiples in a manufacturing...


John Gillies
2 channel video and sound installation, installed at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia 2006.

Panorama 1 Heidelberg School Artists Trail 2007, Panorama 2 Heidelberg School Artists Trail 2007

Gary Carsley
The history of the photographic image places it within a context of an accurate and authentic representation of a chosen scene. This position has been progressively challenged through an engagement with context and process – particularly digital. Painting, on the other hand, is seen to operate at the interpretive end of this spectrum and little work has been done to explore the potential of a critical convergence of these two seemingly disparate disciplines – a...

Bluey and Curley Conduct the Children's Choir 2002

Bonita Ann Ely
For artists interested in questions of social and political justice there is a strong tradition of working with symbols and images appropriated from the wider culture. The installation interrogates Australia’s racist assumptions regarding Islam arising from stereotypical signs related to traditional Muslim attire, alluding to the fact that these attitudes persist and drive Australia’s involvement in the current Iraqi war. Asking, does the social history of racism in Australia contribute to the imposition of a...


Katherine Moline
Artwork in group exhibition Open Season at Yuill Crowley Gallery, curated by Kerry Crowley


Katherine Moline
Solo Exhibition at Yuill Crowley Gallery, 2000


Ainslie Murray
Footfall considered the tensions between the geometric conceptualisation of a walk as articulated on a map, and the actual experience of it in terms of the physical change in altitude. Each maquette was made of folded and stitched Mylar and related to walks made to Burstall Pass, the Burgess Shale and Sulphur Mountain, near Banff, Canada. The Mylar surface was repetitiously perforated with a map of each walk and placed directly opposite a constructed section...

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