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Optic Nerve Sheath Fenestration for Progressive Visual Loss in Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis: A Long-Term Retrospective Observational Study

Adis journals on behalf of, Zongshan Li, Lu Cheng, Yang Xu, Qiao Sun, Jian Zhang, Lin Bai, Ting Feng, Song Tan, Huan Wang, Bolin Deng, Qiang Li, Yaxing Gui & Hui Chen
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Woman and Chaise Longue (Le Corbusier Jeanneret/Perriand)

Debra Anne Phillips
The conventional photographic genre of the nude as a compliant and passive female body dominated photography for more than 150 years. In the latter part of the twentieth-century new advances in science, biomedical and related technologies combined with new critical discourse around the image allowed for the possibility of re-invention and re-imagining the body as a photographic representation. This research recognizes the nude as a site for contested meaning, social transaction and cultural engagement in...

'fragments from yellow', Constructed Painting (Melbourne), Level 17 Artspace, Victoria University, April/May 2010

Francesca Mataraga
Exhibited as part of Constructed Painting (Melbourne) at Level 17 Artspace, Victoria University, 300 Flinders St, Melbourne. April 20-May 7, 2010. Artists in this exhibition: Nicole Ellis, Liz Shreeve, Rossana Martinez, Margaret Roberts, Francesca Mataraga.

Char Dham Walk (Garhwal) and Fushimi Inari Walk

Ainslie Murray
The tactile present offers clues for imagining past and future inhabitations of space. Two figures dance on either side of the canvas in the delicate postures of disentanglement and constancy. The line is held in air as it is drawn from front to back; its passage through the canvas marks both space and time, and its taut presence is a reminder of all that transpired to make it so. Space is constructed as the needle...

Murray River Punch 2003

Bonita Ann Ely
Fluxus art extends back to the 1950s and is still a vibrant movement. Its research is concerned with the shift in art making from object production to artistic action and concepts and often takes the form of performance. In the last few decades this tradition of performance has also merged with various political issues such as environmentalism. Ely’s research investigates the combination of these areas using Fluxus style performances to raise awareness of the degradation...

River Repose

Nicole Stuart Ellis
Site-specific sculpture requires a relationship to, and acknowledgement of, the environment in which it is placed. This is not always the case and works often become something to move around rather than engage with. This research investigates, through the use of functional objects within public spaces, issues of culture and history, in relation to materiality. River Repose is a large-scale, marble sculpture produced for permanent display in Hue, Vietnam. The work, a throne-like seat, is...

D.51 Parramatta Park (The Pharmacopiea of the Burramatta) 2007

Gary Carsley
Recent challenges to contemporary art practice are based in a critique that draws upon sub-cultural performance strategies in order to question assumptions concerning identity and aesthetics. Such research seeks to borrow from popular entertainment pastimes like karaoke and drag — not merely as actions, but as modes of translation and, by extension, of creative authorship. The deconstructive methodologies and appropriation strategies extracted out of these performance traditions can provide a useful model for working with...

The Button Stool

Karina Clarke
The button stool captures a very simple idea within its form; the seat represents the button, and the frame, the thread that connects the two together. They are light weight, sturdy, and are able to be picked up from the centre and stacked. 450mm h and 650mm h 400mm dia seat premium grade stainless steel (satin finish) molded polyethelene plastic seat

Ken's Advice (on Rabi Island)

Grant McCall
Ken Sigrah speaks directly to prospective students in the 2006 UNSW Anthropology Fieldwork course about how to behave when they visit his island. He offers advice on common phrases, polite behaviour, and expected confusions that the students might encounter during their stay. The video features also footage of Rabi Island itself and the activities of the people who live there. The people of Rabi Island come from the central pacific island of Banaba and were...

Res' onance-Body [Box]

Karina Louise Clarke
The wide range of contexts in which design is situated demands sophisticated analysis of collaboration for the design to be developed, produced and delivered to the market place. In utilizing light bank technology (traditionally employed in the context of entertainment) in ways that advance the technology’s potential application, this research collaboration explores the complex and subjective relationship between the object and the viewer. Through the use of biofeedback technology in Res'onance-Body [Box], the audience are...

Border #0, Border #3 2004

Lynne Roberts-Goodwin
The portrayal of animals in photographic practice traditionally focuses on details of expression, foliage and environment, relying on genres of human portraiture. Art-based photomedia practices can both question and work with the conventions of ‘nature’ portraiture and photography, often revealing its anthropomorphic biases. Roberts-Goodwin’s photomedia research investigates these issues of anthropomorphism while also contributing to new codes and conventions for the documentation of wildlife, animals and nature. The photographic works Border series acknowledge the histories...

Sleeping Beauty: Watching the Mountain

Nicole Stuart Ellis
Site-specific sculpture requires a relationship to, and acknowledgement of, the environment in which it is placed. This is not always the case and works often become something to move around rather than engage with. This research investigates, through the use of functional objects within public spaces, issues of culture and history in relation to materiality. Sleeping Beauty: Watching the Mountain is a large-scale, site-specific sculpture consisting of a text in Mandarin and English, a desk...

Button Platter

Karina Clarke
Ceramic sculptural platters For me there is no greater delight than the memories of childhood and the ability to daydream. Coming across a jar of colourful buttons I can create many stories about their origins and history. This work is a response to Gaston Bachelard’s notion that, “The surest sign of wonder is exaggeration.” By recontextualizing the humble button through exaggerating scale, it is my intention to bring back childhood innocence and spontaneity, which hopefully...

Call It Home # 1-4 2007

Lynne Roberts-Goodwin
Photographic practice is traditionally divided between photojournalism and fine art photography. In the genre of landscape photography, these two areas are usually separated in their approach to photographing ‘real’ events on the one hand, and spectacle and beauty on the other. Recent photomedia practice-based research has demonstrated representation of landscape is embedded with political and social visual codes. Lynne Roberts-Goodwin’s research contributes to debates in this field by also demonstrating that the visual representation of...

Sonic Loop fruitbowl 2006, Serpentine Tray 2006

Roderick James Bamford
Research has shown the capacity for digital fabrication to facilitate ‘rapid prototyping’ of design concepts in physical form. Software and hardware technologies are known to enhance the accuracy and predictability in the fabrication of products. However, the aesthetic transition between virtual and physical states of design that occurs in the process has been largely unexplored, particularly the potential for simulating a range of invisible sensorial experiences in objects created in this way. The ceramic baskets...

A Native Feature 2003

Michael Kempson
Current international printmaking practice has seen developments in the depiction of identity through the use of metaphor in personal narratives. This research explores the distinctive and defining qualities of social satirical modalities of expression using vernacular urban forms and motifs, combining visual elements not used previously to highlight and reflect upon the contradictory nature of identity and existence through the distinctive qualities of the printmaking medium. Through the use of black, ochre and terracotta inks,...


Katherine Moline
Solo exhibition 'Here' at Yuill Crowley Gallery, curated by Kerry Crowley.

Damask 2001

Elizabeth Blanche Williamson
Whilst looms have been mechanized since the 19th century, there has generally been a strong focus on commercial processes and outcomes. However, now with digital technology driving Jacquard looms, they have become more readily available to individual artists. Digitally generated designs and digitally controlled looms have allowed for more complex designs to be created and woven. The Damask series by Liz Williamson was developed in response to issues of the visible and invisible within darning....

Luminous Presence 2007

Paula Dawson
As the purpose of holographic displays moves away from the replication of existent objects towards the synthetic/creative content, holographic images call increasingly upon conventions of pictorial style as well as the tacit perception of beholders for their successful interpretation. There is a lack of holographic resources which would enable comparative analysis between the use of specific qualities such as reflectivity in traditional and holographic media. Luminous Presence by Paula Dawson is a 1x1.5 meter digital...

Additional file 1 of Cholesterol efflux regulator ABCA1 exerts protective role against high shear stress-induced injury of HBMECs via regulating PI3K/Akt/eNOS signaling

Zhe Li, Jia-Nan Li, Qiang Li, Chun Liu, Lin-Hua Zhou, Qi Zhang & Yi Xu
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Full-length blots/gels of ABCA1, MMP9, AQP4, CYP46, and beta-actin are presented. Figure S2. Full-length blots/gels of phospho-PI3K, PI3K, AKT, phospho-AKT, eNOS, phospho-eNOS and beta-actin are presented. Figure S3. Full-length blots/gels of ABCA1 and beta-actin are presented. Figure S4. Full-length blots/gels of MMP9, AQP4, CYP46 and β-actin are presented. Figure S5. Full-length blots/gels of phospho-PI3K, PI3K, AKT, phospho-AKT, eNOS, phospho-eNOS and β-actin are presented.

'Eua 2007 Fieldwork Class

Grant McCall
'Eua Island, part of the Tongan archipelago, was the site of the 2007 anthropology fieldwork class of the School of Social Sciences and International Studies of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of UNSW. The Reverend Sione Haukinima instructs intending UNSW undergraduates how they should behave during their three week homestay on his island. He is assisted by a few of his parishioners who will be hosts to this student group, who are learning...

A Big Donor 2002, Blockhouse 2002, China Developing Missiles 2000, Hearing Chamber 2002, Pentagon Primate 2002, Power Wedge 2002, Red Soldier Monument 2002, Red Tower 2002, Red Wall 2002, Signs Upon Walls (Happy Days) 2002, Signs Upon Walls (Star Wars 2) 2002, Walls Upon Walls (Pink) 2002, Walls Upon Walls (Red) 2002

Ian Gordon Howard
There is a long tradition of art that seeks to address distinctly political concerns, particularly with respect to the military and the relationship between civilian and military cultures. Due to the closed nature of most totalitarian regimes, there is little direct interaction with, or understanding of, military institutions This research has focused on the potential of a collaborative framework with a military regime - the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA). Working with a colonel from the...

Interference - Catalogue

Ainslie Murray
Interference is a series of large-scale textile works exploring the impact of the moving body on air in architectural space. A single hand is isolated in the act of unfurling, its upward and downward arcs traced in two dimensions. Air is considered as liquid, and the wake of the hand is traced in a series of radiating lines marking both time and space. Architecture offers itself as a containing edge, continuously reflecting the displaced air...

Niu History

Grant Edwin McCall
Resulting from interviews at the (PHA) Pacific History Association Conference in Honiara, Solomon Islands in 1998. This is a series of interviews with prominent Pacific historians about why people should study history. These Pacific historians from the islands and the rim, urge people to know their own history. Niu History is the last in the publication series of the (TTPF) Teaching The Pacific Forum, a project that ran at UNSW from 1994-2000 as part of...

Curve series, Fold series, Twist series

Elizabeth Blanche Williamson
Within the field of contemporary textiles, the majority of practitioners are concerned with the idea of functionality, ultimately reconfiguring and re-evaluating the notion of function itself. This has resulted in artists who work with textiles moving away from notions of functionality. This creative shift away from functionality limits the scope of textiles within contemporary art practice. The Curve, Twist and Fold Series by Liz Williamson, address the relationship between wearable pieces and the body, exploring...

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