42 Works

Film as Digital Object

Sebastian Lütgert & Cornelia Lund

Networking Institutions

Zeljko Blace & Felix Stalder

Experimenting with Institutional Formats

Laurence Rassel & Cornelia Sollfrank

Profession: Documentarist (3)

Nahid Rezae

Ouvertures (Extract 1)

Louis Henderson

Profession: Documentarist (2)

Sahar Salahshoor

From Notepad to Cultural Resource. The Aesthetics of Crosslinking at Monoskop

Dušan Barok & Felix Stalder

The Micropolitics of Publishing

Eva Weinmayr & Cornelia Sollfrank

Next few years of art and commons: on idiosyncratic learners and radical lurkers

Olga Goriunova

Publishing as Commons Practice

Alessandro Ludovico & Felix Stalder

Ouvertures (Extract 2)

Louis Henderson

Profession: Documentarist (1)

Shirin Barghnavard

Deep Water

Zheng Mahler

Caring for the Public Library

Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak & Cornelia Sollfrank

Working with the Paradoxes of Technology

Marek Tuszynski & Felix Stalder

Crowd Benefits

Mauricio O'Brian & Felix Stalder

The Practice of Sharing Knowledge

Sean Dockray & Cornelia Sollfrank

Feminist Hackspace

Patricia Reis, Stefanie Wuschitz & Shusha Niederberger

Ouvertures (Extract 3)

Louis Henderson

Taste of Hope (1)

Laura Coppens

Taste of Hope (4)

Laura Coppens

Taste of Hope (2)

Laura Coppens

Creating Commons

Felix Stalder, Shusha Niederberger & Cornelia Sollfrank

Forms of Ongoingness

Femke Snelting, Spideralex & Cornelia Sollfrank

Institutional Practice

Peter Westenberg & Felix Stalder

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