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Scholarly Publishing Symposium. Part 3 of 5, Scholarly publication: an editor's perspective (Brian L. Strom)

Brian L. Strom & Judy Cohn
A symposium on scholarly publishing, particularly as it applies to medical research, held in the Rosemary Gallene Room, New Jersey Medical School, Newark, New Jersey, on March 14, 2018, 2:00-5:00 PM. Featured speaker: Brian L. Strom.

Anther development in tobacco and Arabidopsis: mutants created and mutants discovered

Tom Beals
Lecture given by Doctor Tom Beals, Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory (Dr. Robert B. Goldbert), University of California, Los Angeles, USA at the Waite Campus, University of Adelaide, 29.4.1994.
This lecture is part of the Campus Seminars and Distinguished Lecturer Series, Waite Campus, University of Adelaide, 1991 – 1997. https://figshare.com/projects/Campus_Seminars_and_Distinguished_Lecturer_Series_Waite_Campus_University_of_Adelaide/17756

Coronary Arteriotomy

Alexander P. Kossar & Isaac George
Coronary arteriotomy is utilized for coronary artery bypass grafting or, less frequently, coronary endarterectomy. The site of the arteriotomy is primarily dictated by the location of the stenotic or occlusive lesion, which can be determined by preoperative imaging in conjunction with manual intraoperative palpation. In general, ideal arteriotomy sites are distal to the stenosis or occlusion, epicardial, and devoid of tortuosity or gross disease.
The circumference and geometry of the arteriotomy should correspond to bypass conduit...

Torsion groups do not act on 2-dimensional CAT(0) complexes

Piotr Przytycki
We show, under mild hypotheses, that if each element of a finitely generated group acting on a 2-dimensional CAT(0) complex has a fixed point, then the action is trivial. In particular, all actions of finitely generated torsion groups on such complexes are trivial. As an ingredient, we prove that the image of an immersed loop in a graph of girth 2π with length not commensurable to π has diameter > π. This is related to...

Understanding the ORCID API and Integrations

Matthew Buys
"Understanding the ORCID API and Integrations" was presented at the ORCID Nordics Workshop in Espoo, Finland on May 29, 2018 by Matthew Buys (ORCID).

Video for pick&place study in AFRC project

Yijun Yan
Video Data for: “Making industrial robots smarter with adaptive reasoning and autonomous thinking for real-time tasks in dynamic environments” This data contains two video files in '.mp4' format that was created for the demo of pick&place study in AFRC (Advanced Forming Research Centre) project. It quite clearly shows the robot adapting to the sudden appearance of the obstacle.

Anekdote "Das Mädchen von Krasnodar"

Henning Schluß
In der DDR wurden seit Beginn der 1970er Jahre zu Lehrerausbildungs- und Forschungszwecken Unterrichtsstunden auf 1-Zoll-Videobändern aufgezeichnet. Über zweihundert dieser Aufzeichnungen aus den Beständen der Ost-Berliner Humboldt-Universität, der Akademie der Pädagogischen Wissenschaften der DDR (APW) sowie der Pädagogischen Hochschulen Potsdam und Dresden blieben bis heute erhalten. Die Bänder gerieten nach der Friedlichen Revolution und der Wiedervereinigung in Vergessenheit und die Abspieltechnik an den Hochschulen der DDR wurde entsorgt. Erschwerend kam hinzu, dass es in den...


Nick Hall, John Ellis & Amanda Murphy
This footage was filmed in August 2015 at BBC Studios and Post Production in South Ruislip, London, United Kingdom.
BBC archive telecine specialist Tim Emblem-English and retired telecine operator Jim Gregory demonstrated the processes involved in scanning television film footage onto tape for broadcast.
This video is part of a series that shows how engineers used telecine scanning processes in order to prepare finished films for broadcast transmission.
The footage being scanned was originally exposed during the...


Daomu Zhao
A movie on the propagation of SNUM beams for several values of phase strength u.


Daomu Zhao
A movie on the propagation of SNUM beams for several values of phase strength u.


Daomu Zhao
A movie on the propagation of NUM beams and SNUM beams.


Daomu Zhao
A movie on the propagation of NUM beams and SNUM beams.

2018 M6.2 Taumarunui earthquake computer simulation

Yoshi Kaneko & Julian Thomson
The simulation shows the magnitude of ground velocity for long-period (>2 seconds) seismic waves during the magnitude 6.2 earthquake beneath Taumarunui on 30th October 2018.

HCID Conference 2018.pptx

Nicola Abraham
HCID Hacking Process Drama Avatar Presentation Slides

Some new Linear Elamite inscriptions

Michael Mäder
The Linear Elamite writing system was used in the late 3rd millennium in ancient Iran.The underlying language is supposed to be Elamite – an isolate language otherwise known from cuneiform sources. 40 to 60% of the Elamite words and morphemes are decoded.In early 2016, about ten new inscriptions and fragments were presented at the University of Hamedan, Iran. They are now in the Mahboubian Gallery. Some of these new texts are the longest ones ever...

Solving glycobioinformatics with Galaxy

Chris Barnett
Presentation given by Chris Barnett at Galaxy Africa 2018 (Cape Town, South Africa)

Background and Index of Videos.docx

This word document gives information on techniques used to evaluate the reaction of ewes to the odour of their lambs.

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