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Nick Hall, John Ellis & Amanda Murphy
This video is part of a series that shows a reunited team of BBC outside broadcast production personnel rehearsing an outside broadcast programme.
This footage was filmed in May 2016 on location at Northop Hall hotel near Hawarden in Flintshire, United Kingdom.
A team of veteran television outside broadcast camera operators, electricians, riggers, sound engineers, producers and production assistants who worked on BBC outside broadcasts in the 1960s and 1970s recreated various aspects of their work.
Their working...

Interview with Louis Moholo-Moholo, Cape Town, 02.01.2012

Niklas Zimmer
Interview with Louis Moholo-Moholo, at his home in Langa, Cape Town, 02.01.2012,

Multi-mode Circular Antenna Array for Spatially Encoded Data Transmission Data Set

Anil Chepala
Data set pertaining to figures and tables in Chepala, A., Ding, Y. and Fusco, V. 'Multi-mode Circular Antenna Array for Spatially Encoded Data Transmission' in IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation (2019)

Simultaneous entanglement swapping of multiple orbital angular momentum states of light

Jonathan Leach, Daniele Franco Angelo Faccio & Thomas Roger
This is the data for the publication "Simultaneous entanglement swapping of multiple orbital angular momentum states of light".

Growing the Market for Local Food & Drink Amongst the Tourism, Hospitality & Events Sector

Claire Haven-Tang, Andrew J. Thomas & Paul Byard
Presentation given at ICCAS 2019 by Dr Claire Haven-Tang, Professor Andrew Thomas & Mr Paul Byard, Cardiff Metropolitan University (Welsh Centre for Tourism Research - WCTR).
Growing the Market for Local Food & Drink Amongst the Tourism, Hospitality & Events Sector (Is passion for 'local' enough)


Salvatore Napodano

Salvatore Napodano & Maurizio Cartolano

Are We Measuring the Correct Markers for Extracorporeal Bypass?

Mark J Bennett
Mark Bennett of the Southwest Cardiothoracic Unit in Plymouth, UK, discusses biomarkers for problems during cardiopulmonary bypass. He focuses on what the traits of an ideal biomarker would be, and he presents current and potential biomarkers for detecting acute kidney injury.This presentation was originally given during the SCTS Ionescu University program at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain and Ireland. This content is published with the permission of...

Nina Koksunova, Parental Advice

Baasanjav Terbish & Elvira Churyumova
Nina is a teacher of the Kalmyk language at a secondary school in Khar-Buluk. In this video she talks about what parents teach their children: Children should be taught from a very young age. Parents should serve as an example to their children. I believe that the mother's milk nourishes children in the same way as the father’s advice helps the children grow into proper human beings. My father Badma Ulanov was a very educated...

'Acing' Infrastructure Testing with Chef

Brian O'Connell
Sports move fast; infrastructure testing has to keep pace. The team responsible for the cloud that powers Wimbledon, The US Open and some of the world's largest sporting events uses Chef to manage their infrastructure. Developing a testing framework presented many challenges, including: Scaling infrastructure testing to handle a distributed enterprise. Testing in remote locations without the fastest internet speeds. Contending with the Great Firewall in China. The team has spent 100s of hours optimizing...

La recherche au CERN

Arte Télévision
Emission "le Luxe" de Arte. Séquence (14:30) avec une interview du Directeur Général du laboratoire Professeur Chris Llewellyn Smith.

Improving Integrity through Transparency

Ed Gerstner
“Improving Integrity through Transparency” presented by Ed Gerstner (Nature Research) at the 2017 ORCID Shanghai workshop at Shanghai Jiaotong University in Shanghai, PRC on Monday, June 19, 2017.

On the space highway to Lagrange points!

Emmanuel Trélat
Everything is under control: mathematics optimize everyday life. In an empirical way we are able to do many things with more or less efficiency or success. When one wants to achieve a parallel parking, consequences may sometimes be ridiculous... But when one wants to launch a rocket or plan interplanetary missions, better is to be sure of what we do. Control theory is a branch of mathematics that allows to control, optimize and guide systems...

Predictors of the shape bias (Abdelaziz et al., 2018)

Ahmed Abdelaziz, Sara T. Kover, Manuela Wagner & Letitia R. Naigles
Purpose: Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) demonstrate many mechanisms of lexical acquisition that support language in typical development; however, 1 notable exception is the shape bias. The bases of these children’s difficulties with the shape bias are not well understood, and the current study explored potential sources of individual differences from the perspectives of both attentional and conceptual accounts of the shape bias.Method: Shape bias performance from the dataset of Potrzeba, Fein, and Naigles...

Songs of Oriental magpie robin (Copsychus saularis) (Singh A. et al. Journal of Ornithology)

Karl-Heinz Frommolt
Sound recordings of songs of an Oriental magpie robin used in: Singh, A., Bhatt, D. and Sethi, V.K. (in press) Singing behaviour of the Oriental magpie robin (Copsychus saularis). Journal of Ornithology.

Lebensgeschichtliches Interview mit Georgios Aggelidakis

Georgios Aggelidakis
Lebensgeschichtliches Video-Interview in griechischer Sprache mit Transkription, deutscher Übersetzung, Erschließung, Kurzbiografie und Fotografien

Moments of a Thue-Morse generating function

Hugh L. Montgomery
Let $s(m)$ denote the number of distinct powers of 2 in the binary representation of $m$. Thus the Thue-Morse sequence is $(-1)^{s(m)}$ and $T_n(x)=\sum_{0\leq m< 2^n}(-1)^{s(m)}e(mx)=\prod_{0\leq r< n}(1-e(2^rx))$ is a trigonometric generating generating function of the sequence. The work of Mauduit and Rivat on $(-1)^{s(p)}$ depends on nontrivial bounds for $\left \| T_n \right \|_1$ and for $\left \| T_n \right \|_\infty $. We consider other norms of the $T_n$. For positive integers $k$ let...

Structural and Synthetic Insights into Pyridine Homocouplings Mediated by a -Diketiminato Magnesium Amide Complex

Ross McLellan & Eva Hevia
The data set contains three files: 1. NMR data (zip file) 2. Crystallographic information file (X-ray crystallographic data) 3.CheckCIF (for X-ray crystallographic data) Note that the NMR data in file 1 contains raw data which requires a specialist program such as Topspin or Mestrelab; and the cif file (file 3) requires a program such as Diamond or Mercury to view. These data relate to the research reported in the manuscript "Structural and Synthetic Insights into...

Myanmar Infrastructure Summit 2017

Cheng Bin Lee
The 3rd Myanmar Infrastructure Summit 2017 is set to provide a platform for potential foreign investors, infrastructure developers, technology providers and infrastructure funders to be updated on the development plans and policies of investing in Myanmar’s urban and rural infrastructure and at the same time build potential business and investment networks with the local policy makers and industry players.

Unterrichtsaufzeichnung (RP18730_4a-3)

Andreas Helmke
Den Kern der Studie "VERA - Gute Unterrichtspraxis" bildete eine umfangreiche Videostudie, umrahmt von zwei Leistungstestungen und einer ausführlichen schriftlichen Befragung der Teilnehmenden zu anderen Messzeiten. Im Zeitraum von Mai bis Juni 2006 wurde hierzu der Unterricht in den Fächern Mathematik und Deutsch gefilmt. Im Anschluss an jede Stunde wurden die Lehrkräfte und Schüler mittels eines einseitigen Kurzfragebogens zur Aufmerksamkeit, Verteilung der Sprechanteile und Schwierigkeit der Stunde befragt. Zum Abschluss des Videotags fand zudem ein...

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