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Computational Environmental Sciences and Toxicology

John Wambaugh
Guest lecture to the North Carolina State University BIO592 course April 2019

Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment Under Canada's Chemicals Management Plan: Proposed Phenols Case Study for Review Cycle #3

Matthew Gagné, Tara Barton-Maclaren, Nicholas Trefiak, Sunil Kulkarni, Grace Patlewicz, Prachi Pradeep, Kamel Mansouri & Richard Judson
Presentation on IATA case study for phenols which is joint project with Health Canada and NCCT, presented at the OECD IATA Case Study Meeting No. 2 in Paris, France November 2016

Case Study AOP 43: A Framework for Using Current (and Future) Assays for Predictive DART

Todd Zurlinden
Presentation at the FutureTox (Predictive Toxicology for Healthy Children) conference November 2018

Systems Toxicology and Computational Dynamics - What can we learn from a virtual embryo?

Thomas Knudsen & 0000-0002-5036-596x
Presentation at Ohio Valley Society of Toxicology (OVSOT) Purdue University Dec 2017

ScrubChem: Cleaning PubChem Bioassay Data

Jason Harris, 0000-0002-7371-0463, Richard Judson & 0000-0002-2348-9633
Presentation at the BD2K-LINCS Data Symposium at the University of Cincinnati May 2017

Advances in EPA’s Rapid Exposure and Dosimetry Project

John Wambaugh & 0000-0002-4024-534X
Presented at the Interagency Alternatives Assessment Webinar

New Technologies and Approaches in Toxicity Testing and Risk Assessment

0000-0002-2340-0301 & Russell Thomas
Presented at Netherlands Society of Toxicology Meeting

Structure-based categorization of Per- & Polyfluoroalkyl substances in the DSSTox database and EPA’s ToxCast inventory using Markush representations

Chris Grulke, Grace Patlewicz, Brian Meyer, Antony Williams & Ann Richard
Abstract for presentation at the Spring 2019 American Chemical Society meeting.

High Throughput Chemical Safety

John Wambaugh
Presentation to EPA hosted STEM in the Park Educator Talk October 2017

Data management solutions to support ENTACT and Non-targeted Analysis

Christopher Grulke, Hussein Al-Ghoul, Jon Sobus, Elin Ulrich, Andrew McEachran, Antony Williams & Ann Richard
Presentation at EPA's Non-Targeted Analysis Collaborative Trial (ENTACT) Workshop Aug 2018

Exposure and Dosimetry Considerations for Adverse Outcome Pathways

John Wambaugh & 0000-0002-4024-534X
Presented at Adverse Outcome Pathways: From Research to Regulation

Development of the RapidTox Decision Support Tool for 21st Century Chemical Risk Assessment

0000-0002-2340-0301 & Russell Thomas
Presented at Accelerating the Pace of Chemical Risk Assessment Workshop

Exploiting enhanced non-testing approaches to meet the needs for sustainable chemistry

0000-0003-3863-9689 & Grace Patlewicz
Dr. Patlewiczworks at the National Center for Computational Toxicology

Navigating Through the Minefield of Read-Across Frameworks and Tools: From Research to Practical Tools

Grace Patlewicz, George Helman, Prachi Pradeep, Imran Shah, 0000-0003-3863-9689, 0000-0002-6704-9015, 0000-0002-9219-4249 & 0000-0003-4822-8023
Presentation at the OpenTox USA meeting in Durham, NC July 2017

Forecasting Exposure in Order to Use High Throughput Hazard Data in a Risk-based Context

0000-0002-4024-534X & John Wambaugh
Presented at the 9th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences

Case study of read-across predictions using a Generalized Read-Across (GenRA) Approach

George Helman, Grace Patlewicz, Imran Shah, 0000-0002-6704-9015, 0000-0003-3863-9689 & 0000-0003-4822-8023
Presentation at the World Congress 10 meeting in Seattle, WA August 2017

EPA CompTox Chemicals Dashboard: An Online Resource for Environmental Chemists

Antony Williams
Presentation given at the American Society of Chemistry Spring Meeting April 2019

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