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Syro-Hittite iconography and food in practice

Nicole Herzog
Figure 1. Map of Syro-Hittite kingdoms (Niehr, Herbert. The Aramaeans in ancient Syria. Leiden: Brill, 2014.)Alongside the rise of the independent Syro-Hittite kingdoms in the 1st millennium BC, a distinctive category of banquet scenes also developed in the northern Syria/southern Anatolia region. Iron Age Sam’al—modern Zincirli Höyük—was one such kingdom. This talk will explore how these scenes relate to the archaeology of food and identity by addressing the following concepts:Stylistic elements and local/regional identityLimitations of...

Accompanying audio files for the PhD thesis titled : The Parea: Participatory Musical Performances in the Island of Crete

Ioannis Papadatos
This study is concerned with participatory musical performances of Cretan traditional music in the island of Crete, a practice that is commonly referred to as paréa ('company'). A paréa is a convivial occasion and usually describes a gathering in which the participants sit around a table, drinking, eating, playing music and socially engaging with each other within a collective atmosphere. Paréa performances are carried out by Cretan music enthusiasts and musicians in the island of...

Joakim Philipson - Open Science Toolbox

Joakim Philipson
Presentation from kick-off workshop for the project Open Science Toolbox: https://www.ntnu.no/ub/prosjekter/ostoolbox Title: Research Data Management at Stockholm University Presenter: Joakim Philipson, Stockholm University Library

Strategic benefits of “openness of metadata” across the RIS ecosystem: Connecting upstream metadata and downstream strategic challenges.

Wilfred Mijnhardt
Presentation deliverd for DS Dimensions user group. This presentation is also accompanied by a video registration.

Grindhval i Romsdalsfjorden

Jan Erik Garshol
Filmet 17. juli 2018. Hundrevis av kval. Samme flokk er omtalt i https://www.nrk.no/mr/hval-i-romsdalsfjorden-1.14130913

General footage The Port 2016

CERN Video Productions, Noemi Caraban Gonzalez & Noemi Caraban Gonzalez
Highlights of the Hackaton

Score calculation models: CTT and IRT

Gavin Brown
This presentation was given at the 2018 EARLI SIG 1 Summer School in Finland Helsinki. It provides conceptual background information necessary to carry out classical test and item response theory analyses.

Pulmonary Re-Expansion After Diaphragmatic Plication

Veronica Manolache, Natalia Motas, Teu Madalin, Vasile Cristian, Madalina Iliescu & Teodor Horvat
In this video, the authors present a diaphragmatic plication. Diaphragm paralysis can have a wide variety of causes such as trauma, malignant pathologies, or infectious diseases. Sometimes it can be idiopathic. Usually, the patient presents with dyspnea, thoracic pain, and persistent dry cough. The investigations performed range from chest x-rays and computed tomography (CT) scans to lung function tests and magnetic resonance imaging.
A 78-year-old man presented to the authors’ clinic with severe dyspnea and a...

Unterrichtsaufzeichnung (S287_obs038)

Cornelia Kristen, Petra Stanat, Irena Kogan, Georg Lorenz, Sarah Gentrup & Susanne Rahmann
In den Videoaufzeichnungen wurden die Interaktionen zwischen Kindern und Lehrkräften im Unterricht festgehalten. Dazu wurden in jeder teilnehmenden Schulklasse vier Unterrichtsstunden (zwei im Fach Mathematik, zwei im Fach Deutsch) gefilmt. Für die Dauer der Videoaufnahmen hielten sich jeweils zwei Erheber/innen in einer Schulklasse auf. Ein/e Erheber/in bediente hierbei eine statische Klassenkamera, die das Geschehen in der Klasse im Überblick filmte. Der/die andere Erheber/in bediente eine bewegliche Lehrkraftkamera, um die Lehrkraft in der Interaktion mit den...

Approximating clutters with matroids

Anna De Mier
There are several clutters (antichains of sets) that can be associated with a matroid, as the clutter of circuits, the clutter of bases or the clutter of hyperplanes. We study the following question: given an arbitrary clutter $\Lambda$, which are the matroidal clutters that are closest to $\Lambda$? To answer it we first decide on the meaning of closest, and select one of the different matroidal clutters. We show that for almost all reasonable choices...

Kulturszene: VS-Jubiläumskongress: Verband Deutscher Schriftsteller

Günter Grass Stiftung-Medienarchiv
Kurzbericht über den Verband deutscher Schriftsteller; die junge Autorin Felicitas Hoppe ist zum ersten Mal bei einem Kongress des VS; Hoppe: Zusammentreffen mit Kollegen "nicht ganz ungefährlich", denn "manchmal kochen wir ganz schön im eigenen Saft"; Grass kommt zu spät zum Kongress und erregt Aufsehen, obwohl er nicht mehr Mitglied des Verbandes ist; Grass ist Gründungsmitglied des VS; historische Aufnahme: Rede Heinrich Bölls; Grass im Interview: erinnert sich an Diffamierungen gegenüber Böll und ihm selbst,...

Shoe Lab - Methodology Video

Mariale Moreno, Fiona Charnley & Oscar Ponte
This video was produced in collaboration between Cisco, Cranfield University and brand consultancy The Clearing. It builds on research carried out by RECODE-NETWORK identifying and evaluating the opportunities a re-distributed production model offers to disrupt traditional industry models when combined with big data. The video shows the methodology followed to design the final shoe as an outcome of the project.

Will the Coorong survive?

Henry Robert Wallace
Lecture given by Professor Henry R. Wallace, former head of the Department of Plant Pathology, Waite Campus at the Waite Campus, University of Adelaide, 15.6.1994
This lecture is part of the Campus Seminars and Distinguished Lecturer Series, Waite Campus, University of Adelaide, 1991 – 1997. https://figshare.com/projects/Campus_Seminars_and_Distinguished_Lecturer_Series_Waite_Campus_University_of_Adelaide/17756

Dataset for Everyday Childhoods research project. Jasmine - Multimedia Data Presentation

Liam Berriman
A multimedia presentation of Jasmine's data created on Prezi. This item belongs to the Everyday Childhoods project dataset. For more information, click on the project or collection link.


Nick Hall, John Ellis & Amanda Murphy
This video is part of a series that explores the unique culture of the outside broadcast crew.
This footage was filmed in May 2016 on location at Northop Hall hotel near Hawarden in Flintshire, United Kingdom.
A team of veteran television outside broadcast camera operators, electricians, riggers, sound engineers, producers and production assistants who worked on BBC outside broadcasts in the 1960s and 1970s recreated various aspects of their work.
Their working practices and memories were filmed using...

Factors to consider

Rosa Sola-Molina
This item has a power point including factors that have been considered in previous research when researching neural underpinnings of reach to grasp movements. It lists areas of research from fMRI/MEG studies, and patterns in activity that may represent top-down/bottom-up loops during visuomotor transformation from MEG studies.

Rieldans and Heuningbier

Engela Britz
This audio sample accompanies Engela Britz's (2019) minor dissertation entitled "Songs in the Dust: Riel Music in the Northern and Western Cape, South Africa." Engela Britz made this recording in Brandvlei, on the 10th of January, 2018.
In a musical demonstration of langriel and kortriel, Gert Swarts spontaneously made some observations about heuningbier (honey beer), which is mead brewed from honey/honeycomb and several other ingredients: [speel langriel] En as hy sommer wil die ding opwarm...


Eloy Barragán
A dance portraying the contrast between a neutral environment and the random un-even coloring of two personalities accompanied by the New York City based trio Too Many Zoos.

Plethysmography 6b - Analysis [video]

Ollie Jay
The Plethysmography videos are for measuring limb blood flow with strain gauge plethysmography, using the DualSGP program. Analysis requires use of Notepad and Excel.

Thought for the Day: Being Multilingual BBC Radio Ulster 7 Dec 2018

Leon Litvack
Leon Litvack discusses what it's like to be a ployglot. Permission to reproduce granted by BBC.

Improving Book Reviews

ROWLAND, NICHOLAS JAMES, Lucia, Christian, Shahid, Shuvanon, Wills, Cooper, Adams, Matthew & Mohammed, Sarah

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