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How a Library acquires an RDM system, or: implementing figshare for institutions in Amsterdam

M. Van Selm
Presentation for Library and IT colleagues from other Dutch HEIs on the implementation of figshare for insitutions at the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, 30 May 2017.

Modelling the impact of shortened TB treatment: why such variation?

Gwen Knight
This presentation was delivered at the 2018 INTERTB symposium, held at St George’s, University of London. The full collection of outputs from the meeting can be accessed from the link referenced below.

«All Aram» and «Upper and Lower Aram»: what the Sefire Inscription suggests us about the Aramaean ethnicity

Alessia Venanzi
The Aramaeans are always presented as an “undifferentiated group present from the Lower Khabur to the Mount Lebanon” (Sader 1992), without any ethnic affiliation. The construction of their identity may be given by two opposite viewpoints: their own perspective (internal view) and that perceived by other populations (external view). We will show this through the notion of “all Aram” in the Sefire inscription, and by looking at some passages from Assyrian records and the Bible....

Rådgivning – kunsten å hjelpe og sikre vekstfremmende prosesser : Modul 1: Rådgivning | SEVU-PPT Nett, 2018

Liv Margarete Lassen
Liv Lassen tematiserer rådgivning som arbeidsmåte for PP-tjenesten. Hun går inn på hva som kjennetegner rådgiving, og hvilke funksjoner rådgiving kan ha. Hun går videre inn på veiledning knyttet til sakkyndighet, problemløsning, forebygging og kompetanseutvikling. Videre trekker hun frem perspektivet veiledning som hjelp til selvhjelp, og sier noe om hvilke ferdigheter og hvilken kompetanse en veileder trenger.

LS1 Long Shutdown

CERN Video Productions, Noemi & CERN Video Productions


Nick Hall, John Ellis & Amanda Murphy
This video is part of a series that shows how camera crews generated captions for outside broadcast television programmes, in the days before digital video graphics.
This footage was filmed in May 2016 on location at Northop Hall hotel near Hawarden in Flintshire, United Kingdom.
A team of veteran television outside broadcast camera operators, electricians, riggers, sound engineers, producers and production assistants who worked on BBC outside broadcasts in the 1960s and 1970s recreated various aspects of...

UE: Recht/Strafe, Menschenrechte Art. 1

Henning Schluß & May Jehle
Mitte der 60er Jahre begann Alfons Otto Schorb an der Pädagogischen Hochschule Bonn damit, systematisch Unterricht aufzuzeichnen und diese Aufzeichnungen in der Lehrer/innenbildung einzusetzen. Bei seinem Wechsel an die Münchener Universität gründete Alfons Otto Schorb auch dort ein „Institut für Unterrichtsmitschau“. Das „Institut für Unterrichtsmitschau“ wurde zu einer festen Größe in der pädagogischen Wissenschaft der alten Bundesrepublik und fand Nachahmungen an anderen Hochschulen und Universitäten. In dieser Studie werden die Aufzeichnungen unterschiedlicher Provenienzen gesammelt, die...

3D VATS Diaphragm Plication

Joel Dunning
This video demonstrates a VATS diaphragm plication in the full 3D in which it was performed. To appreciate the 3-dimensional quality of the video, you will need a 3D screen. The patient had significant shortness of breath and a high and paralyzed left hemidiaphragm. The authors repaired it using one 10 mm port and a 5 mm port.

Klipbok (Klipspringer)

Engela Britz
This audio sample was recorded by Engela Britz on July 14, 2018, in Saron, Western Cape, South Africa. It is a version of the widely-known and popular riel tune called 'Klipbok' (Klipspringer) performed by Danie Hanse, Fanie Hanse, Gershwin Hanse and Marvin Hanse.The audio sample accompanies Engela Britz's (2019) minor dissertation entitled "Songs in the Dust: Riel Music in the Northern and Western Cape, South Africa."

Tuberculosis and it's relation to human rights

Maheen Ahmed
This presentation was delivered at the 2018 INTERTB symposium, held at St George’s, University of London. The full collection of outputs from the meeting can be accessed from the link referenced below.

Ingrid Heggland - Open Science Toolbox

Ingrid Heggland
Presentation from kick-off workshop for the project Open Science Toolbox: https://www.ntnu.no/ub/prosjekter/ostoolbox. Content: Welcome and introduction Open Science in Horizon2020 and Horizon Europe Policies on Open Access and Open Data in Norway

Extending Python for Speed

Martin Renold
Python is a nice high-level language, but most graphic applications have some code that must run fast at any price. Everyone knows that it is possible to write C/C++ extensions for Python. Not everyone knows that it can be done cleanly, simply and DRY.

Tagesmagazin: Interview über Folterungen

Günter Grass Stiftung-Medienarchiv
Inverview aus einem Gespräch mit Günter Grass Frage: in etwa 60 Staaten der Welt wird gefoltert. Ist die Friedenspolitik zum Opportunismus erstarrt? Grass: ja, und gleichzeitig Gefahr für die Friedenspolitik, die Willy Brandt eingeleitet hat; die Staaten schonten sich gegenseitig im Sinne einer political correctness. Frage: Von wem könnten Initiativen ausgehen, um diesen Zustand zu ändern? Grass: Von denen, die "für diese Friedenspolitik sind"; die Gegner der Friedenspolitik dürften nicht bekräftigt werden; Politik der Stärke...

Congenital Right Coronary Artery to Right Ventricle Fistula Ligation Without Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Le Quang Thuu & Duc An Vinh Bui
The authors present a case of congenital coronary artery to right ventricle fistula that was treated successfully by direct ligation without the use of cardiopulmonary bypass.
An 11-month-old boy was hospitalized because of a complaint of mild dyspnea and continuous cardiac murmur. A chest x-ray revealed heart shade enlargement. Multidetector computed tomography and coronary angiography revealed that the right coronary artery (RCA) was dilated (6.37 mm maximum diameter) with a fistula directly connecting into the right...

The uniformization of the moduli space of abelian 6-folds

Gavril Farkas
The general principally polarized abelian variety of dimension at most five is known to be a Prym variety. This reduces the study of abelian varieties of small dimension to the beautifully concrete theory of algebraic curves. I will discuss recent breakthrough on finding a structure theorem for principally polarized abelian varieties of dimension six as Prym-Tyurin varieties associated to covers with $E_6$-monodromy, and the implications this uniformization result has on the geometry of the moduli...

Understanding the risk of pressure ulcers when sitting in adults What does it mean for me and my carers? Seating guidelines for people, carers, health and social care professionals

Melanie Stephens & Carol Bartley
Costs for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers have increased significantly and there is limited published advice from health and social care organisations on seating and preventing pressure ulcers. At the request of the UK Tissue Viability Society the aim of the video was to develop a practical guide for people, carers and health and social care professionals on how the research and evidence base on pressure ulcer prevention and management can be applied...

Unterrichtsaufzeichnung (RP22736_4c-2)

Andreas Helmke
Den Kern der Studie "VERA - Gute Unterrichtspraxis" bildete eine umfangreiche Videostudie, umrahmt von zwei Leistungstestungen und einer ausführlichen schriftlichen Befragung der Teilnehmenden zu anderen Messzeiten. Im Zeitraum von Mai bis Juni 2006 wurde hierzu der Unterricht in den Fächern Mathematik und Deutsch gefilmt. Im Anschluss an jede Stunde wurden die Lehrkräfte und Schüler mittels eines einseitigen Kurzfragebogens zur Aufmerksamkeit, Verteilung der Sprechanteile und Schwierigkeit der Stunde befragt. Zum Abschluss des Videotags fand zudem ein...

R is for Racing

Schalk Heunis
Using R to train the ConvNet of a self-driving RC car. The car uses a RaspberryPi to stream images into a Keras based model that outputs direction and speed in real-time. R was used to visualize and augment training data, train the model and visualize the results and iteratively improve performance.

Non-line-of-sight tracking of people at long range

Daniele Franco Angelo Faccio, Susan Chan, Jonathan Leach & Ryan E Warburton
Data relevant to publication "Non-line-of-sight tracking of people at long range", Optics Express 2017

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