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Vincenza Genovese

Vincenza Genovese & Maurizio Cartolano

Unterrichtsaufzeichnung (13501406-1)

Andreas Helmke
Im Rahmen der bundesweit durchgeführten Studie „Deutsch-Englisch-Schülerleistungen-International“ (DESI) mit der Untersuchung der sprachlichen Leistungen von Neuntklässlern allgemein bildender Schulen mit Ausnahme von Förderschulen und der Unterrichtswirksamkeit in den Fächern Deutsch und Englisch erhebt die vorliegende Videobeobachtung unter der Leitung der Universität Landau Unterrichtsdaten, basierend auf zwei videografierten Englischstunden mit jeweils unterschiedlichem (interkulturellem oder sprachlernbezogenem) Fokus. Die Erhebung wurde zwischen den zwei Testmesszeitpunkten im Herbst 2003 und Sommer 2004 durchgeführt und betrifft 105 der insgesamt 388...

Concluding Remarks - Unifying Themes in Ramsey Theory

Stevo Todorcevic

Tukey reducibility and metrizable groups

Francisco Guevara Parra
In [4] the authors used the Local Ramsey theory to prove that a countable Frechet group is metrizable if, and only if, its topology is analytic. We use this result together with the connections between the Tukey ordering and topology found in [2] to give a characterization of separable metrizable groups. We prove that a separable group is metrizable if, and only if, it is Frechet and the the ideal of converging sequences to the...

An infinitary Gowers theorem for multiple tetris operation

Martino Lupini
I will present an ultrafilter proof of the infinitary version of the Gowers theorem for multiple tetris operations. Bartosova and Kwiatkowska previously gave a constructive proof of the corresponding finitary version, which has applications to the dynamics of the Lelek fan.

Approximate Ramsey properties of Banach spaces.

Jordi Lopez-Abad
We will discuss the Ramsey and other related properties in the context of Banach spaces and similar categories.

On equality of two classes of homomorphism-homogeneous relational structures

David Hartman
This talk provides a story of equality of homomorphism-homogeneous classes. Cameron and Nesetril [1] suggested a novel notion of homomorphism-homogeneity for relational structure that requires every local homomorphism between finite induced substructures extends to homomorphism to the whole structure extending thus a classical notion of ultrahomogeneity in sense of Fraisse. Depending on types of local homomorphism as well as the extending one it is possible to define various types of homomorphism-homogeneity, e.g. monomorphism-homogeneity extending local...

The Hrushovski property for hypertournaments and profinite topologies

Marcin Sabok
It is an open problem whether the Hrushovski extension property holds for tournaments. It is equivalent to a problem concerning a profinite topology and a characterization of closed f.g. subgroups in this topology. During the talk I will discuss a generalization of the latter problem to a family of profinite topologies.

Ramsey theory of the Henson graphs

Natasha Dobrinen
We use techniques of logic, particularly set theory, to determine upper bounds on the big Ramsey degrees of the universal homogeneous k-clique-free graphs, for each k greater than two.

Have we started a fire?

Jon Tennant
Keynote talk delivered at Wikimedia Deutschland as part of their Fellow-Programm Freies Wissen annual meeting: https://de.wikiversity.org/wiki/Wikiversity:Fellow-Programm_Freies_Wissen/Veranstaltungen/Abschlussveranstaltung_2019

Have we started a fire?

Jon Tennant
Keynote talk delivered at Wikimedia Deutschland as part of their Fellow-Programm Freies Wissen annual meeting: https://de.wikiversity.org/wiki/Wikiversity:Fellow-Programm_Freies_Wissen/Veranstaltungen/Abschlussveranstaltung_2019

Sutureless Aortic Valves

Tom C. Nguyen, Patrick McCarthy & Borut Gersak
In this discussion filmed at the 2017 STS Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas, two surgeons talk about their experiences using sutureless aortic valves. Dr Tom C. Nguyen of the University of Texas in Houston is joined by Dr Patrick McCarthy of Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, and Dr Borut Gersak of the Ljubljana University Medical Center in Slovenia. The panelists present videos of valve implantation, and they discuss indications for and the benefits of...

The importance of study design: statistical approach

Maia Lesosky
A brief presentation on the need for greater rigour or statistical design in pre-clinical and animal studies from an ethical perspective. Some useful overview references. Presented to a workshop for members of Animal Ethics Committees in 2019.

2018 M6.2 Taumarunui earthquake computer simulation

Yoshi Kaneko & Julian Thomson
The simulation shows the magnitude of ground velocity for long-period (>2 seconds) seismic waves during the magnitude 6.2 earthquake beneath Taumarunui on 30th October 2018.

Sustained and attack sounds of the hybrid instrument bow-string evaluation, along with simulations. Mouthpiece pressure and external pressures

Kurijn Buys, David Sharp & Robin Laney
These sounds are produced by the hybrid wind instrument with a bow-string interaction model excitation and by an entirely simulated version of the instrument. The mouthpiece parameters are varied so as to evaluate both attack and sustained sounds over the stable operation range of the hybrid instrument.
These results are discussed in depth in my thesis on the development and evaluation of the hybrid wind instrument.
BS stands for bow-string interaction model.

Waves Exhibition Film 2018

Caroline Collinge
Inspired by Japanese paper stencils used within textile printing of kimonos, ‘katagami’ literally meaning ‘pattern paper’ in Japanese, ‘Waves’ draws inspiration from the rich textile culture of Japan in particular the traditional art of paper folding ‘origami’. The title of the piece was sparked by the water and wave inspired patterns that are a common motif within the katagami stencils. Katagami paper stencils were influential in informing the Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts...

Research data supporting: Pender et al. (2015) "A method for incorporating morphological sensitivity into flood inundation modelling"Journal of Hydraulic Engineering

Heather Haynes
These data files contain both methodology statements and raw/processed data underpinning the Figures of the paper. Files are all provided in (.txt) format.

Exploring the route from Nairobi to Beijing plus twenty : feminist activist reflections on rights advocacy : [supplementary material]

Susan Margaret Bazilli
The attached file is a supplement to the author’s doctoral dissertation at https://circle.library.ubc.ca/handle/2429/70004.

David Charlton - Atlas spokesperson

CERN Video Productions & Jacques Fichet Christoph Madsen
Interview to Dr Dave Charlton , Atlas spokesperson, about the LHC Physics Run 2016

Brauer-Siegel theorem and analogues for varieties over global fields

Marc Hindry
The classical Brauer-Siegel theorem can be seen as one of the first instances of description of asymptotical arithmetic: it states that, for a family of number fields $K_i$, under mild conditions (e.g. bounded degree), the product of the regulator by the class number behaves asymptotically like the square root of the discriminant. This can be reformulated as saying that the Brauer-Siegel ratio log($hR$)/ log$\sqrt{D}$ has limit 1. Even if some of the fundamental problems like...

Unterrichtsaufzeichnung (HB010_4b-3)

Andreas Helmke
Den Kern der Studie "VERA - Gute Unterrichtspraxis" bildete eine umfangreiche Videostudie, umrahmt von zwei Leistungstestungen und einer ausführlichen schriftlichen Befragung der Teilnehmenden zu anderen Messzeiten. Im Zeitraum von Mai bis Juni 2006 wurde hierzu der Unterricht in den Fächern Mathematik und Deutsch gefilmt. Im Anschluss an jede Stunde wurden die Lehrkräfte und Schüler mittels eines einseitigen Kurzfragebogens zur Aufmerksamkeit, Verteilung der Sprechanteile und Schwierigkeit der Stunde befragt. Zum Abschluss des Videotags fand zudem ein...

The Cosmic Vision and Telepathic Following of Bruce Haack

Peter Price
Few recently rediscovered pioneers of electronic music are as colorful and unlikely as Bruce Haack (1931-1988) Bruce Haack was born in a tiny mining community in rural Alberta, Canada, an unlikely time and place to produce a future electro-mystic whose absolutely individual work has destabilized received histories of electronic music. Despite being rejected by the University of Alberta’s music program on the basis of his poor notational skills, he was invited to study with Vincent...


Amanda Murphy, John Ellis & Nick Hall
This footage was filmed in March 2018 at Royal Holloway, University of London in Egham, United Kingdom.
A group of veteran television videotape engineers was reunited with obsolete editing equipment last used in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. The editors’ working practices and memories were recorded using multiple digital video cameras and wireless microphones.
This video is part of a series in which videotape and Avid editors discuss the introduction of digital video effects systems which...

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