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Australia Nuna and Beyond

Peter Betts, Robin Armit, David Moore, Ross Cayley & Louis Moresi
This presentation was given at the 2015 SGTSG conference at Coloundra. The paper presents a synthesis of the accretion tectonics for the Australian component of Nuna and the evolution of the Tasmanides in the context of micro-continental ribbon tectonics.

Epigenetic regulation of innate lymphoid cell development and function by G9a

Colby Zaph
This presentation was given at the Australasian Society of Immunology 2015 Annual Meeting in Canberra, Australia on 30 November 2015.
The topic of this presentation was the role of G9a in the development and function of group 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s).

Australian Research Repositories Online to the World ARROW

Geoff Payne
No abstract supplied
Presented at%3A EDUCAUSE Australasia; 2005 Apr 7; Auckland, New Zealand. 44 leaves.

Tectonic switches during the Palaeo-Mesoproterozoic transition%3A implications for mineral systems

Peter Betts, Laurent Ailleres, Robin Armit & Caroline Venn
Keynote presentation given by Peter Betts at the Australian Earth Science Convention (June 2016).The presentation provides a synopsis of the 1.6 Ga to 1.5 Ga evolution of the Australian plate and how this has influenced mineral systems.

Research Data Ecosystem

David Groenewegen
Presentation given at figshare fest, London, November 2015

Lu-Hf isotope study of the marginal terranes of the northern Gawler Craton

Robin Armit, Peter Betts & Bruce Schaefer
Presentation as part of the GOMA (Gawler-Officer-Musgrave-Amadeus seismic and MT workshop, Adelaide 2010. This presentation uses integrated U-Pb-Hf study on zircons from scientific drilling into buried margins of the Gawler Craton to inform on Palaeoproterozoic crustal architecture.

New draft item

Gautier Laurent, Laurent Ailleres, Lachlan Grose & Robin Armit
This presentation demonstrates the classic approach to implicit modelling of geology and it's limitations. Instead a implicit model schema has been developed to better utilise structural observations to model folded and poly-deformed terranes

Experiential learning in a postgraduate writing group: fostering scholarly writing

Lynette Pretorius, Basil Khalifa Costas Derek Cahusac De Caux, Cho Kwong Charlie Lam & Ricky Lau
In our writing group, the facilitator and four PhD students from disparate research fields collaborated together to write an academic publication. This learning activity was developed to give students an experiential learning environment to deepen their understanding about the scholarly publication process. This presentation will discuss how this learning activity was developed, highlight students’ reflections about the teaching strategy, and describe the overall outcomes of the activity.

Wiley Webinar Series for Librarians: The Role of Academic Librarians in Supporting Digital Literacy

Anna Rubinowski & Ellen O'Hehir
This presentation was part for the Wiley Webinar Series for Librarians on 7 November 2016. The presentation introduces different understandings and frameworks of digital literacy and information literacy, in particular in the academic library environment.

ALAA 2016_Barraja-Rohan_self-presentational sequences in L2.pptx

Anne-Marie Barraja-Rohan
ALAA Conference December 2016 Learning to produce expanded responses across time in English as an additional language Anne-Marie Barraja-Rohan Monash University This paper responds to the need of exploring longitudinal interactions in the wild using conversation analysis to increase our understanding of L2 interactional competence. It examines five interactions involving two adult Japanese exchange students in an Australian university. Akiko and Meg were each videoed using English as L2 outside of class in three dyadic...

The Abstract: Exhibition, reading room and metaphor

Romany Manuell
In 2015, the Research Office for Art, Design and Architecture at Monash University began looking for an innovative way to promote journals to academic staff. In particular, the Office aimed to increase publications in journals appearing on the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) list; scholarly, peer reviewed journals, publishing original research. In collaboration with the library, an exhibition entitled The Abstract was developed. The Abstract was both an architectural installation and a reading room...

CRIG Forum video file

Allie Ford & Kimberley.Ferriere@Monash.Edu
A short video providing a brief guided tour around Monash University's Peninsula Library. The video is a teaching aid for workshops where annotations are added to increase interactivity.

eLearning Made Easy: Using H5P to Create Interactive Activities for Students (presentation)

Michelle De Aizpurua
Presentation for the Lawfully Good Teaching Symposium at Monash University.
View presentation on YouTube: https://youtu.be/PFA6byIXpzU (at 1:02:00)

eFirst: a strategic transformation

Janette Burke
eFirst: a strategic transformation at Monash University Library. An overview of the how 'e; has transformed service, program and resources management.

Wiley Executive Seminar Sept 2016.pptx

Janette Burke
Presentation called The Changing Landscape at Monash Univerisyt Library. Provides an overview of roles and responsibilities within Monash University Library and how we are making a difference in the areas of research and learning, research impact and publishing.

Using the same infrastructure to tell vastly different data stories

David Groenewegen & Mark Hahnel
As the amount of publicly available research data grows exponentially, the need to present it in the right context is more important than ever. Telling stories with data and around data is vital to increasing the understanding for fellow researchers and the general public alike. It is also important to ensure that data can be represented in a variety of contexts and the underlying infrastructure is flexible enough to cater for future as yet unknown...

Tectonic evolution of the Early Mesoproterozoic Mount Painter Province

Robin Armit, Laurent Ailleres & Peter Betts
Presentation given at the SGTSG conference in the Snowies 2015 on the tectonic evolution of the Mount Painter Province, SA


Peter Betts, Teagan Blaikie, Laurent Ailleres & Robin Armit
Presentation of new geophysical interpretation of the Leichhardt River Fault Trough, Mount Isa Inlier at the Australian Earth Science Convention (June 2016). The presentation was given by Peter Betts. The presentation is related to a paper that was submitted to the Journal Precambrian Research in May 2016. The first author of the paper is Dr Teagan Blaikie.

Nuna%3A An Australian Perspective

Peter Betts, Robin Armit, Laurent Ailleres & Teagan Blaikie
Invited presentation at the Australian Earth Science Convention (June 2016).
The talk presented a tectonic model for the rapid accretion of the Australian Plate during the formation of the supercontinent NUNA during the Palaeoproterozoic.


Laurent Ailleres
Keynote address at the "Goodbye 2D Earth" conference, held in Margaret River, WA, Australia in Nov 2016.


Colby Zaph
This is my presentation I gave at QIMR on 16 November 2016.

Building perceived self-efficacy through transferrable skills: The T2U program.

Lynette Pretorius & Allie Ford
New university students not only need to learn a wide range of skills, but also have to gain the belief that they can succeed (perceived self-efficacy). In this presentation we describe the evaluation of a transition program designed to teach transferable skills at the beginning of university study, and show that this program improved students’ perceived self-efficacy during university transition through authentic mastery experiences and social persuasion. We also show that the improved perceived self-efficacy...

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David Groenewegen & Patrick Splawa-Neyman
Presentation given at figshare fest Auckland on October 27, 2016. Discusses Monash University Library's efforts to encourage data sharing and participation in the ANDS funded Imaging Locus project.

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