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Rouge Wave Simulation Data

Marc Eberhard
PDFs, Spectra and Trace Data Files for Rogue Wave Simulations

All-atom simulation of PCV2 virus capsid using molecular dynamics in explicit water

Dmitry Nerukh, Elvira Tarasova, Vladimir Farafonov, Reza Khayat, Makoto Taiji, Noriaki Okimoto & Teruhisa Komatsu

Across-formant integration and speech intelligibility: Effects of acoustic source properties in the presence and absence of a contralateral interferer

Brian Roberts & Robert Summers
These datasets comprise listeners’ transcriptions of sentence-length speech stimuli for Experiments 1, 2, and 3 of the article of the same title (Summers, Bailey, and Roberts, 2016, J. Acoust. Soc. Am.). Each spreadsheet comprises a summary worksheet and the raw data for each listener. The summary worksheet contains aggregated scores (keywords correct by tight scoring, see below) for each listener in each condition, with relevant demographic information. Subsequent worksheets comprise the raw data for each...

Impact of potassium and phosphorus in biomass on the properties of fast pyrolysis bio-oil

Scott Banks, Daniel J Nowakowski & Anthony V Bridgwater
There are two parts of data in this data set. The first is Py-GC/MS data for beech wood impregnated with potassium or phosphorous to study the effect on the final product compound composition. The second part is TGA data to study the thermal behaviour of beech wood impregnated with potassium or phosphorous.

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