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rushes for Open Days

CERN Video Productions, Clement Sbaffe & CERN Video Productions
General Footage during Open Days 2013 (Day 1 -28/09/2013) Images: Cameramen: Antoine Nouel, Clément Sbaffe, Victor Prunier, David Guerazzi, Basile Manent, Réemi Richarme, Noemi Caraban 00:00:00 00:03:40 Interviews 00:03:40 00:06:54 Beam Instrumentation 00:06:54 00:07:16 Globe 00:07:16 00:10:28 Microcosme 00:10:28 00:12:59 Lectures 00:12:59 00:27:52 Fun with physics 00:27:52 00:28:19 International Village 00:28:19 00:34:18 Fun Zone 00:34:18 00:47:50 ATLAS Surface 00:47:50 00:56:57 ATLAS underground 00:56:57 00:58:53 Detector technologies 00:58:53 01:04:39 CLIC 01:04:39 01:05:56 CMS surface 01:05:56 01:09:32...

Message by Professor Antonino Zichichi on 2017 International Cosmic Day

CERN Video Productions, Christoph M. Madsen & CERN Video Productions
Message by Professor Antonino Zichichi on 2017 International Cosmic Day. Find out more: http://home.cern/students-educators/updates/2017/11/happy-international-cosmic-day

Video Highlights 2018 - Happy 2019

Noemi Caraban Gonzalez & Paola Catapano
In this video, CERN looks back on the highlights and headlines that have made 2018.

Access and exit the target area

CERN Video Productions & Christoph M. Madsen
This video presents the good practices you should apply to access and exit the Isolde primary area from building 179

The port talk Romain Bazile

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions
This video is about the port talk Romain Bazile


CERN Video Productions, Hgo Chemli, Christoph Martin Madsen & CERN Video Productions
Short video describing the ISLDE facility for the general public

CERN experiment points to a cloudier pre-industrial climate VNR

Noemi Caraban Gonzalez, Christoph Martin Madsen & Noemi Caraban Gonzalez
Geneva, 26 May 2016. In two papers published today in the journal Nature, new results from the CLOUD experiment at CERN imply the baseline pristine pre-industrial climate may have been cloudier than presently thought. CLOUD shows that organic vapours emitted by trees produce abundant aerosol particles in the atmosphere in the absence of sulphuric acid. Previously it was thought that sulphuric acid – which largely arises from fossil fuels – was essential to initiate aerosol...

LHCb spokesperson Guy Wilkinson

CERN Video Productions & Jacques Fichet Christoph Madsen
This video is about complete interview Dr Guy Wilkinson LHCb spokesperson.

ATLAS LAr Calorimeter Assembly Area in Hall 180

IT-UDS-Audiovisual Services
The film is about the assembly and preparation of the LAr calorimeter for installation.

Sirius converter tests on the Medium power converters test platform

Noemi Caraban Gonzalez & Ronaldus Suykerbuyk
Building no: 287
Action: 1. Power Electronics Technicians perform a qualification test on a newly received power converter before it is installed in its final location at the TT2 Transfer line. 2 Transport of a Sirius power converter with an overhead crane.
Appear: Christophe Mutin, Stephane Reignier, Olivier Rossignol, Piere Zelazny

CMS footage 4K

Noemi Caraban Gonzalez
Footage of CMS during the LS1

CERN Visits Offers in 2015

CERN Video Productions, Noemi Caraban Gonzalez, Yann Krajewsky & Noemi Caraban Gonzalez
Promotional video clip about visits offers at CERN for the general public in 2015. For more info visit: cern.ch/visits

Jerome Friedman, Physics Nobel Laureate 1990 answers the question: Higgs or No Higgs?

CERN Video Productions & Paola Catapano
Jerome Friedman, Physics Nobel Laureate 1990 answers the question: Higgs or No Higgs?

Passport Big Bang Party

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions
Shootings from the Inauguration of Passport Big Bang.

Georges Charpak Prix Nobel de Physique

CERN Video Productions
Emission "Bouillon de Culture" de Bernard Pivot avec Georges Charpak, Maurice Jacob, Gérard Altmann, Patrice Fontanarosa.

Spotlight on CERN : The code of conduct

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions
The start up of the LHC this year has been a testament to the power of CERN’s scientific collaboration, bringing people, men and women, together for the greatest of achievements. Such collaboration requires openness regarding diversity, as well as inherent, solid values. To ensure the Organization continues on its successful track, consensus has been reached on what values characterize CERN, and these have been brought together into a Code of Conduct, describing the basic standard...


Schweizer Fernsehens & Rolf Gunter
Nachrichtenmagazin des Schweizer Fernsehens: 10 vor 10 mit Luciano Maiani, Matthias Junker, Sandro Bettini

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