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Maria Barberan Marin & Miran Domajnko
On 9 January 2020, three groups of ATS-DO members guided by Pieter Mattelaer and Milton Morais from SMB had the opportunity to descend approximately 60 meters underground to visit the new HL-LHC galleries located at Point 1 and celebrate the New Year.

ATS-DO Members Celebrating 2020 Underground (HL-LHC)

Estel Perez Codina for WomenInScience campaign

Noemi Caraban Gonzalez
Estel Perez Codina is an engineer. She is working on the sTGC detectors for the New Small Wheel for ATLAS. In order to fully exploit the HL-LHC luminosities, the innermost stations, the so-called Small Wheels (SW), of the ATLAS Muon Spectrometer need to be replaced, by two new detector assemblies called New Small Wheels (NSW). More info: https://ep-news.web.cern.ch/content/new-small-wheel-atlas-taking-shape

B-Roll Mika

CERN Video Productions & Noemi Caraban Gonzalez
This video is about B-Roll Patrick, Mika, Barbara

BL4S 2019 Salvo Krevas

Team Salvo Krevas
BL4S 2019 video submission of team Salvo Krevas from Malaysia

ATLAS animation of real event displays at 7 TeV on March 30th

Joao Pequenao & ATLAS Team

The ATLAS Experiment: Exploring Matter in the Universe

ATLAS Outreach
A general overview of the ATLAS Experiment and new physics that may be discovered with ATLAS.

Move and eat better

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

LHC : Grabnometer measurement for the MQW quadupole magnet

CERN SL And CERN AC Unit, Olivier Hans & Jean-Claude Vialis

ATLAS Higgs to ZZ animation

Coldvision Studio Stockholm, Erik Karl Johansson & Erik Karl Johansson
ATLAS animation of the production and decay of a Higgs boson to two Z bosons

Intervista a Giovanni Bignami, astrofisico e presidente INAF, su Bruno Pontecorvo, in occasione del centenario dalla nascita.

CERN Video Productions & Paola Catapano
Interview of Giovanni Bignami, astrophysicist and president INAF, on Bruno Pontecorvo, on the occasion of Pontecorvo's 100th anniversary.

Helicopter Views HD September 2009

CERN Video Productions, Neil Mills & Vianney Lebigot

Fire Brigade training exercise CERN

CERN Video Productions, Guillaume Padlewski, Rémi & CERN Video Productions

sector 67 is trained

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions
the sector 67 of the LHC is trained. It reached the current 11080 Amps

The CAST (CERN Axion Solar Telescope) experiment

Audiovideo Service
Extract from CERN Videonews magazine December 2002

Origins 2013 Intro Animation

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions


Noemi Caraban Gonzalez, Noemi Caraban Gonzalez & Emma Sanders
Videos for visitor's Point

LS1 Recordings at the tunnel during the Long Shutdown

CERN Video Productions, Noemi Caraban Gonzalez & Noemi Caraban Gonzalez

Interview to Alfred Scharff Goldhaber, Professor C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics State University of New York

Sebastian White & Silvano De Gennaro
Interview to Alfred Scharff Goldhaber, son of Maurice Goldhaber, for historical interviews series by Sebastian White

Virtual Visit to the ATLAS Control Room by Hellenic Physical Society in Eretria

ATLAS Collaboration & ATLAS Collaboration
The Hellenic Physical Society (EEF) is a non-profit Scientific Society representing the Greek scientists of Physics, Physics Technologies and Physics of Communication. As part of its Education and Outreach activities, EEF organizes summer training courses for high school students from all over Greece. This year, thirty students will take part in EEF`s summer school "Advanced Concepts in Physics", which will take place in Eretria, from 23 to 28 of June. The ultimate aim of the...

The high-energy collisions at 7 TeV, building 40, 30th March 2010

CMS Collaboration & Matthew John Ryan
Interview with Olivier Buchmueller (Imperial College London), David Wardrope (Imperial College London), James Catmore (Lancaster University), Jim Brooke (Bristol University)

Election 2011_ L'Association et vous

Staff Association & Staff Association

Hollywood comes to CERN

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions
Hollywood comes to CERN
Ron Howard
Tom Hanks


OMNI Communication & Andrew Millington
Liverpool University, Physics Department, UK
Packing the SCT Barrel for transportation to CERN
Transport day

Angels and Demon : Short interview with Tara Shears - 2nd part


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