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Team Odysseus Comrades

Team Odysseus Comrades
BL4S 2014 winning team Odysseus Comrades from Greece

Higgs boson pizza

Daniel Dominguez & Cinzia De Melis
Four years after the historic announcement of the Higgs boson discovery at CERN, a collaboration between INFN and CERN has declared 4 July 2016 as “Higgs Boson Pizza Day”. The idea was born in Naples, by Pierluigi Paolucci and INFN president Fernando Ferroni, who inspired the chef of the historic “Ettore” pizzeria in St. Lucia to create the Higgs boson pizza in time for the opening of a Art&Science exhibition on 15 September 2015 in...


CERN Video Productions & Christoph M. Madsen
The Globe of Science and Innovation has undergone a complete refurbishment and is now ready to be reopened for the public.

Dr Einar Bjorgo UNOSAT Big Science

CERN Video Productions & Jacques Herve Fichet
This video is about UNOSAT with the interview of Einar Bjorgo.

Magazine telévisé "Droits d'auteurs"

La Cinquième Télévision
Magazine littéraire de 52' présenté par Frédéric Ferney, journaliste et critique dramatique. Le magazine littéraire de La Cinquième repose sur une rencontre entre des auteurs (de romans, d'essais ou de documents) et leurs lecteurs. Scientifiques ou comédiens, hommes politiques ou étudiants, ces derniers, issus d'horizons divers, apportent un regard différent sur les livres.
Intervention de Georges Charpak sur son livre "La main à la pâte".

CMS LS2 sony action cam

Jacques Herve Fichet
CMS LS2 sony action cam

Fire Brigade training exercise CERN

CERN Video Productions, Guillaume Padlewski, Rémi & CERN Video Productions

Technicians@CERN LinkedIn group teaser

Anna Cook, Jacques Herve Fichet & Monica Buleandra
Join our LinkedIn group!

With Rémy Gueydan, Technology (TE) department
Edouard Grenier-Boley, Engineering (EN) department
Marcel Coly, Beams (BE) department
Victoria Griffiths, Technology (TE) department
Flory Ten Broecke, Beams (BE) department
Ole-Kristian Berge, Technology (TE) department

Oficial animated CERN Logo for productions out of the comunication team

Daniel Dominguez
The CERN logo is legally protected. Please visit http://cern.ch/copyright for information on the terms of use of CERN content, including the CERN logo.

Fire Brigade training exercise CERN

CERN Video Productions, Guillaume Padlewski, Rémi & CERN Video Productions

WinCC OA Eclipse IDE - How to install

Matej Marecek & Manuel Gonzalez Berges


Rachel Bray
Trailer for second CERN Digital Memory get-together.


CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

Centre formation extincteur

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

Li LE interview

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions
Interview of Li Le from China

ALICE TPC Extraction

Maximilien Brice
ALICE TPC Extraction

Manufacturing of superconducting main dipoles for LHC at Ansaldo Superconduttori Genova (7)

CERN Video Productions & Jean-Claude Vialis

Shadows behind the computers

CERN Video Productions, Anna Cook & Jacques Herve Fichet
EGEE organized a shadowing day to spur female students to take up careers in the IT field. Eleven female staff from CERN’s IT Department were kept under close surveillance last week, shadowed by female students from the Collège du Léman International School as part of the Enabling Grids for E-sciencE project Gender Action Plan.

LHCb : into the underground cavern

CERN Video Productions

High-Luminosity LHC short version

Paola Catapano, Isabel Bejar Alonso & Lucio Rossi
Trailer of the Documentary film on the High-Luminosity LHC project co produced with Polar Media (UK), the HL-LHC project and CERN's Audiovisual Productions.
High-Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) is a project aiming to upgrade the LHC collider after 2020-2025 in order to maintain scientific progress and exploit its full capacity. By increasing its peak luminosity by a factor five over nominal value it will be able to reach a higher level of integrated luminosity, nearly ten times...

PopScience Poets visit CERN

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

A journey through time and space

Giulia Grossmann, Cosmic Neman, Narumi Omori, Claude Tresmontant & A Sujata
Historical CERN videos and photos are mixed to render a lively movie showing amazing images of the past, far from their initial documentary purpose. It is a teaser to show how archived videos can be re-interpreted and perceived in a completely new way.

Alice Jeunes

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

CLOUD animation

CLOUD 3D animation (detailed)

Virtual Visit to the ATLAS Visitors Centre by Minnesauke Elementary School

ATLAS Collaboration & ATLAS Collaboration
18th June 2015 - Minnesauke Elementary School's 5th grade class which is made up of about 100 students, took part in a virtual visit with Steven Goldfarb and Chris Bee.

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