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LHC tunnel, LS1, opening

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

Passport Big Bang Party

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions
Shootings from the Inauguration of Passport Big Bang.

Relay Race 2013

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions
2013`s Relay Race of the CERN

Knowledge and technology: from CERN to society

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

Virtual Visit - Nilopolis, RJ, Brazil

ATLAS Collaboration, Denis Oliveira Damazio, José Manuel De Seixas & ATLAS Collaboration
No contexto da exposição "Exploradores do Conhecimento" estudantes de escolas do Rio de Janeiro, vêem à Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro aonde poderão participar em várias atividades, incluindo uma visita virtual ao Experimento ATLAS no CERN, Suíça

Interview with Alvaro De Rujula English Version

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

Connecting the dots: Using machine learning to better identify the particles produced by collision events

Hugo Maxime Chemli, Christoph Martin Madsen & Andrew Robert Purcell
Student: Antonio Carta: Keywords: machine learning, code modernisation, CMS, tracking, CERN openlab The particle detectors at CERN are like cathedral-sized 3D digital cameras, capable of recording hundreds of millions of collision events per second. The detectors consist of multiple ‘layers’ of detecting equipment, designed to recognise different types of charged particles produced by the collisions at the heart of the detector. As the charged particles fly outwards through the various layers of the detector, they...

Virtual Visit Hall 927 with Lucio Rossi

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions
Prof. Lucio Rossi, Head of the High Luminosity LHC Project takes the viewer to the Superconducting Magnet Laboratory, where some of the new key technologies are prepared for the HiLumi LHC. Key components such as the winding of the 11Tesla. By increasing the luminosity of the LHC by a factor of 10, the ambitious project aims at extending the discovery potential of CERN’s flagship accelerator. The challenging upgrade requires a number of key technological breakthroughs,...

The Geneva event (in german)

CERN & Open University
21 January 1983, 3p.m., CERN made the following announcement : "UA1 has observed five events in a total of a thousand millions collisions revealing the inspected signature of the charged W boson...."


CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

AMS experiment takes off for Kennedy Space Center August 2010

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions
Geneva, 18 August 2010. The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), an experiment that will search for antimatter and dark matter in space, leaves CERN next Tuesday on the next leg of its journey to the International Space Station. The AMS detector is being transported from CERN to Geneva International Airport in preparation for its planned departure from Switzerland on 26 August, when it will be flown to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on board a...

PHYSICS FOR HEALTH IN EUROPE WORKSHOP : Interview with JP Gérard (Centre Antoine Lacassagne). February, the 4th, 2010.

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

B-Roll Mika

CERN Video Productions & Noemi Caraban Gonzalez
This video is about B-Roll Patrick, Mika, Barbara

ATLAS animation of real event displays at 7 TeV on March 30th

Joao Pequenao & ATLAS Team

The ATLAS Experiment: Exploring Matter in the Universe

ATLAS Outreach
A general overview of the ATLAS Experiment and new physics that may be discovered with ATLAS.

Move and eat better

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

LHC : Grabnometer measurement for the MQW quadupole magnet

CERN SL And CERN AC Unit, Olivier Hans & Jean-Claude Vialis

ATLAS Higgs to ZZ animation

Coldvision Studio Stockholm, Erik Karl Johansson & Erik Karl Johansson
ATLAS animation of the production and decay of a Higgs boson to two Z bosons

Intervista a Giovanni Bignami, astrofisico e presidente INAF, su Bruno Pontecorvo, in occasione del centenario dalla nascita.

CERN Video Productions & Paola Catapano
Interview of Giovanni Bignami, astrophysicist and president INAF, on Bruno Pontecorvo, on the occasion of Pontecorvo's 100th anniversary.

Helicopter Views HD September 2009

CERN Video Productions, Neil Mills & Vianney Lebigot

Fire Brigade training exercise CERN

CERN Video Productions, Guillaume Padlewski, Rémi & CERN Video Productions

sector 67 is trained

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions
the sector 67 of the LHC is trained. It reached the current 11080 Amps

The CAST (CERN Axion Solar Telescope) experiment

Audiovideo Service
Extract from CERN Videonews magazine December 2002

Origins 2013 Intro Animation

CERN Video Productions & CERN Video Productions

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