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Gramnet Film Series 2011/12

Taulant et al Guma
Co-organizer of the 2011/12 GRAMNet Film Series. The series shows films and documentaries addressing a whole range of migration-related issues including: journeys and narratives; asylum and immigration bureaucracies; recognition and social justice; deportation and humiliation; separation and reunion.

Tutorial Photonics Explorer Module 3 Part 1: Lenses, Imaging Rules, Optical Setups And Telescopes

Stephan Kasemann, Dana Seyringer, Caroline Brown & Gerold Vögele
Photonics Austria (PhAu) has conducted Teacher Training Programmes about Photonics - the Photonics Explorer- in order to promote the potential of photonics to enliven physics lessons. This video tutorial contains several experiments designed to illustrate imaging equation and the laws of lenses.

Atlas Introductory Video

Alex Ingle
Video introducing the research taking place in ATLAS.

Floodx Flooding Videos

Matthew Moy de Vitry, Simon Dicht & Joao Leitao
This package contains archives of videos of the flooding taken with surveillance cameras at five locations. The videos are grouped by camera and by recording sessions.

Data For Manuscript Eye Movements Whilst Walking Improve Local Motion Information - Durant S. & Zanker J. M.

Scene camera videos with gaze position parked x,y gaze positions from all the videos summary description of which frames were used

Проблемы Использования Электронных Образовательных Ресурсов Преподавателями Высших Учебных Заведений Крыма

Рассмотрены отмечаемые проблемы использования электронных библиотечных систем для обеспечения образовательного и научно-исследовательского процессов в высших учебных заведениях. Учитывая негативные результаты проявления данных проблем, предложены меры их преодоления.

Photonics4All - Expert Interview

Elisabetta Baldanzi
General video about Photonics and the Photonics4All Project with different expert interviews.

Hier Können Sie Im Kreis Gehen / Frédéric Zwicker [Videorezension]

Sarah Dumschat
Filmische Buchbesprechung zum Werk Zwicker, Frédéric. (2016). Hier können Sie im Kreis gehen : Roman. München: Nagel & Kimche.

Dieses Altmodische Gefühl / Bruno Pellandini [Videorezension]

Julia Sjöberg
Filmische Buchbesprechung zum Werk Pellandini, B. (2016). Dieses altmodische Gefühl. Residenz.

Geminids 2016 (Part 2)

Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel & Miguel Ángel Gomez
Raw files of the mission ORISON III - Daedalus XXI to observ the Geminids. (part 2)

The Jalakeli Project: Women And Education, And The Role Of The House Of Narasingh

Somi Roy
An interview with Thoidingjam Lakshmipriya Devi and Huidrom Anuradha Devi. daughters of Maharaj Kumari Angousana Devi, of the Shree Shree Govinda Jiu Jalakeli Pala of Manipur. On getting their education, the establishment of Dhanamanjuri University in Manipur by their grandmother Maharani Dhanamanjuri Devi; their education and teachers at Tamphasana Girls High School founded by their aunt Maharaj Kumari Tamphasana Devi; and the founding of Tombisana Boys High School by their second aunt Maharaj Kumari Tombisana...

Mädchen Für Morris / Roman Graf [Videorezension]

Manuel Diener
Filmische Buchbesprechung zum Werk Graf, Roman. (2016). Mädchen für Morris : Roman (1. Auflage ed.). München: Knaus.

Bad News / Bruno Ziauddin [Videorezension]

Sebastian Ryser
Filmische Buchbesprechung zum Werk Ziauddin, Bruno. (2016). Bad News : Roman. München: Nagel & Kimche.

Die Toten / Christian Kracht [Videorezension]

Cédric Weidmann
Filmische Buchbesprechung zum Werk Kracht, Christian. (2016). Die Toten : Roman (2. Auflage ed.). Köln: Kiepenheuer & Witsch.

Wspr Full Data Recording From N6Ol

Nicklas Johnson
WSPR raw wav recordings from WSJT-X v 1.7.0 during the SEQP, recorded in Falls City, Nebraska, EN20eb.

Bio4Products introduction movie

James Ling
An introduction of the Bio4Products project. 4 new biobased products are produced from biomass via fast pyrolysis

Laser Texturing Process

AIMEN Laura Mera
Laser Texturing Process

Audio Files Referred To In Roettger, Timo B. (2017). Tonal Placement In Tashlhiyt - How An Intonation System Accommodates To Adverse Phonological Environments.

Timo B. Roettger
Audio files referred to in Roettger, Timo B. (2017). Tonal Placement in Tashlhiyt - How an intonation system accommodates to adverse phonological environments. Berlin: Language Science Press (DOI 10.5281/zenodo.814472)

Wspr Wav Files From, Em75Dx. 2017-08-21 Eclipse

Jill Dybka
WSPR wav audio data during 2017-08-21 solar eclipse from EM75dx grid square: 35° 58' 38.8" N, 85° 41' 28.8" W. (35.977441, -85.691343).

Wspr Wav Files From, Em75Dx. 2017-08-21 Eclipse

Jill Dybka
WSPR wav audio data during 2017-08-21 solar eclipse from EM75dx grid square: 35° 58' 38.8" N, 85° 41' 28.8" W. (35.977441, -85.691343).

Neurogentoo Presentation - Bringing The Power Of Gentoo Package Management To (Neuro)Scientific Software Environments

Horea Christian
Neuroscience, one of the most computation-reliant fields in the natural sciences, is dependent upon dozens of highly complex software suites, which scientists are often forced to manage manually. Upstream developers often ship bundled dependencies to better support this flawed workflow, and in the resulting mess documenting and reproducing analysis pipelines is neigh-impossible. We seek to correct these shortcoming of both modern software distribution as well as modern data science, by integrating high-quality ebuilds for neuroscientific...

Esi Group Simulations

Heated 3D section: Automated Tape Placement Model and Structure Metal Tape Laying FPM-model

Der Spartaner / Tom Zürcher [Videorezension]

Talisa Walser
Filmische Buchbesprechung zum Werk Zürcher, Tom. (2016). Der Spartaner : Roman (Erste Auflage ed.). Basel: Lenos Verlag.

Dspace-Cris: How To Bring Repositories And Cris/Rims Together

Susanna Mornati & Andrea Bollini
CRIS/RIMS (Current Research Information Systems / Research Information Management Systems) are becoming more and more relevant to monitor research activities and outputs, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of institutional performance and providing insight for budget allocation, collaboration and funding opportunities, etc. Proprietary CRIS are expensive and often compete with Institutional Repositories, draining resources and closing information behind barriers, contrary to the OAI principles. DSpace-CRIS is a free open-source extension of DSpace, a solution to oppose this...

Capillary Networks And Follicular Marginal Zones In The Human Spleen. Three-Dimensional Models Based On Immunostained Serial Sections - Supplementary Videos

Oleg Lobachev
We regard ROI from a spleen specimen in single (four ROIs) and double (three ROIs) staining. The ROIs with same number correspond to each other. video_?a,b.mov - a temporal paging throgh the registered stack of serial sections, single (a) or double (b) staining video_?c.mov - video of the reconstruction, single staining, special blood vessels highlighted video_?d.mov - an overview video of the reconstruction, double staining colour-deconvolution.png - settings of colour deconvolution in Fiji for double...

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