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Exposure and Dosimetry Considerations for Adverse Outcome Pathways

John Wambaugh & 0000-0002-4024-534X
Presented at Adverse Outcome Pathways: From Research to Regulation

Generalised Read-Across GenRA, Research, Implementation and Practical Application

Grace Patlewicz, George Helman, Imran Shah, Antony Williams, Jeff Edwards & Jeremy Dunne
Presentation to the American Chemical Society Webinar series Oct 2018

Identification of Androgen Receptor Antagonists Using Tox21 qHTS Data and the MARCoNI Assay

Audrey Bone, Menghang Xia, Srilatha Sakamuru, Ruili Huang, Rene Houtman, Rinie Van Beuningen, Eric Watt, Nicole Kleinstreuer, Richard Judson & Keith Houck
Presentation at Society of Toxicology annual meeting March 2017

EPA’s Rapid Exposure and Dosimetry (RED) Project

John Wambaugh
MN Dept of Health and EPA ORD Webinar about ExpoCast and related research Jan 2018

Predicting Exposure Pathways with Machine Learning

John Wambaugh, Caroline Ring, Kristin Isaacs, Katherine Phillips, Peter Egeghy & Woodrow Setzer
Presentation at International Society of Exposure Science annual meeting October 2017

ExpoCast: Applications to Integrated Bioactivity - Exposure Ratios

0000-0002-4024-534X & John Wambaugh
Presented at the Exposure Science in the 21st Century Grantee Kickoff Meeting

Update on the ToxCast Chemical Prioritization Project

Keith Houck
Presentation given to California Breast Cancer Research Program Meeting Feb 2018

Markush enumeration to manage, mesh and manipulate substances of unknown or variable composition

Antony Williams, Chris Grulke, Andrew McEachran & Emma Schymanski
Presentation at the American Chemical Society Fall meeting Aug 2017

Perspectives on the Development, Evaluation, and Application of in Silico Approaches for Predicting Toxicity

Grace Patlewicz & Mark Cronin
Webinar for PETA - Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Int'l Science Consortium January 2018

EPA’s Rapid Exposure and Dosimetry Project

John Wambaugh & 0000-0002-4024-534x
Webinar presentation to Alberta Health on research conducted by the US EPA ORD CSS RED project Sep 2017

The EPA CompTox Chemistry Dashboard: A Web-Based Data Integration Hub for Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology Data

Antony Williams
Presentation at RIVM (Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) visit to EPA April 2018

Establishing Real World Context for High Throughput Toxicity Testing

John Wambaugh
Presentation to Michigan State University Institute for Integrative Toxicology Feb 2018

Overview of NCCT Activities in the Chemical Safety for Sustainability National Program

Russell Thomas
Presentation to the American Chemistry Council Long Range Research Initiative (ACC-LRI) Meeting Oct 2018

The CompTox Dashboard: Data and Tools to Support Chemical and Environmental Risk Assessment and the ENTACT project

Antony Williams, Christopher Grulke, Andrew McEachran, Emma Schymanski, Jon Sobus, Elin Ulrich, Ann Richard, Jeremy Dunne & Jeff Edwards
Presentation at EPA's Non-Targeted Analysis Collaborative Trial (ENTACT) Workshop Aug 2018

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