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Master class I with Juan Maldacena

Juan Maldacena
We introduce the duality between quantum gravity in spacetimes with boundaries and quantum field theories on the boundary. We describe the arguments leading to the relationship and the dictionary between computations on the two sides. No string theory background is required.

Master class with John Turner

John Turner
This lecture will introduce the components of photoelectrochemical hydrogen production devices as well as a discussion of the economics of hydrogen production and how that determines the necessary fundamental material properties of the semiconductor in addition to the other components of the system.

Master class with Charles Kane

Charles Kane
We will give a pedagogical introduction to the topological classification of insulators and superconductors with an emphasis on the correspondence between bulk topological invariants and protected gapless boundary modes. We will begin with a discussion of band topology in one dimension followed by the theory of the integer quantum Hall effect, time reversal invariant Z2 topological insulators in two and three dimensions and topological superconductors. We will discuss the general classification of gapped free fermion...

Closing Comments (2015 Spring NuPIC Hackathon)

Matt and Jeff's closing comments after the end of the Hackathon.

Global smooth solutions for the inviscid SQG equations

Diego Cordoba
In this lecture I will discuss some recent work, joint with Angel Castro and Javier Gomez-Serrano, on the existence of a non trivial family of classical global solutions of the inviscid surface quasi-geostrophic equation (SQG).

Toponogov's theorem and improved Kakeya-Nikodym estimates...

Chris Sogge
Toponogov's theorem and improved Kakeya-Nikodym estimates for eigenfunctions on manifolds of nonpositive curvature This is joint work with Matthew Blair. Using wave equation techniques and elementary facts from Riemannian geometry, we show that, on negatively curved manifolds, eigenfunctions cannot concentrate near geodesics as measured in $L^2$. From this we obtain improved $L^p$ estimates which complement the sup -norm bounds in this setting obtained by Berard in the 1970s. Time permitting, we shall also discus related...

Cubic nonlinear wave equation

Benjamin Dodson
In this talk we will discuss some recent results regarding global well -posedness and scattering for the cubic, radial wave equation in three dimensions. Both type one and type two blowup will be discussed.

Long time dynamics of random data NLS and invariant measures

Andrea Nahmod
In this talk we show how certain well posedness results that are not available using only deterministic techniques (eg. Fourier and harmonic analysis) can be obtained when introducing randomization in the set of initial data and using powerful but still classical tools from probability. These ideas go back to seminal work by J. Bourgain on the almost sure global well posedness and invariance of Gibbs measures for NLS and other dispersive PDE. After explaining some...

Feynman amplitudes and limits of heights

Spencer Bloch
Feynman amplitudes constitute a beautiful little island of algebraic geometry surrounded by a sea of physics. Ancient AG's marooned on the island cannot help but feel skeptical about the seaworthness of the transport physics offers from the island to the shores of reality. With the advent of string theory, physicists understand another approach, realizing Feynman amplitudes as suitable limits when the string tension goes to zero. This talk will give an algebra-geometric interpretation of the...

K3 surfaces over finite fields : insights from complex geometry

François Charles
We will describe how insights from the geometry of complex analytic K3 surfaces can be applied to the proofs of Tate and Shioda's conjectures for K3 surfaces over finite fields.

Red Hat loves Python

Slavek Kabrda
Slavek Kabrda - Red Hat Loves Python Come learn about what Red Hat is doing with Python and the Python community, and how you can benefit from these efforts. Whether it is the new Python versions in Red Hat Enterprise Linux via the new Red Hat Software Collections, compatible Python cartridges in OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), or being the leading contributor to OpenStack, there's a lot going on at Red Hat. We're Pythonistas, too!

Conversing with people living in poverty

Simon Cross
Simon Cross - Conversing with people living in poverty Vumi is a text messaging system designed to reach out to those in poverty on a massive scale via their mobile phones. It's written in Python using Twisted. This talk is about how and why we built it and how you can join us in making the world a better place. ----- 43% of the world's population live on less than €1.5 per day. The United...

Jigna: a seamless Python-JS bridge to create rich HTML UIs for Python apps

Prashant Agrawal
Prashant Agrawal - Jigna: a seamless Python-JS bridge to create rich HTML UIs for Python apps Jigna aims to provide an easy way to create rich user interfaces for Python applications using web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript, as opposed to widget based toolkits like Qt/wx or native toolkits. It provides a seamless two-way data binding between the Python model and the HTML view by creating a Python-JS communication bridge. This ensures that the...

Python in system testing

Katarzyna Jachim
Katarzyna Jachim - Python in system testing When you think about Python+testing, you usually think about testing your code - unittests, mostly. But it is not the only case! When you have a big system, you need to test it on much higher level - if only to check if all the components are wired in the right way. You may do it manually, but it is tedious and time-consuming - so you want to...

Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks: Henning: PostgreSQL and Python, Aengus Walton: Facebewk, Schlomo Schapiro: YAML Reader - Modularized Configuration made easy, Tomer Chachamu: Seeking in compressed files for fun and profit, Josef Heinen: Mplay - A Python MIDI Player with an OpenGL based GUI, Zbigniew Siciarz: Python3 - Only Django Project - The Benefits, Martin: HowTo / ACAB Wall, Isaac Bernat: Pycrastinate - To do less, do more, Alex Willmer: Chirp or What the beep is R2D2 saying?,...

Amanda: A New Generation of Distributed Services Framework

Jozef Van Eenbergen
Jozef - Amanda: A New Generation of Distributed Services Framework To help create award winning visual effects, MPC developed a distributed service-oriented platform, Amanda. Amanda allows developers of any level to write a service that is presented to users across 8 facilities globally without them requiring any knowledge of building large concurrent systems. It allows artists and developers across different domains to work with clearly defined API's and gives the service developer control over what...

Packaging and testing with devpi and tox

Holger Krekel
holger krekel - packaging and testing with devpi and tox This talk discusses good ways to organise packaging and testing for Python projects. It walks through a per-company and an open source scenario and explains how to best use the "devpi-server" and "tox" for making sure you are delivering good and well tested and documented packages. As time permits, we also discuss in-development features such as real-time mirroring and search. ----- The talk discusses the...

Managing the Cloud with a Few Lines of Python

Frank Becker
Frank - Managing the Cloud with a Few Lines of Python One of the advantages of cloud computing is that resources can be enabled or disabled dynamically. E. g. is an distributed application short on compute power one can easily add more. But who wants to do that by hand? Python is a perfect fit to control the cloud. The talk introduces the package Boto which offers an easy API to manage most of the...

Graph Databases, a little connected tour

Francisco Fernández Castaño
Francisco Fernández Castaño - Graph Databases, a little connected tour There are many kinds of NoSQL databases like, document databases, key-value, column databases and graph databases. In some scenarios is more convenient to store our data as a graph, because we want to extract and study information relative to these connections. In this scenario, graph databases are the ideal, they are designed and implemented to deal with connected information in a efficient way. ----- There...

Extending Python, what is the best option for me?

Francisco Fernández Castaño
Francisco Fernández Castaño - Extending Python, what is the best option for me? Python is a great language, but there are occasions where we need access to low level operations or connect with some database driver written in C. With the FFI(Foreign function interface) we can connect Python with other languages like C, C++ and even the new Rust. There are some alternatives to achieve this goal, Native Extensions, Ctypes and CFFI. I'll compare this...

Scaling with Ansible

Federico Marani
Federico Marani - Scaling with Ansible Ansible is a powerful DevOps swiss-army knife tool, very easy to configure and with many extensions built-in. This talk will quickly introduce the basics of Ansible, then some real-life experience tips on how to use this tool, from setting up dev VMs to multi-server setups. ----- Infrastructure/Scaling is a topic really close to me, I'd like to have the chance to talk about how we set this up in...

Identifying Bugs Before Runtime With Jedi

Dave Halter
Dave Halter - Identifying Bugs Before Runtime With Jedi Finding bugs before runtime has been an incredibly tedious task in Python. Jedi is an autocompletion library with interesting capabilities: It understands a lot of the dynamic features of Python. I will show you how we can use the force of (the) Jedi to identify bugs in your Python code. It's not just another pylint. It's way better. ----- Jedi is an autocompletion library for Python...

One year of Snowden, what's next?

Constanze Kurz
Constanze Kurz - One year of Snowden, what's next? Since June 2013, disclosed by Edward Snowden, we learn more and more facts about American and British spies’ deep appetite for information, economic spying and the methods they use to collect data. They systematically tapped international communications on a scale that only few people could imagine. But what are the consequences for societies when they now know about the NSA metadata repository capable of taking in...

Python for Zombies: 15.000 enrolled in the first Brazilian MOOC to teach Python

Fernando Ashikaga
Ashikaga - Python for Zombies: 15.000 enrolled in the first Brazilian MOOC to teach Python Experiences of how we spread the Python community in Brazil with a non english MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to teach programming. Hacking basic modules and classes to obtain the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". A funny way to teach programming.

How Disqus is using Django as the basis of our Service Oriented Architecture

Adam Hitchcock
adam - How Disqus is using Django as the basis of our Service Oriented Architecture Disqus maintains the largest Django app out there. And we love it! It has, however, grown rather large and unwieldy. In the last year Disqus has had an increasing number of smaller services cropping up based on several different platforms. So this talk will be about how we do continuous deployment with our emerging service-based infrastructure.

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