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17 More Probe Diffusion

George Phillies
Lecture 17 - probe diffusion, part the last. George Phillies lectures from his book "Phenomenology of Polymer Solution Dynamics".

One year of open governance for OTB: thoughts and context

Manuel Grizonnet
One year ago, in the frame of the OSGeo incubation process, OTB team decides to initiate a Project Steering Committee to formalize the way that decisions are taken. It was largely inspired by existing governance in other OSGeo projects related to OTB like GDAL, Quantum GIS or GRASS. This initiative aims in encouraging people and organization to join the effort and participate more actively in the evolution and the decision process of the library. Most...

Call your NetBSD

Pierre Pronchery
After focusing on improving NetBSD support for tablet hardware, NetBSD enthusiast and DeforaOS developer Pierre Pronchery (khorben@) is working on running NetBSD on smartphone hardware, with the OMAP-based Nokia N900 as the main target. After a quick summary of the different steps taken, he will introduce the user interface, installation procedure and underlying specificities to this setup. If all goes well, he will even be able to give a call! NetBSD is a very portable...

Lec 4. Condensed Phases, Solids, & Phase Diagrams

A.J. Shaka
UCI Chem 1B General Chemistry (Spring 2012) Lec 04. General Chemistry Intermolecular Forces -- Condensed phases, solids, and phase diagrams -- Instructor: A.J. Shaka. Ph.D. Description: UCI Chem 1B is the second quarter of General Chemistry and covers the following topics: properties of gases, liquids, solids; changes of state; properties of solutions; stoichiometry; thermochemistry; and thermodynamics.

Multicorn: writing FDWs in Python

Ronan Dunklau
A tutorial showing off Multicorn's features Multicorn is a generic Foreign Data Wrapper which goal is to simplify development of FDWs by writing them in Python. We will see: what is an FDW what Multicorn is trying to solve how to use it, with a brief tour of the FDWs shipping with Multicorn. how to write your own FDW in python, including the new 9.3 write API the internals: what Multicorn is doing for you...

PySpark - Data processing in Python on top of Apache Spark.

Peter Hoffmann
Peter Hoffmann - PySpark - Data processing in Python on top of Apache Spark. [Apache Spark] is a computational engine for large-scale data processing. It is responsible for scheduling, distribution and monitoring applications which consist of many computational task across many worker machines on a computing cluster. This Talk will give an overview of PySpark with a focus on Resilient Distributed Datasets and the DataFrame API. While Spark Core itself is written in Scala and...

Online Education: challenges and opportunities for Staff and Students

Anders Lehmann
Anders Lehmann - Online Education: challenges and opportunities for Staff and Students From september 2015 Aarhus School of Engineering will offer the education Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, as a combined online and on campus education. In the talk I will describe the technical and pedagogical setup, we are working at to meet the challenges of having both on-site and remote students. I will also touch on how IPython Notebook, will be part of the technical...

Lecture 21. Electrochemistry Pt. 6.

Ramesh D. Arasasingham
Ramesh D. Arasasingham, Ph.D.UCI Chem 1C General Chemistry (Spring 2013) Lec 21. General Chemistry -- Electrochemistry -- Part 6 Instructor: Ramesh D. Arasasingham, Ph.D. Description: UCI Chem 1C is the third and final quarter of General Chemistry series and covers the following topics: equilibria, aqueous acid-base equilibria, solubility equilibria, oxidation reduction reactions, electrochemistry; kinetics; special topics. Index of Topics: 0:00:50 Ecell and K 0:04:25 Calculate K for the Equilibrium... 0:12:40 Nerst Equation 0:17:47 Calculate Potential...

Videos in Public Libraries

Tilman Scheel
Providing access to video can be challenging, especially when it comes to film. To clear the rights, to get hands on the material, to manage the licenses, different language versions and age ratings - all this needs to be solved before a film is shown to any kind of public. More often than not, public institutions do neither have the expertise, the personnel, the money or the experience to answer to this challenge. The solution...

Jenseits von Mercator

Christoph Hormann
Karten im OpenStreetMap-Umfeld werden fast immer in Mercator-Projektion produziert. Diese prägt durch ihre Verbreitung nicht nur in OpenStreetMap, sondern auch in so gut wie allen anderen globalen Internet-Kartendiensten unser Verständnis von Geographie und Kartographie in einem erheblichen Ausmaß. Dieser Vortrag erläutert die Vor- und Nachteile dieser Projektion, insbesondere auch den Einfluss, den diese auf die Datenerfassung in OpenStreetMap hat. Es werden verschiedene Alternativen mit ihren möglichen Anwendungsfeldern vorgestellt sowie die praktischen Schwierigkeiten beim Umgang mit...

RSA: Beispiel Teil 1

Christian Spannagel
Vorlesung von Prof. Christian Spannagel an der PH Heidelberg.

Otti Csaba: Security in our hands (?)

András Fehér, Sándor Kapitány & Dániel Martinkovics
A kézgeometria azonosítás egy széles körben elterjedt és használható technológia, amely bizonyos esetekben hatékonyan képes helyettesíteni a környezeti körülményekkel szemben kevésbé ellenálló társait, ugyanakkor kevesen tudják csak azt, hogy valójában hogyan muködik. Élo bemutatónk keretében megvizsgáljuk a technológia elonyeit, hátrányait, felfedjük sebezhetoségeit, és olyan támadásokat hajtunk végre, amelyek túlmutatnak magán a technológián.

Advanced Database Programming with Python

Marc-Andre Lemburg
Marc-Andre Lemburg - Advanced Database Programming with Python The Python DB-API 2.0 provides a direct interface to many popular database backends. It makes interaction with relational database very straight forward and allows tapping into the full set of features these databases provide. The talk will cover advanced database topics which are relevant in production environments such as locks, distributed transactions and transaction isolation. ----- The Python DB-API 2.0 provides a direct interface to many popular...

How to GIS with Python

Anders Lehmann
Anders Lehmann - How to GIS with Python In this talk I will present some tools for working with Geographic Information Systems in Python. Geographic information Systems are widely used for managing geographic (map) data. As an example I will present how to use Open Street Map data, in routing, traffic planning and estimation of pollution emission. For the purpose of the project EcoSense, GPS data from users smartphones are mapped to OSM roads. The...

How Postgres Got Its Groove Back (Part 2)

Peter Van Hardenberg

State of GeoServer

Jody Garnett & Andrea Aime
State of GeoServer provides an update on our community and reviews the new and noteworthy features for the Project. The community keeps an aggressive six month release cycle with GeoServer 2.8 and 2.9 being released this year. Each releases bring together exciting new features. This year a lot of work has been done on the user interface, clustering, security and compatibility with the latest Java platform. We will also take a look at community research...

3/3 Lagrangian Floer cohomology in families

Mohammed Abouzaid
We will begin with a brief overview of Lagrangian Floer cohomology, in a setting designed to minimise technical difficulties (i.e. no bubbling). Then we will ponder the question of what happens to Floer theory when we vary Lagrangians in families, which we will not require to be Hamiltonian. We will see rigid analytic spaces naturally arise from such families; these spaces are the analogue of complex analytic manifolds over the Novikov field. In order to...

30 The Hydrodynamic Scaling Model

George Phillies
Lecture 30 and last - The Hydrodynamic Scaling Model. George Phillies lectures from his text "Phenomenology of Polymer Solution Dynamics".

Lecture 07. Ions and Molecules.

Eric Potma
UCI Chem 1P General Chemistry (Fall 2012) Lec 07. General Chemistry Preparation for General Chemistry -- Ions and Molecules -- Instructor: Eric Potma, Ph.D. Description: UCI Chem 1P is a preparation go General Chemistry that covers: units of measurement, dimensional analysis, significant figures; elementary concepts of volume, mass, force, pressure, energy, density, temperature, heat, work; fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure; the mole concept, stoichiometry; properties of the states of matter; gas laws; solutions concentrations....

Trade-offs in Statistical Learning

Quentin Berthet
I will explore the notion of constraints on learning procedures, and discuss the impact that they can have on statistical precision. This is inspired by real-life concerns such as limits on time for computation, on reliability of observations, or communication between agents. I will show how these constraints can be shown to have a concrete cost on the statistical performance of these procedures, by describing several examples.

Paleomaps: SDI for paleoenvironment GIS data

Christian Willmes, Daniel Becker, Jan Verheul, Yasa Yener, Mirijam Zickel, Andreas Bolten, Olaf Bubenzer & Georg Bareth
Paleoenvironmental studies and according information (data) are abundantly pub-lished and available in the scientific record. However, GIS-based paleoenviron-mental information and datasets are comparably rare. Here, we present an OpenScience approach for collecting and creating GIS-based data and maps of paleoenvironments, and publishing them in a web based Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI),for access by the archaeology and paleoenvironment communities. The Open Science approach to the publication of data, allows to properly cite the publisheddatasets as bibliographic...

The award ceremony for the FOM Prizes 2011

Jos Benschop, Klaas-Jan Tielrooij, Maria Antonietta Loi, Silke Diedenhofen & Pieter Kruit
Klaas-Jan Tielrooij - FOM Physics Thesis Award 2011, Maria Antonietta Loi - Minerva Prize 2011, Silke Diedenhofen - FOM Valorisation Chapter Prize 2011, Pieter Kruit - FOM Valorisation Prize 2011.

Lecture 03. Chemical Equilibrium Pt. 3.

Ramesh D. Arasasingham
UCI Chem 1C General Chemistry (Spring 2013) Lec 03. General Chemistry -- Chemical Equilibrium -- Part 3 Instructor: Ramesh D. Arasasingham, Ph.D. Description: UCI Chem 1C is the third and final quarter of General Chemistry series and covers the following topics: equilibria, aqueous acid-base equilibria, solubility equilibria, oxidation reduction reactions, electrochemistry; kinetics; special topics. Index of Topics: 0:02:02 Aqueous Acids/Bases 0:04:42 Determining which is Acid/Base/Ca/Cb 0:07:04 Autoionization of Water 0:21:06 Introducing "pH" 0:27:09 Finding COncentration...

Spatial tools for LiDAR based watershed management and forestry analysis integrated in gvSIG

Franceschi, Silvia (HydroloGIS-Free University Of Bolzano) & Antonello, Andrea (HydroloGIS)
In 2014 we started the development of the library LESTO (LiDAR Empowered Sciences Toolbox Opensource): a set of modules for the analysis of LiDAR point cloud with an Open Source approach with the aim of improving the performance of the extraction of the volume of biomass and other vegetation parameters on large areas for mixed forest structures. LESTO contains a set of modules for data handling and analysis implemented within the JGrassTools spatial processing library....

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