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Effectively test your webapp with Python and Selenium

Andrei Coman
Andrei Coman - Effectively test your webapp with Python and Selenium How often do you run your Selenium test suite? How fast do you get a result from it? Would you like to answer with: "Whenever I feel like it" and "Well, about the time it takes me to finish a coffee" ? This talk will try to get you closer to these answers. We will have a look at the lessons learned and the...

CloudABI: Capability based security on Linux/Unix

Alex Willmer
Alex Willmer - CloudABI: Capability based security on Linux/Unix Take POSIX, add capability-based security, then remove anything that conflicts. The result is CloudABI, available for BSD, Linux, OSX et al. A CloudABI process is incapable of any action that has a global impact It can only affect the file descriptors you provide. As a result even unknown binaries can safely be executed - without the need for containers, virtual machines, or other sandboxes. This talk...

Ingesting 35 million hotel images with python in the cloud.

Alex Vinyals
Alex Vinyals - Ingesting 35 million hotel images with python in the cloud. This talk covers the distributed architecture that Skyscanner built to solve the data challenges involved in the generation of images of all hotels in the world. Putting together a distributed system in Python, based on queues, surfing on the AWS Cloud. ----- Our goal? To build an incremental image processing pipeline that discards poor quality and duplicated images, scaling the final images...

Moving away from NodeJS to a pure python solution for assets

Alessandro Molina
Alessandro Molina - Moving away from NodeJS to a pure python solution for assets When working with WebApplications it is common to rely on an asset management pipeline to compile scripts, minify css or preprocess images. Most of the tools available today rely on JavaScript to perform those steps and always forced Python developers to rely on NodeJS to have grunt perform the pipeline tasks, coffee-script to compile their CoffeeScript or lessc to build their...

Lightning Talks

Various speakers - Lightning Talks Lightning talks, presented by Harald Massa and Harry Percival - Christopher Lozinski - blogory.org - David Naranja & Maria Coetero - Random.random() online - Petr Viktorin - PEPs 487 & 520 (*descriptors in 5 min) - Anselm Linsnau - tuxcademy - Great training material - for free! - Miroslav Pojman - PyOO - Control Open Office from Python - Fabio Pliger - Jupyterlab - Plethora - Python meets Industry -...

Lightning Talks

Various speakers - Lightning Talks Lightning talks, presented by Harry Percival

Un vector por tu palabra

Mai Giménez
Mai Giménez - Un vector por tu palabra El ecosistema científico de python es extraordinario y saca músculo con las últimas aportaciones de la comunidad científica. Revisaremos nuevas aproximaciones a la representación de texto. ¡Tus cadenas de texto merecen algo más que una mísera bolsa de palabras! Veremos cómo se aplica la representación distribuida (word embeddings) en un caso práctico de aprendizaje automático, y daremos consejos para hacer experimentos replicables y obtener datos significativos.

Pytest desde las trincheras

Pau Ruŀlan Ferragut
Pau Ruŀlan Ferragut - Pytest desde las trincheras Todo programador tiene interés para que su software sea fiable y estable. Haremos una sencilla introducción a pytest con el caso de uso de un site internacional para el que generamos cientos de tests y redujimos drásticamente los errores en producción. Con este simple ejemplo demostraremos que no siempre necesitamos hacer TDD para disfrutar de las ventajas de un framework de testing.

Entendiendo Unicode

Facundo Batista
Facundo Batista - Entendiendo Unicode Charla que explica qué es Unicode y otros conceptos relacionados para poder usar esta tecnología ----- La charla muestra de forma teórica/práctica qué son Unicode, las planillas de códigos, los caracteres, y las codificaciones, entra en detalle en las distintas codificaciones, para saber cómo usarlas, ejemplifica las reglas de oro para utilizar Unicode en nuestros programa, y termina mostrando algunas funciones útiles para el manejo de esa tecnología.

CEDRICS: When CEDRAM meets tralics

Thierry Bouche

DML-CZ Metadata Editor

Miroslav Bartošek

Current Status of Mathematical Publications in Japan

Takao Namiki

Synfograms™, Inscribe Space/time information for museum

Dietmar Öhlmann
Dietmar Öhlmann Syn4D™ GmbH

Holography in Museums — A modern Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Matthias Lauk
Matthias Lauk LAUK GmbH, Germany

Holography & Associated Laser Techniques in the world of Museum Artifacts

John M. Webster
Prof. John M Webster University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Fringe Printer for Computer-generated Holograms

Hiroshi Yoshikawa
Hiroshi Yoshikawa Japan

Colour Holography: The Ultimate Imaging Technique for Museums

Hans I. Bjelkhagen
Prof. Hans Bjelkhagen Centre for Modern Optics at NEWI/OpTIC, Wales, UK

Herausforderung Nachhaltigkeit – Was bedeutet dies für unsere Städte?

Monika Zimmermann &

Transformation des Energiesystems - Transformation der Gesellschaft?

Miranda Schreurs &

Die andere Art des Handelns - Warum der Biofachhandel die Zukunft des Einkaufens ist.

Michael Radau &

2.4 Using the Loader

Michael McLennan
00:09 Using the Loader 00:34 Introducing the loader... 03:36 Loader definition 08:18 Creating example files 10:24 More complex example 14:08 Using the loader to upload/download data 15:55 Assignment #8: Add a loader

From lab scale devices to solar parks

Roar R. Søndergaard

Contactless web cleaning

Peter Overschie


Silvania Pereira

Interview with Roar Søndergaard

Roar R. Søndergaard

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