46 Works

Plasma Wave Measurements from the Van Allen Probes

George Hospodarsky

Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling-Past and Future

Jim Burch

Tom Hill and Pat Reiff Video and Remarks by Tom Hill

Thomas Hill

Measurements of Ion Outflows from the Earth’s Ionosphere

Andrew Yau

Testing MHD Models by Conjugate Aurora Imaging

Patricia Reiff

Plasma wave observations with Cassini at Saturn

George Hospodarsky

Ian Axford Video and Remarks by Peter Banks

Peter Banks

Dick Johnson Video and Remarks by Rick Chappell

Rick Chappell

George Reid Video and Remarks by Bob McPherron

Robert McPherron

Video R.A. Wolf

Richard Wolf

Plasmasphere-Ionosphere Coupling

Peter M. Banks

Forty five years of the Rice Convection Model

Richard Wolf

Recent Advances in Ionosphere-Magnetosphere Mass Coupling in Global Models

Daniel Welling

How the Ionosphere-Thermosphere System Shapes the Quiet-Time Plasmasphere

Jonathan Krall

Peter Banks Video and Remarks by Robert Schunk

Robert Schunk

Andy Nagy Video and Remarks

Andrew Nagy

Very-low-energy O+ ion outflows during geomagnetic storms

Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling: Past, Present, and Future

Robert Schunk

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