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Getting to the heart of genomic dark matter

Samir Ounzain
Slides to my recent presentation at the ESC Congress in Barcelona on the genomewide profiling of novel lncRNAs in the mammalian heart after myocardial infraction

Slowness surfaces

Mike Smith, Ross McPhedran, Alexander Movchan, Natasha Movchan & Michele Brun
For a fixed aspect ratio of sqrt(2) we examine the evolution of the slowness surfaces over the first few band surfaces. On the right-hand side the cut plane of constant-k moves vertically through k.

Motion Transparency for Luminance and Depth, Flicker

Max Dürsteler
On the left side, the ridged of a stereoscopic sinusoidal grating are moving up and down, while the encoding random dot pattern is stationary. While one is able to track the ridges, their speed appears as low. On the right side, the random dots are moving at the veridaclly same speed as the depth ridges on the left, while the stereo-grating on the right is stationary. In the second part of the video, markers deonstrate...

Bridging the Gap presentation

Jon Knight
Jon Knight's presentation from Meeting The Reading List Challenge workshop, April 2014

iLASIK after Implantation of a Tecnis Multifocal IOL

Michael C. Knorz
This video shows an iLASIK procdure using the IntraLase iFS femtosecond laaer and the Visx STAAR S4 excimer laser to perform a wavefront-guided LASIK after implantation of a Tecnis diffractive mutifocal IOL.

RPE and Choroid Translocation in massive submacular hemorrhage

Bernd Kirchhof
Usually when larger blood volumes are being removed from underneath the macula then the RPE goes with the blood. An RPE substitute is then required, either by macular translocation or by translocation of a free transplant of pigment epithelium and choroid. The latter is shown here.

Full Macular Translocation in Exsudative Age Related Macular Degeneration

Bernd Kirchhof
Core vitrectomy, posterior vitreous separation if not yet present, vitreous base shaving, usually those eye are pseudophakic otherwise the natural lens can be shifted anteriorly by anterior chamber drainage, so that the vitreous base is accessible without damage to the lens. BSS injection is used to detach the retina, first transretinally to create a retinal bleb of sufficient size to allow further BSS injection transretinally via a 30 or 27 gauge cannula. As long as...

Rupture of the Eye after Bomb Explosion

Bernd Kirchhof
The situation of rupture of both eye balls concerned both eyes after a bomb explosion as a criminal attack. The patient had “perception of light” in both eyes. One eye was primarily enucleated. The other eye was reconstructed as shown here. This is meant as an example of successful reconstruction in an assumingly hopeless situation and as a reason against primary enucleation at the time of emergency surgery. Since there was no ciliary body and...

Persistent Hyaloid, posterior variant addressed by vitrectomy

Bernd Kirchhof
A prominent pucker-like formation in a child is diagnosed as posterior variant of primary persistent hyaloid. After vitrectomy a thick membrane can be aspirated and peeled of the macula with the cutter. Petechial hemorrhages suggest the ILM is gone with the epimacular membrane, which is confirmed by ICG staining. At the outer prominent rim of this process no further tissue can be peeled off.

Illuminated Cutter plus Chandelier Light

Bernd Kirchhof
Vitreous to be demonstrated requires a focused light or a light source close to the cutter tip. A diffuse light pipe must be approached to the cutter tip. A chandelier light is diffuse and in most locations to distant from the cutter tip and unsuitable to visualize vitreous. The chandelier light provides the diffuse light for the overview (safety) and an additional light should be positioned close to the cutter opening. An illuminated cutter delivers...

Scleral loop to fixate an encircling band

Bernd Kirchhof
The standard fixation of an encircling belt is a permanent scleral suture. Sutures have the disadvantage that they eventually may protrude through the conjunctiva, they may cut through the sclera causing dislocation of the belt, or they may be assciated with infections. The scleral loop requires only a round knife (Teller-Messer), formed like a plate. In case of very thin (blue) sclera a suture will not hold and extra sclera need to be sutured onto...

Pucker Membrane does not stain with ICG

Bernd Kirchhof
Even though this is a macular hole this film focuses on the staining characteristics of the accompanying pucker membrane extrafoveally. The epiretinal membrane stands out in negative contrast, as unstained. Once the pucker is peeled then a second application of ICG unreveals the remaining ILM.

Posterior vitreous separation in High Myopia

Bernd Kirchhof
Vitreo-retinal adhesion is typically extremely tight in high myopia at the posterior pole. Remnants or plaques of hyaloid are often associated with retinal tears, then in conjunction with posterior pole rhegmatogenous retinal detachments. To ignore residual hyaloid would mean to accept a risk of PVR retinal re-detachment. The hyaloid is virtually impossible to discern without the help of triamcinolone. Then it is so adherent that suction is insufficient force to detach it. It requires a...

Sub-ILM Hemorrhage from a retina macroaneurysm

Bernd Kirchhof
The relevant cause of visual loss is here a preretinal but sub-ILM bleeding from a retina macroaneurysm. Part of the hemorrhage is (typically) intraretina, part subretina, but fortunately these more difficult representations are outside the macula. By peeling of the premacular ILM and aspiration of the fresher premacular blood visual improvement could be achieved.

Vitrectomy and Lentectomy in FEVR

Bernd Kirchhof
The goal of treatment of such advances stages of FEVR is to get to the abnormal peripheral retinal vessels and coagulate them. On the way lensectomy and vitrectomy are necessary. The vitreous consists for typical multiple onion-like layers of veils, that are rather stiff, but not very tractional and grow out of the retina. They cannot be completely detached but only trimmed back.

Endoresection of Choroidal Melanoma

Bernd Kirchhof
The reason for the endoresection is the location of the tumor in the vicinity of the macula. Brachytherapy as only means would likely damage the fovea. Endoresection is always combined with brachytherapy, but after removal of the tumor a much lower dose is needed to “sterilize” the sclera. The vitrectomy after 180 degree retinotomy is performed under air to prevent seeding of tumor cells. Also eventual hemorrhage does not compromise the view. The disadvantage of...

Dynamic Variability in Speech: a Forensic Phonetic Study of British English, 2006-2007

F. Nolan
This is a qualitative data collection.<br> <br> The aim of the DyViS database is to provide a database of 100 speakers of similar age and with the same accent, primarily with a view to studying variation in personal voice characteristics untrammelled by accent variation. Such a resource has applications in forensic phonetic research, but will also be useful for studying many linguistic aspects of speech. The speakers are all male, aged between 18 and 25...

Flood, Vulnerability and Resilience, 2007-2009

W. Medd
This is a qualitative data collection. The research used diaries, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions of householders, floodworkers and other affected stakeholders and followed the recovery experiences of people across Hull after the floods of June 2007 which affected over 8,600 households across the city.<br> <br> The project undertook a real-time longitudinal study to document and understand the everyday experiences of individuals following the floods of June 2007 in interaction with<br> networks of actors...

Presentation at the Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Conference (2012): Regime shifts in Ecology & Evolution

Carl Boettiger
Slides from my talk at CSGF 2012 in Washington DC. A video recording of the talk is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwIIVdyKe4o

CLSM volume rendered media file showing the male genitalia of Ceraphron sp. 13, ventral view (PSUCIM_3097)

Ceraphron sp. 13 [ Madagascar, Ambohitantely Special Reserve, 18°13'31"S 47°17'13"E, 1410m, BLF3694, litter / montane rainforest, Ambohitantely Forest, 20.9km (72°) NE Ankazobe, Antananarivo Auto. Prov., -18.2253 47.2869, minimum 1410 (interpreted as 1410 metres), CASENT 2136705, Fisher, Griswold, et al. BLF3694]

CLSM volume rendered media file showing the male genitalia of Aphanogmus sp. 7, dorsal view (PSUCIM_2184)

CLSM media file showing the male genitalia of Ahanogmus sp. 7 [PSUCIM_2184: CHINA, Beijing provi Mentougo district, Beijing. 130km NW, Xiaolong Station 10a.s.l. 39°59.220, 115°31.479, 28.VII.2002 G. Melika, dry meadow]

CLSM media file showing the male genitalia of Aphanogmus sp. 10 dorsal view (PSUCIM_3130)

HUNGARY, Bács-Kiskun, Kiskörös, Tury rét,28.v.2002, sweeping, leg. Mikó

CLSM volume rendered media file showing the male genitalia of Ceraphron bispinosus, ventral view (PSUCIM_3108)

HUNGARY, Bács-Kiskun, Miklapuszta, 1997.X.01. YPT, leg. Kovács Éva

CLSM volume rendered media file showing the male genitalia of Dendrocerus flavipes, ventral view (PSUCIM_3051)

SWEDEN: Öland:Mörbylanga kommun: Gamla Skogsby (Kalkstad): "diversitetsängen" (N56.616, 16.5), Trap no. 22 Malaise trap in meadow w. bushes, 17 vii 2003-7.viii.2003, J. Liljeblad, ParentID1640

CLSM volume rendered media file showing the male genitalia of Dendrocerus aphidum, ventral view (PSUCIM_1744)

SWEDEN, Up, Uppsala kommun, Fiby urskog, Trefaldighets Källa, Mixed deciduous forest along brook. 59.88, 17.19, 22.vii-12.viii.2003 (=coll. event ID 451) Leg. Swedish Malaise Trap Project (Swedish Museum of Natural History)

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