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RE:Infra-structuring NSF Merit Review

J Britt Holbrook
PDF version I gave in May 2013 at the National Organitzation for Research Development Professionals Conference (NORDP 2013). I discuss recent changes to NSF's Merit Review Process.

First steps towards an explicit modeling of aba production and translocation in relation with the water uptake dynamics

Guillaume Lobet, Loïc Pagès & Xavier Draye
Water flow in the plant continuum is thought to be controlled by the leaf, xylem and the root radial conductances. Leaf conductance is widely recognized as the master control in the system as it can act as a switch in the water flow, even under high transpiration demand. The control of the stomatal aperture by the plant has been the object of numerous research project since decades and different models have been developed to study...

Introduction to Evolution Outreach movie

Michael Landis
Short one-minute movie to introduce evolutionary concepts to the public.

How do bad medical treatments spread?

Mícheál De Barra
Slides from a talk about the cultural evolution of ineffective medicine at the Karolinska Institute in June 2013

Drosophila melanogaster 27.5˚C embryonic development

Steven Kuntz & Michael Eisen
D. melanogaster development at 27.5˚C. Sorenson compression, normal quality at 7 fps. Each second of video is equivalent to 7 minutes of development.

Drosophila melanogaster 22.5˚C embryonic development

Steven Kuntz & Michael Eisen
Drosophila melanogaster at 22.5˚C
Development of dechorionated embryo, anterior to the left
Sorenson compression, normal quality
15 minutes of development per second of video
http://arxiv.org/abs/1306.5297 Please use Settings to adjust video speed as desired (frame rate is dependent on the experiment temperature and developmental rate).

Data archiving, management and reproducible research for ecology and evolution

Ian Dworkin
These are the slides from my talk on August 16th 2013 from the 4th annual BEACON congress held at Michigan State University. These slides were part of a larger presentation about the BEACON data management plan (DMP). While I take complete responsibility for this presentation, virtually all of the ideas and content are from the many amazing folks in the open data, data archiving and reuse and reproducible research community. I mostly served as an...

Modern LaTeX Usage

Thomas Arildsen
A small presentation that attempts to introduce LaTeX users to some best practice for doing various things.

Upper and lower respiratory tract microbiota in CF and non-CF BX

Michael Cox
Talk given at the 2013 European Cystic Fibrosis Society meeting in the session on upper airways infection.

Coexistence, the maintenance of biodiversity and its consequences for ecosystem functioning

Sean Tuck
Presentation given for my PhD transfer of status.

09A.4 Massenwirkungsgesetz, Differentialgleichungssystem

Jörn Loviscach

Benefits and barriers to building professional bioinformatics networks pptx

Jonathan Fuller
PPTX version of the summary of results from asking participants of the ISMB/ECCB 2013 workshop "The “How To Guide” for Establishing a Successful Bioinformatics Network" http://www.iscb.org/cms_addon/conferences/ismbeccb2013/workshops.php

Postgraduate Seminar, Trinity College Dublin

Eoin Carley
Postgraduate seminar given at TCD 2013

Fernando Martínez talking about his experience as a student at the UABJO in 2006

Lynn Stephen

18B.2 Gleichung mit komplexen Zahlen; Wurzel aus i

Jörn Loviscach

16B.7 Dreiecksberechnung, Winkelhalbierende

Jörn Loviscach

15B.3 Sinus vom Betrag mit Verschiebung

Jörn Loviscach

14B.1 Beispiel für Partialbruchzerlegung

Jörn Loviscach

11B.6 Polynom in Linearfaktoren zerlegen

Jörn Loviscach

11B.4 Polynom aus Steckbrief; Achsenberührung

Jörn Loviscach

21.02 lokale Minima und Maxima, Kriterien

Jörn Loviscach

20.08 Ableitung sin, cos, arcsin

Jörn Loviscach

20.05_6_7 Ableitung exp, log, Potenz

Jörn Loviscach

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