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Betwixt and Between: Australian PLT Practitioners - Scholarship of (Which) Practice?

Kristoffer Greaves
Presentation for Doing Cultural Studies Intermezzo Symposium: "Interrogating Practice" - Swinburne University of Technology - 3 December 2013

‘Yes, No, Maybe, Can You Repeat The Question?’ Is Thinking Like A Lawyer Different To Thinking Like A Teacher?

Kristoffer Greaves
Presentation to the Australian Professional Legal Education Council annual conference, Flinders University, Adelaide, 15 November 2013. This qualitative research involves cross-disciplinary exchanges between law, legal education, education theory and practice, sociology of law, and cultural theory. Data collected for the research includes 30+ hours semi-structured interviews with 35 PLT practitioners working with different PLT providers around Australia. One question asked during the interviews - Is thinking like a lawyer different to thinking like a teacher?...

Today’s Scientific Article – how reproducible is it?

Michael Markie
A presentation from the recent AllBio: Open Science & Reproducibility Best Practice Workshop hosted at TGAC on 15-17 September 2014 that looks into the meta data associated with both scientific articles and sceitntific data, exploring what is required and then there is a little look at how potentially a scientific article may look in the future, including the examples of F1000Research's interactive figures.

Using phenotypic similarity to improve rare disease identification in PhenomeCentral

Orion Buske, Marta Girdea, Sergiu Dumitriu, Tal Friedman, Jonathan Zung, Cornelius Boerkoel, Kym Boycott & Michael Brudno
Presentation given by Orion Buske at Genome Informatics 2014 in Cambridge, UK. Covers the current performance of patient matching and gene prioritization algorithms in PhenomeCentral.

WHITE COLLAR CRIME - Investigations

Nyagudi Musandu Nyagudi
WHITE COLLAR CRIME - Investigations Presentation By Dr. Nyagudi Musandu
Forensic Criminologist 2nd International Security
and Safety Conference and Exhibition, 16th April, 2010 a forum hosted by Events Management Solutions at the Sarit Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

Etching in Memory: Ferris Olin, opening address

Ferris Olin
Opening address for the conference, Etched in Memory, Legacy Planning for Artists, held at the Institute for Women & Art, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, March 20, 2009. Her talk addresses the central mission of the conference: how artists can control their own legacy, rather than leaving it to others. She concludes by noting, "as artists, you are also the inventors and protectors of your own legacies."

Setting-up Restriction Enzyme Digests with RE-Mix Master Mixes

David Hough, Penny F. Devoe, Deana D. Martin, Elizabeth A. Young &

Tips for Amplifying Large Amplicons

Rebecca B. Kucera, , Deana D. Martin, Elizabeth A. Young &

Reduce Star Activity with High Fidelity (HF) Restriction Enzymes

Richard D. Morgan, Deana D. Martin, Elizabeth A. Young &

Primer Design and Fragment Assembly Using Gibson Assembly

Elizabeth A. Young, Thomas C. Evans, Penny F. Devoe, Tasha Jose &

How Can Epigenetics Help Us Treat Diseases?

, Tasha Jose &


Ian Dworkin, , Cody Porter & William Pitchers
This is a short video (video 3 from Parigi et al.) demonstrating the "retreat" behaviour of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster in the presence of a potential predator (in this case a juvenile mantid, Tenodera aridifolia sinensis).

Bridging the Divide - A Social Media Workshop

Ian Clark
This was for a workshop on social media at the 2014 National Acquisitions Group conference in York (3rd-4th September). The presentation is comprised of a short section on using social media and the internet in general, followed by some group work on particular social media tools. The slides containing lists of interesting examples of social media use in libraries were used to prompt groups to look at the content posted on each of the accounts...

Transitioning from a Proprietary Electronic Data Capture System to an Open-source Platform

Julie Hawthorne & Charles Tirrell
When Prometheus Research decided to open source its flagship data management platform, the Research Exchange Database (RexDB), it needed to update its electronic data capture tool to work with the open source system. In this presentation to attendees of the American Public Health Association’s conference in 2013, Prometheus’ Director of Open Source Product Development, Charles Tirrell, describes how the product team transitioned from closed source to open source and highlights the benefits of “going open...

Out with new, in with the old: Rethinking the college Modern Physics cours/

Kevin Schultz
A talk I gave to the local AAPT about changes I had made to the Modern Physics course


Frederik Rietdijk
Presentation about turbulence and auralisation that I have at Forum Acusticum 2014, Krakow, Poland.


Krishna Kumar
LBM DEM Simulation of a granular column collapse (aspect ratio 'a' of 8)


Krishna Kumar
LBM DEM Simulation of a granular column collapse (aspect ratio 'a' of 6)

Stereo Rotation Standstill and Capture Illusions

Max Dürsteler
Demonstration of stereo rotation, rotation standstill and capture

We are the 92%

Neil Chue Hong
In a recent survey of UK research-intensive universities, 92% of researchers said they used research software and 68% said their research would be impossible without software. Yet 71% have had no formal software training, and few are ready to apply many of the things we take for granted such as testing or virtualisation. WSSSPE represents the pinnacle of what we understand to be the best practice around scientific software in our community. My talk will...

Dinamik Uyum Yüzeylerinde Optimallik Üzerine

H. Kemal Ilter & Burcu Dikmen
Dinamik Uyum Yüzeylerinde Optimallik Üzerine On the Optimality of Dynamic Fitness Landscapes (TUR)

1. Reproducibility and Open Science

The following video is an original recording of the opening lecture to the OSTI pilot initiative, hosted by the Doctoral Training Centres in Systems Biology, Life Sciences and the Industrial Doctorate at the University of Oxford. Entitled "Reproducibility and Open Science", the seminar identifies some of the current issues facing scientific research and introduces the theme of open science as a possible solution. Prospective OSTI course leaders may be interested in the end of the...

Overview lecture on Macroecology

Brian Enquist
This is a lecture intended to give a broad overview of the history, approach, methods, current focus and future of macroecology. It is intended for a 2 hour lecture where time is given to discuss openly the various patterns, have the student propose hypotheses, and to engage debate in the class over the patterns, methods, and approaches of macroecology. This is not an all encompassing lecture - there are clearly areas left out and issues...

SCIDATA14 - Sally Rumsey

Sally Rumsey talks at 'Publishing Better Science through Better Data' on 14th November 2014

Author Rights, Access to Scholarship, and Managing the Impact of your Research

Rebecca Kuglitsch & Kathryn Lage
Abstract: CU-Boulder recently passed an open access resolution; the Libraries launched CU Scholar, an open repository for CU-Boulder scholarship; and data management requirements and services are proliferating. In this rapidly changing environment, what do you need to know? This session will cover the new open access resolution, how to post to CU Scholar (and how to tell what you can post). We will also discuss how to strategically navigate this new landscape and increase the...

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