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Powerpoint motivatietheorie

Ralph Meulenbroeks & Hanne Ten Berge
Deze powerpoint gaat over de motivatietheorie van Ryan R. M. en Deci E. L. (2000)

Powerpoint kennismaking

Hanne Ten Berge & Ralph Meulenbroeks
Deze powerpoint gaat over het kennismaken met de cursusbegeleiders, de cursus en de deelnemers

Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling-Past and Future

Jim Burch

Research data in academia

Stefan Kramer

Plasma Wave Measurements from the Van Allen Probes

George Hospodarsky

Tom Hill and Pat Reiff Video and Remarks by Tom Hill

Thomas Hill

RSS16 presentation slides with audio (SD)

Hong Cai

Passivity-Based Control For A Micro Air Vehicle Using Unit Quaternions

Maria Eusebia Guerrero, Hernán Abaunza, Pedro Castillo, Rogelio Lozano, Carlos Daniel García & Alejandro Rodriguez
In this paper the development and practical implementation of a Passivity-Based
Control (PBC) algorithm to stabilize an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) described with unit
quaternions are presented. First, a mathematical model based on Euler-Lagrange formulation
using a logarithmic mapping in the quaternion space is introduced. Then, a new methodology:
a quaternion-passivity-based control is derived, which does not compute excessive and complex Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) for synthesizing the control law, making a significant advantage in...

Qualität In Der Lehre: Thesen Und Überlegungen

Christof (Autor/in) Arn
Gute Lehre ist komplex und dynamisch. Evaluationen, die versuchen, systemische Qualität auf einfache Indikatoren und noch einfachere Items zu reduzieren, schaffen Fehlanreize und in der Folge systematische Fehlwirkungen. In diesem Fachtext wird diese These erklärt und mit Bezug auf aktuelle Forschungen sorgfältig begründet. Vorgehensweisen für Qualitätsentwicklung in Hochschulen, die diesen Phänomenen Rechnung tragen, werden vorgestellt.

Live cell imaging of PC3 prostate cancer cells after GFP-EN2 transfection - cell fusion.mp4

Natasha Punia
Prostate cancer cells (PC-3), transiently transfected with GFP-EN2. Live cell imaging using confocal microscopy for 24hrs. These cells attempt to fuse but are unsuccessful, also known as cell-in-cell action.

Freely Diffusing 100 Nm Polystyrene Nanoparticles Captured With Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis

Thorsten Wagner
100nm polystyrene NP (Kisker-Biotech, PPs-0.1) which were collected with a NanoSightTM LM10 system equipped with a LM14 green (535 nm) laser module and a cooled Andor camera (Andor-DL-658-OEM). FPS: 30 Pixelsize: 166


mpeg4 video clips to be linked to examples in a manuscript

Cropquant Supplementary Videos

Ji Zhou, Daniel Reynolds, Thomas Le Cornu, Danny Websdale, Oscar Gonzales, Clare Lister, Simon Orford, Sarah Ayling, Stephen Laycock, Tim Stitt, Richard Morris, Matt Clark, Mike Bevan & Simon Griffiths
Supplementary videos showing CropQuant functionality.

Stell parameters of main sequence turn-off star candidates observed with the LAMOST and Kepler

Yaqian Wu
Main sequence turn-off (MSTO) stars are advantaged indicators of Galactic evo- lution since their ages could be robustly estimated by atmospheric parameters. Hundreds of thousands of MSTO stars have been selected from the LAMOST Galactic survey to study the evolution of the Galaxy, and it will be benefited from accurate estimates of stellar param- eters. In this work, we select 150 MSTO candidates in the LAMOST MSTO stars sample and constrain their stellar parameters with...

Revealing The Palimpsest

Corneliu CT Arsene
An article published in the New York Times on June 1, 2015, described the discovery of a Syriac manuscript that contained the oldest known translation of Galen's On the Mixtures and Powers of Simple Drugs. The text of this manuscript was erased in the eleventh century. Scientists and scholars from around the world are working to recover it. This symposium featured the manuscript itself and presentations by imaging specialists, Syriac scholars, and historians of medicine...

Three-Dimensional Arrangement Of Human Bone Marrow Microvessels Revealed By Immunohistology In Undecalcified Sections - Overview Videos

Oleg Lobachev
We reconstruct the 3D shape of the micro-vasculature in human bone marrow from serial sections. This upload shows three kinds of overview data. - R[n]_overview_... shows an overview of the mesh from ROI n as video
- R[n]_input_animated_... shows a thumb cinema overlay of initial input data
- R[n]_both.png shows a still with a frame from overview video (blue) and diameter measurement video (red).

Network, Ict And Society Project - Manuela Henriques Interview

M. Barbas, C. Novo, A. Loureiro, P. Matos, F. Mortari & C. Cardoso
Realização de conteúdo audiovisual, em particular com a inclusão de Língua Gestual Portuguesa, no âmbito do Projeto de Literacia e Inclusão Digital, Rede TIC e Sociedade, financiado pela Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT).

Network, Ict And Society Project - Maria Matos Interview

M. Barbas, C. Novo, A. Loureiro, P. Matos, F.Department of Society Information - Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) Mortari & C. Cardoso
Realização de conteúdo audiovisual, em particular com a inclusão de Língua Gestual Portuguesa, no âmbito do Projeto de Literacia e Inclusão Digital, Rede TIC e Sociedade, financiado pela Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT).Realização de conteúdo audiovisual, em particular com a inclusão de Língua Gestual Portuguesa, no âmbito do Projeto de Literacia e Inclusão Digital, Rede TIC e Sociedade, financiado pela Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT).

Uchimizu Delft

Anna Solcerova, Tim Van Emmerik & Koen Hilgersom
Vertical air temperature profiles (perpendicular to each other) in time 13 mm - 859 mm above red bricks herringbone block pavement. E1: 1 mm of water was applied at 11:24 over sun-exposed pavement
E2: 1 mm of water was applied at 13:21 over sun-exposed pavement
E3: 1 mm of water was applied at 14:33 over shaded pavement
E4: 2 mm of water was applied at 15:29 over sun-exposed pavement
E5: 2 mm of water was...

Asteroseismic modelling of the Binary HD 176465

Benard Nsamba
The detection and analysis of oscillations in binary star systems is critical in understanding stellar structure and evolution. This is because such systems have the same initial chemical composition and age. Solar-like oscillations have been detected in both components of the asteroseismic binary HD 176465 by Kepler (White et al., 2016). This study presents an independent modelling of the two stars in this binary system. Stellar models generated using MESA (Modules for Experiment in Stellar...

Ndaka [Ndk] Contrastive Vowels

Kent Rasmussen
This is a set of sound files exemplifying the nine Ndaka [ndk] contrastive vowels.

50 Salads

Stephen McKenna & Sebastian Stein
50 Salads Activity recognition research has shifted focus from distinguishing full-body motion patterns to recognizing complex interactions of multiple entities. Manipulative gestures - characterized by interactions between hands, tools, and manipulable objects - frequently occur in food preparation, manufacturing, and assembly tasks, and have a variety of applications including situational support, automated supervision, and skill assessment. With the aim to stimulate research on recognizing manipulative gestures we introduce the 50 Salads dataset. It captures 25...


Yasunori Yamamoto

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