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forecasting wind-speed at Findhorn, Scotland, 1-24hrs in advance

David Corne
Within the ORIGIN project, we are developing software technology that harvests freely available data sources to provide accurate site-specific forecasts of weather variables at hourly intervals, focussing at between one and 24 hours ahead. These are important to help forecast the availability of solar and wind energy on the same timescale (as well as important for many other potential applications). This brief slideset shows our accuracy in predicting wind-speed at Findhorn, Northern Scotland (one of...

Presentation at the Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Conference (2012): Regime shifts in Ecology & Evolution

Carl Boettiger
Slides from my talk at CSGF 2012 in Washington DC. A video recording of the talk is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwIIVdyKe4o

Exit Seminar to Center for Population Biology: Regime Shifts in Ecology and Evolution

Carl Boettiger
Slides from my exit seminar satisfying the completion requirements for a PhD in Population Biology at UC Davis, November 13, 2012.

Reinforcement Learning in a Nutshell

Abraham Nunes
Reinforcement Learning in a Nutshell. Presentation delivered at Dalhousie Psychiatry Research Day 2015

Reprogramming of preiPSCs into iPSCs by Nanog+Mbd3 - bright field merged with GFP

Rodrigo Santos
Video showing the kinetics of the emergence of Nanog-GFP+ colonies from Nanog+Mbd3 transgenic preiPSCs during a 12-day culture in 2i/LIF condition. For more videos and information, please follow the links below.

On the performance of block matching for stereovision

Gabriele Facciolo & Antoni Buades
Presented at the 2014 SIAM Conference on Imaging Science, Mini-Symposium: “High Precision Stereo Vision”. May 12-14 2014, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. Motivated by photogrammetric applications we consider two issues of non-dense block-matching for stereovision. Correctly computing disparities at places where the pronto-parallel hypothesis is invalid (like discontinuities and slanted surfaces) and detecting invalid or ambiguous matches. We explore the use of oriented windows in order to deal with the first issue. While, to...

Strategically using social media to communicate research

Jodie Rummer & Emily Darling
This was a presentation given to PhD/doctoral candidates at James Cook University introducing them to developing an online presence/identity and strategically using social media to communicate their research and network within their professional communities.

Geodynamo Simulations with XSHELLS + SHTns

Nathanael Schaeffer
Details concerning the Spherical Harmonic Transform library SHTns and the geodynamo simulation code XSHELLS. Insights into a big simulation using XSHELLS and SHTns are given at the end.

Genetic diversity as a parameter for managing agroforestry systems

Aristotelis C. Papageorgiou
This is a pdf file of a lecture held during the Summer School "Mediterranean Agroforestry and its role in the
Present Environmental Challenges", Athens, Greece, 4 – 15 July 2011. This lecture is at graduate level, prepared for a non-genetic audience. For this reason, a basic introduction in population genetics and evolution is done in the first part. The second part includes suggestions for management and conservation guidelines for agroforestry systems. This file contains some useful...

Controllo dell'ortografia dei nomi delle strade

Daniele Forsi
Diversi approcci possono essere usati per fare controlli sulla correttezza ortografica dei nomi delle strade a partire dalla semplice ispezione visiva dei dati, anche con l'aiuto di Tagwatch, passando dal pattern matching di Postgresql, per finire al correttore ortografico aspell. Considerazioni sull'efficienza e sull'efficacia dei vari metodi e cenni ai programmi usati.

IDCC 2013 : Product and Asset Specificity

Nicholas Weber
Presentation given at 2013 International Digital Curation Conference in Amsterdam.

Genetic implications of forest management in the Mediterranean

Aristotelis C. Papageorgiou
Mediterranean forests are characterized by high complexity and biological richness at all levels. Genetic diversity of Mediterranean forest species has been found to be higher than the one of central and northern Europe. It is important for the maintenance of forest cover and the adaptation of forests under adverse conditions towards environmental change. Genetic diversity in the Mediterranean forests has been shaped by the climatic and the geographical history of the region. However, the most...

Dispensing Processes Impact Computational and Statistical Analyses

Sean Ekins & Antony J Williams
talk at SLAS 2013

CILogon and InCommon: Technical Update

Jim Basney
Presentation at GlobusWorld 2015.

St. Petersburg Paradox: In Search of a stable measure of fair price.

Arkady Gershteyn
An examination of the St. Peterburg's Paradox, and provides a Median-based alternative method from Expected Value to estimating the fair price of a one-shot game.

Navigating scientific resources using wiki-based resources

Antony Williams, Valery Tkachenko, Alexey Pshenichnov, Sean Ekins & Alex Clark
There is an overwhelming number of new resources for chemistry that would likely benefit both librarians and students in terms of improving access to data and information. While commercial solutions provided by an institution may be the primary resources there is now an enormous range of online tools, databases, resources, apps for mobile devices and, increasingly, wikis. This presentation will provide an overview of how wiki-based resources for scientists are developing and will introduce a...

IPOL: Image Processing On Line

Gabriele Facciolo & Nicolas Limare
Presented at the Oxford Future of Science conference "Rigour and Openness in 21st Century Science", 2013-04-11, Oxford, UK It’s clear that software is important in modern science. It’s used to SOLVE real scientific problems in a variety of fields ranging from physics, to medicine and economics. However research software is not like general purpose equipment (like a telescopes or compilers). Research software is usually made by scientist for scientists, tailored to a concrete experimental process....

Analysis of a Variational Framework for Exemplar Based Image Inpainting

Gabriele Facciolo, Pablo Arias & Vicent Caselles
Presented at the 2012 SIAM Conference on Imaging Science, Mini-Symposium: “Recent Advances in Patch-based Image Processing”. May 20-22 2012, Philadelphia, PA, USA. We discuss a variational framework for exemplar based image inpainting, in which both the reconstructed image u and the non-local weights w are treated as variables and updated using the variational formulation. This approach permits to draw relations with some existing inpainting schemes, in addition to leading to novel ones. We carry out...

Dispensing Processes Profoundly Impact Biological Assays and Computational and Statistical Analyses

Antony Williams, Sean Ekins & Joe Olechno
Dispensing processes profoundly influence estimates of biological activity of compounds.In this study using published inhibitor data for the tyrosine kinase EphB4, we show that IC50 values obtained via disposable tip-based serial dilution and dispensing versus acoustic dispensing differ by orders of magnitude with no correlationor ranking of datasets. Importantly, the computed EphB4 pharmacophores derived from this data differ for each dataset. Acoustic dispensing correctly highlights multiple hydrophobic features in the pharmacophore and correlates with calculated...

Broader Impacts: Physical Anthropology in the K-12 Classroom

Caitlin M. Schrein
You must download the file to be able to read the poster. This is an interactive poster presented at the 82nd annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists on April 11, 2013. It is in the format of a PowerPoint 2010 slide presentation (.pptx). Download and play the slideshow for best results. The abstract for this research is published in the 2013 Special Issue of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology (Vol 150,...

Scratchpads: Building web communities supporting biodiversity science

Dave Roberts, , Simon Rycroft & Vincent Smith
Presented by Dave Roberts at a meeting titled "Information Technology in Biodiversity Conservation and in Agriculture" organized by the Club of Rome and the EU ICT-ENSURE project, at UNESCO, Paris. January 15th, 2009.

The National Arboretum Phenomic Sensor Array (PESA): NextGen Ecosystem Monitoring

Tim Brown
Presention given at the 2015 Environmental Sensing in the ACT workshop. Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

The almost impossible worlds in quantum information and their influence on reality

A state or world with converging to zero, but nonzero probability, can be designated as an almost impossible one unlike those with exactly zero probability, which are quite impossible Thus a coherent superposition of those almost impossible states or an ensemble of those almost impossible worlds can have some nonzero probability

DataDay!: Toolkit for a Research Data Services Workshop for Librarians

Andrew Johnson & Megan Bresnahan
This toolkit contains presentation slides, exercises, and a handout from a workshop designed to train subject librarians to engage with research data in their liaison and reference work. These materials can be repurposed or customized for workshops at other institutions.


Krishna Kumar
LBM DEM Simulation of a granular column collapse (aspect ratio 'a' of 4)

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